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Shadow Walker



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shadow walking, manipulation of shadow and light, gymnastics

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Pantea is a bartender, mostly working in space, who sometimes visits Earth, based around The Hotel. As far as she knows, she may be the last remaining Shadow Walker.

Although originally reincarnated as Aura Smith, she has now reclaimed her past life and goes by that name, having incorporated both parts of herself.

Pantea is pronounced "Pan-TAY-a", in it's original language means "glimmering wild light," although it's unsure if this may mean something more like a pulsar or fairy lights.

Currently in room 1811.

Character and Personality

Pantea is an extrovert with an adventurous streak who loves having a good time and meeting new interesting people. Always well-liked and popular with the patrons of whatever establishment she's at, she enjoys her job, and isn't afraid to tap her ever-expanding network of contacts and acquaintances. There are definitely fiery parts of her personality which can be off-putting to some. While an excellent and skilled bartender, but the fun and eclectic parts of her personality may lead some to overlook her intelligence. She's not interested in education for knowledge's sake, but will deeply research things she's interested in to the point of encyclopedic knowledge in some cases.


Pantea left Earth shortly after its' destruction (and re-set) in September of 2018. Calling on Aes, who was her teacher through a PADD learning program, he arranged passage for her out of the Sol system. Even though Earth was re-created, she still chose to leave, as it was her ambition to get back out into the universe. Out there, she was able to gain ID credentials for the quadrant at large and become a certified member of the bartender's guild, through which she finds work assignments when she wants to move to a new location. She currently works at one of the most famous clubs in the Alien Zone, and the only one to be well-known off planet.

Powers and Abilities

Aura had originally only shown powers over air, mostly only used in the presence of other children. This included the ability to dry things, create an air bubble that allowed her to breath for a while underwater, and the ability to use it like a powered attack or make a shield with it. She also stated to Kori that she could fly in two different ways, one of which was a pair of white feathered wings. Odd things with air often happen around her when she doesn't feel safe, most often small storm clouds or twisters.

In later 2016, Aura had some very strange experiences when something caused her to panic, and began exhibiting new abilities. These changes were accompanied by many bodily changes, as well. While her air abilities weakened or became integrated with powers of shadow and light, her skin slowly changed from light brown to almost gray, blue eyes became gray, and her hair also took on a light gray hue. Her powers now included the ability to became part of shadows and move about in them, completely unseen by others. She can see in the dark, and still effect an air current or small tornado.

She perhaps experienced something similar to what the senshi do when reawakeneded, her body and powerset coming inline with the soul she inherited, and has now honed her skills in not only these powers, but in gymnastics and acrobatics, as well. The remainder of the Shadow Walker skillset is explained here.


A somewhat short, lithe young woman with strangely textured light gray hair, gray-brown skin, and clear gray eyes. She has a slight but strange accent and usually wears tight clothing, although sometimes a high-tech catsuit.



Pantea was still a young Shadow Walker at the end of the Silver Millennium, being only about 25 when she died in the last battle between Metalia's forces and the Moon Kingdom.

Aura Smith

Aura hailed from the Bronx section of New York City, where she lived in a group home for orphans. She completed the 3rd grade in 2013, and first entered The Hotel on May 31, 2013 while hiding from someone in an alley. While wary of adults and anything overly different, she seems to have become friends with Chloe, Rosette, and Kori. She hadn a black mark on the bottom of her left foot; however, no one has been close enough to verify whether it actually is a barcode or not.

A very modern girl, a bit fiery and prone to excitability and fierce energy, but doesn’t flake out. When she commits to something, she sees it through—no matter what. She’s quick and light on her feet. She has grown up learning to depend on herself, and this often makes her strive for toughness. Her relationship with adults has been uneven at best, and so she has little liking for them most of the time, preferring the company of other kids and doing what she likes. Both in the home and at school, she was known as a rule breaker and often got into trouble with the authority figures in her life. While often dismissive of adults, she trusts other kids, and will go far to protect her friends, even if she's hopelessly outmatched, such as when she first met Kori's mother.

Aura had blue eyes and white hair, and was most closely affiliated with Kori, Chloe, and Rosette Peron

Aura's Expanded History

Aura was found in New York city in a dumpster behind a bowling alley, Speedy Lanes, as a newborn, and when her parents were unable to be found, admitted into the state's child care system. Since then, she has been in and out of a number of foster homes, and until 2013 lived in a state home in the Bronx with other children mere blocks from where she was discovered. She attended a public elementary school where she's known to get into trouble, despite being a gifted student.

She met Sammy shortly after his adoptive parents died, and they became good friends shortly after. It was after this that she used her powers to sneak into the office after hours, and learned they were both "dumpster babies," and more about themselves and why families kept giving them back to the state. This has formed much of her opinion of how selfish and underhanded adults are, as well as other instances in their young lives. However, Sammy was in an accident that left him with severe mobility problems as well as brain damage, and she has been his most staunch source of support since then. They have long considered themselves to be sister and brother, due to the lack of other people in their lives.

Sometime in 2013, Sammy was adopted by a very nice couple, and Aura moved into the hotel, disappearing from the state home and her life with no trace. While she occasionally sneaks into Sammy's home to visit him, she now spends most of her time doing as she pleases: playing, working on her abilities, and exploring some of the world's largest cities. She does, however, avoid the authorities, usually at all costs.

She moved into The Hotel on September 10, 2013, although she lied about doing so. After looking at the registry, she explored various empty rooms before choosing one in a mostly uninhabited section of the hotel, and it is the most space she has ever had to herself. It wasn't long after this that a PADD appeared in her room, with a note outlining a deal that she decided to take up. This it still ongoing.

Although what all may have happened to her hasn't been revealed, she doesn't like being touched or grabbed, and seems to feel violated when such things happen. Playing with other children, of course, doesn't count. She doesn't trust people with badges or titles.

Since sometime in October 2016, she has gone through a series physical changes--very subtle when taken one at a time, but more obvious as time goes on. These changes mostly involve the pigment and coloring of her hair, skin, and eyes, but now at times often appears to be older in bearing, although not physically. Her personality has also undergone some tweaks, although this isn't always obvious.

In later 2016, Aura had some very strange experiences when something caused her to panic, and has since been exploring new abilities with shadows--the ability to became part of shadows and move about in them, completely unseen by others. She perhaps experienced something similar to what the senshi do when reawakened.



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