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Lily Ambrose
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Arx/Noriko (keeper), Kore, Galene's Household

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Pneumadendron is a dryad born of Arx Sylvanran/Noriko Xadium's Bonsai tree which dominates The Hotel lobby when it returned to The Enchanted Forest in February 2012. The extremely high mana contents of the forest slowly awakened the spirit of the tree.


She began as little more than a figure of collected energy, and could only communicate in a limited fashion when she first appeared. While she was sad to have fully awakened just as her keeper left The Hotel for an extended and unknown period of time, the bonsai did eventually stabilize. Originally, this dryad was a translucent spirit, shaped like a woman, yet indistinct. Looking at her, one would simply see the main shape, rather than a true face or distinct fingers and toes. She appeared to be in a cloak or ancient Greek dress of some sort.

Not long after awakening, she charged the Allelia with moving her tree outside, where she was keen to collect more mana, especially once she understood that the Hotel would eventually move. Although Cora was certainly unable to move the tree, Yumiko quickly enlisted the help of her brother Junpei, who made short work of it with an anti-grav sled. She also called on the Allelia to do things for her, and on several occasions borrowed her bracelets to sustain her form when she into the forest.

Shortly before the hotel left the forest, she collected enough mana to become solid, and now appears as a real person. Her features, however, do resemble that of her tree with light brown skin, green hair, and orange eyes. She has a curvy, fuller figure, and on a closer look appears quite strong. Junpei brought her tree back inside before the Hotel left the forest.

She was not given a formal name until April 25, 2012, when Noriko Xadium chose Lily Ambrose for her. The root word for Lily traces back to the Greek for the lily flower, while Ambrose comes from the Greek for "immortal."


Due to the nature of her existence, this spirit is a hamadryad, meaning that her life or life force is bound to that of the tree. This means that damage to either her or the tree will appear in the other, as well as signs of overall good or poor health. This means that should the tree burn or be cut down, Lily will likely also die.

As part of the custom with this type of spirit, one cannot simply take something from the tree--flowers, leaves, or wood, without both approval or giving something in return.


While normally quiet and disinclined to get involved with those not in her paradigm, she does associate with particular people.

Lily is most notably social with Kore, who, as an ancient Greek, is part of her paradigm. She often calls upon the Allelia for services, but also for company. She is familiar with the members of Cora's household, but has learned to not order others around as she may Kore.

While Arx brought the tree from Androzani, the two have not spent much time together. However, Lily shows deference to her, and will act to keep her from harm unless otherwise instructed. The fact that Arx has changed and is now Noriko makes little difference to her.

Lily and Brandel Idendon met a few days after his first appeared in the Hotel, and shortly made her first venture off-world since her arrival on Earth to see his world of trees and nature folk. While the two have remained acquainted, they are now further related by their daughter from the baby project.

Not initially aware of Mango's baby project, Lily was taken quite off guard to learn that the girl was indeed her child. Angered that the irresponsible woman dared to use the life essence of a deity for her project, she cursed Mango, turning her arms into tree branches which grow fruit. This curse lasted several days.
Most of Lily's interaction with Chloe has been more formal, and through Bran. She has no intention of parenting the child herself, but has instructed that the Allelia teach Chloe the ways of the Greek gods and their mythology, as the girl is technically a demigod and may become a hero later in life. While their relationship has become warmer over time, Lily and Chloe still do not spend a great deal of time together.

Lily spends most of her time out of the presence of others, either out and about with other dryads or gods or in her tree. While the tree's presence in the lobby gives her much general knowledge of the regulars and happenings, it does at times take a while to sink in. She seems not to mind the use of the tree as seating by others, although she has shown dislike toward certain people. However, as one might expect, most of her concern is over damage to the tree, especially those persons linked with the element of fire.

Powers and Abilities

So far, Lily has shown a few abilities, such as being able to summon Cora, and the ability to absorb water into her body through her skin and hair. Her health affects her tree, and it hers. Opening flowers are an easy task, and the tree will move for her nearly effortlessly. She has a limited teleport range, and some abilities dealing with physical matter, such as transmutation.