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[00:55] <Komadori> I'm here because I want to learn.
[00:55] <Komadori> I want to build strategy, I want to see how people fight and how to defend against them.
[00:58] <Komadori> Thank you for teaching me something today.

Komadori Gudoshi
Biographical information


Birth January 28


Family The Gudoshi Family

Publicist, Otaku, Organizer, Swindler.


Sailor Puck

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Small dagger


Can spot someone considered a 'hero' from a reasonable distance away ("my idol senses are tingling!"), can run at a fast speed, henshin, thief skills


the people for idol chasers

First Appearance

Komadori Gudoshi, or Lily Parker was an American transfer student. She attended Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin, followed by To-Oh University where she graduated. She's also known as Sailor Puck.


Research on Komadori leads to a lot of dead ends and things that don't make much sense. The earliest records is that a girl named Lily Parker was granted a transfer visa and moved in with the Gudoshi Family. Her grades were so amazing that she was asked to stay a few more years. She started calling herself Komadori and it eventually started to pick up among people. She graduated with good grades and went on to To-Oh University. She moved through the years and finished without any issue! She got a job writing press releases for television shows and has never had an issue with maintaining her residency. Most of that seems way too good to be true but whether or not that's the actual story remains unknown.

Lily Parker

[00:27] <Komadori> A long time ago I used to live out in some town across one of those bridges in the city. [00:28] <Komadori> I had some friends who I knew for as long as I lived. One day one of them moved away, across the country.
[00:28] <Komadori> I learned how to be sneaky, an I got really damn good at it. And I could hack databases.
[00:28] <Komadori> This girl who I was friends with, I couldn't find her anywhere and she had just dropped off the face of the earth.
[00:29] <Komadori> And then I found out what happened. And it wasn't exactly pretty. She didn't go very far at all.
[00:30] <Komadori> So I decided to find her. [00:30] <Komadori> And I decided that as the sneaky girl I was going to save her from Terrible things.
[00:30] <Komadori> And I did but at a pretty hefty cost. It didn't even pay off.
[00:31] <Komadori> She was gone within the week and Lily Parker was put on a hit list and framed for a s[BLEEP]t ton of crimes.

In 2006 there was a warrant issued for Lily Parker's arrest in the state of New York for different murders. They were all found murdered with Lily Parker's fingerprints all over the firearm and traces of her hair found at the scene of the crime.

While she's considered a hostile criminal, Lily Parker has one sole ally in the police system: Mindy Solana.


Komadori is a pretty good pickpocket. She has a chest full of collectables, but you're not about to find out what's in there! Not unless you want to end up with the blame on all the lovely things she's stolen over the years.

Sailor Puck