Bracelets of Life

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The Bracelets of Life were made by the god Hephaestus and became a secret lost in time, as none of their story survived to the present day. The bracelets are silver cuffs, each set with sapphire, topaz, diamond, and ruby, which appear in the openings between two twisting vines.


The powers of the bracelets as known so far are in keeping the wearer alive, and bringing a person back to life. It was thought that only a priest or priestess can wield their power, although Matsuo Shin was able to activate them.

While wearing the bracelets, one rarely feels hungry, and will become full after eating only a few bites. Thirst, however, seems to be less affected by the bracelets. They keep the wearer's body at an optimum temperature and in a healthy condition. If one's condition deteriorates, they will restore one's health, usually within a relatively quick time frame. Taking the bracelets off requires immediate attention to one's body in order to avoid weakness due to hunger. They do not, however, steady the mind as they do the body. They will return to their keeper or bearer if absent from them for about a day.

Modern Use

Kore does not know how she got them beyond speculation, as they were found on her by Matsuo Shin and used to awaken her after she had been turned to stone. She is not aware of their full history or details of how they work, but knows how they affect her and what they are supposed to be able to do. These powerful artifacts have largely remained in Kore's possession, but have been used by others, as well.

The bracelets were used by pneumadendron, who needed them to travel farther than her ties to her tree would allow before she was completely independent from her tree. They were later loaned to Simon Kerrick several times while he and Kore were married. Simon stated that the bracelets "have more magical potence in them than anything I have ever crafted" and that "they are...almost blinding."

They were also used to bring Mormeril Shadesong back to life from the undead and negate the Necromantress' control of him.

In a quest that took Kore, Ake, and Pegasus many months to complete, the original box made to hold the bracelets was found and updated with powerful wards to keep unwanted persons from handling them.

Simon Kerrick

It was discovered in August of 2015 that the purpose of Simon's interest in the bracelets was to use the incredibly powerful enchantment already upon them to camouflage his imbuing them with necromantic magic to allow undead rejuvenation, where his new body would reform if he was killed while a lich. Simon was found regenerating quite close to the box, and the regenerating form followed it when Kore brought it to the attention of other Hotel regulars. The enchantment was removed by their creator as soon as the box was able to be separated from the regeneration.