Sailor Orcus

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Valkyrie Maj Munin
Biographical information


Birth 19,200 BC
Family all deceased

Leader of the Kuiper Senshi


Sailor Orcus

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

dark purple




the undead


summoning the dead for a breif amount of time, various death-related attacks


Kuiper Senshi, Sailor Senshi

First Appearance

A Kuiper Senshi referred to as the soldier of death. Her initial role was to act as a guide for spirits to their final resting place. She was stripped of her role when the Kuiper Senshi were punished for their misdeeds.

First Timeline

Born in the year 19,200 BC, Orcus, or Valkyrie--that was her name before being given a proper title--is the oldest of all the Kuiper Senshi, but the youngest to be given her role. She has been a very loyal Kuiper Senshi. However, her opinion of certain people schisms from the other Kuiper Senshi, leading to arguments with one of her partners, Sailor Varuna. When the sleep had been initiated, various unexplainable events happened. When the three woke up, Orcus chose to leave the trio to go find herself.

Tarot Ten

During the Tarot Ten Saga, Orcus chose to go into hiding, finding her guardian in the process--a valkyrie. Eventually, she revealed herself after all of her legion was abolished. When the sacrifice of one life was made to end the woman who slaughtered the Kuiper Senshi, Orcus offered to bring one person back to the heroes. When she brought Elda Aster back to life, Orcus pursued the souls of the others, sending the lesser Kuipers back to their proper time and salvaging the souls and bringing back Ixion and Varuna. However, the three could not return to their proper home. Instead, they chose to live down the street from the outers, but haven't revealed themselves yet.

The Empire of Ghosts

For years, Valkyrie had gone into a deep meditative state and tried to project her form like the role she'd taken before stripped of her role. She rarely is seen outside of requirements for sustenance or when something has gone truly awry. When the Empire of Ghosts scenario came to a halt, Valkyrie found herself awakened by her comrades to try and save their home and protect their world and the future they one day hope to see again.



Orcus's initial role was achieved through meditation. She has the ability to expand her consciousness onto the spiritual plane and communicate with the souls of the dying. Before she was forced to abdicate her role, Sailor Orcus was supposed to ease the souls of the dying and guide them toward their ultimate path. Now she can still communicate with souls in their final stages of mortality but she is forbidden from assisting them any further.


Once every thousand years Sailor Orcus can bring a soul who hasn't traveled beyond her reach and return them to life. The next time that she can do this is 3006. Time travel will not accelerate this process.