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erisdysnomina.jpg (on the left)
Naminda Gunther
Biographical information

Eris, Earth

Birth June 14 1988
Family Olaf Gunther (father), Jen Hana (mother)

reporter, researcher for her father's German TV company


Sailor Eris

Physical description




Hair color


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sand related, mental defense


Nixie Aralacey, Outer Senshi

First Appearance

Sailor Eris is a strange case, having the powers of an outer senshi while in actuality a dwarf senshi.

Naminda Gunther

Born in Berlin, Naminda is the daughter of perhaps the most powerful man in Germany. As the head CEO of one of Germany's biggest television stations, he easily controls what the German population sees. Naminda's mother worked as his secretary. During that time, Naminda only lived in Germany--for about six years. However, when the girl was about five, Naminda came in contact with a woman in gold, but blacked out from April to December of 1994. Between these two points, Naminda was assumed kidnapped, and her parents began to have severe hostilities. Just a month before Naminda was found, her parents filed for divorce.

Even when Naminda was returned to her family the custody battle continued, with the pivot being who's fault it was. Eventually Naminda was handed over to her mother, but it was ruled that she would visit her father whenever she was given vacation. This continued until the summer of 2006 ended, and Naminda was legally living on her own. She went to school to learn Japanese and moved to Japan on a worker's visa. For a time, she lived by herself and worked as a translator for a few newspapers. Occasionally she does work as a journalist but it's rare.

Naminda was also hired to work for her father, sending him any information that would be relevant on an international level. When the UNIT crisis occurred, Naminda was the first on the case to write an editorial in opposition to the Magical Girl Registration Act, and to send all the information she could gather on UNIT to Germany. Her father held a press conference announcing his company was in favor of the Registration Act. When Naminda discovered this she ceased working for her father's company. She still doesn't speak to him.

As of 2012, Naminda works as a producer for a news station in Tokyo. Her dream job is to work at Ginga but she isn't fully sure why.

Sailor Eris

Naminda has been fully aware of her identity as Sailor Eris since the time of her blackout; something had forced her to henshin one day, and since then has been able to fight crime. There were a few articles written about the child savior--a girl who had appeared and single-handedly captured various antagonizers, leaving them chained in stone-glass to prevent them from escaping. A scholar or observer would consider Eris a child prodigy. This was abruptly concluded upon her blackout/kidnapping.

When Naminda came to, she went into a stage of denial, finding her senshi side to be a result of this mind-wipe. Therefore, she renounced the identity. Years and years later, Naminda found that things were changing, and she couldn't do anything about it. Well, she could change it, but she chose not to. It wasn't until a youma consumed the girl that Naminda was forced to face the question "Do you want to change your fate or do you wish to die?"

When Naminda accepted what she had to become in order to change things in the world instead of denying her magic, the girl henshined into Sailor Eris, defeating the youma by ripping him apart from the inside out. Later, Naminda found her Talisman--a chakram--but this does not stem from her own heart, rather from Sailor Dysnomia's.