Cardea Rialai

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This character has been retired or abandoned.

Cardea Rialai
Biographical information


Birth April 23
Family Danielle "Dannie" Rialai, Shirley Rialai

Sailor Senshi


Sailor Planet Lesbian Amazon Catgirl

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color





Offensive: Levitas Libri (electrified paper sheets); Defensive: Adversus Res (electric grid-sheild)


Furu Ikari

First Appearance

Brief History

Cardea Rialai appeared when Furu Ikari proclaimed himself Planet Lesbian Amazon Catgirl, and is Furu's personal senshi. She routinely stands up for him in conversations or arguments. She mainly operates as a guardian.


Cardea is shy and prone to stuttering, but kind. She doesn't seem to think much of herself and is good at making tea.


Cardea's living space used to be below the living room floor in the Ten'ou House, and was accessed by a staircase hidden in das übercouch. She now lives in an apartment a few blocks away, shared with Miss Kitty White.

Relationship Status

She is no longer dating Garrick.

Explanation of Senshi Powers: History

Imagine a few centuries into the future, in a world much like this one, but still different. A bright young man uses his talent with machines to go into the weapon R&D profession. The crazy technomagician, who was several centuries old, whom he met months later, was named Furu. The two hit upon a theoretical idea: artificial sailor senshi. Not freaks and monsters like the kind Galaxia produced, but the act of actually transforming a starseed into something similar to a Sailor Crystal, if not exactly like it. The two worked out the method for it and tested it—not on humans, but in a variety of venues. It was never supposed to actually be used when it was clear that the young man was unable to see anything but a future where artificial sailor senshi ruled the battlefield. His mentor bailed, taking all the plans and experiment results with him, or so he thought.

In Future Furu 2.0's words:

The point is, my student has been working on creating artificial sailor senshi using infants. The two that showed up earlier were the first two models. When I found out about it, I wrecked the facility he was using and took the third infant. They're strings of words and concepts without meaning pulled from the psyche of the person they're attached to. Anyway, I had to hide the third baby. The other models can feel her presence to an extent, so I gave her to a good family here in the past. When I found out the bableeprd was actually experimenting with time travel to go get his perfect creation, I arranged things for Cardea to move here and become Furu's senshi. I knew if she got involved with him, she'd get involved with all of you. It was the safest option.