Emmy K

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Emmy K
Biographical information

Earth, Golden Star

Birth June 15



Sailor Star

Physical description




Hair color

golden brown

Eye color



1.60 m


Star Healing Scepter, Star Caleidoscope, Petiole Blade, Golden Star Scepter, Gold Crystal


healing, senshi powers


Sailor Senshi, Dr. Xadium

First Appearance

Before the Senshi Life and Suburban Senshi

She's a singer from Sweden who has released four albums. Her first album released in 1998 with the name Hey Backstreet Boys, including the main track "I Like to Do It" and other hits. She was 10 years old when she made the breakthrough with the main hit. Her second album, Mysterious Boy, included several covers from her german role model, blu8c3bcmchen. The third album was named after a senshi, SailorMoon. It was a tribute album for her friend, Tsukino Usagi. The fourth and last album before taking a break was Emmy K-- the album which included 80's covers.

Now, Emmy's very active with her synthproject, Super Miksu, who made 13 albums so far. Her comeback single, "Take 'N' Fake," became a success in 2006.

A New Sailor Senshi is Born

In the beginning of 1999 when she was at her school in Sweden, Emmy found a portal to another world. Suddenly, she was in Azabu-Juuban, Tokyo, in Japan. She felt that someone was in danger, and later heard a voice from above. She got a brooch, and by saying "Star Charism Power, Make Up!" she transformed into the sailor senshi of the stars. She's also a leader for the technologic senshi: Natsumi Horas/Sailor Helios, Nina Andersson/Sailor Tellus, Akira Sataschi/Sailor Sun, and Hakira Tsasuki/Sailor Sky.

She has two upgrades, like Sailor Moon, a super and an eternal form, and of course she's the incarnated version of the star princess, Sakiko, who was a traveler like her parents.

The Love Life

She was in love with the singer Dhani Lennevald from the A-Teens before he died and incarnated again to his true form. He doesn't remember her as the Star Princess, or as a Sailor Senshi. Emmy got very upset, and her friends cheered her up, in hopes she would forget him. But it changed when they met and started to battle again, and she eventually helped him recover and erased his memories. Since she and Dhani have a future daughter called Emi, Chibi-Emi, as they call her. Everything will be alright.

The Suburban Senshi Life

Emmy join the suburban senshi in 2004. However, she moved back to Sweden to contact the friends she met during the senshi years, 1999-2002.

The Comeback

Emmy is making a manga called Galaxy Star Angel Yuriko, which is inspired by Star Trek and Sailor Moon, as well as several other shoujo manga. It's about a girl like her finding a necklace which transforms her into a fighter to save the universe. That's a start for her carrier as a manga-ka.