Rouge the Bat

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Rouge the Bat
Biographical information

Unknown parallel Earth


Thief, spy, lingerie model



Physical description

Chiropteran (anthropomorphic bat)



Hair color

White (although, you know, it's more like fur really...)

Eye color



105 cm/3'5


Flight, stealth


Various government agencies

First Appearance

Rouge the Bat is a professional spy and thief from an alternate Earth populated by both Humans and anthropomorphic animals. Since becoming stranded on Earth in mysterious circumstances, she has adapted her skills to her new environment, living mainly off the proceeds of her 'appropriations.'

As the only one of her kind on Earth, Rouge is frequently treated with shock, fear, horror, suspicion and misguided curiosity. She has, on occasion, been complimented on the quality of her fursuit. As a result, she was drawn to the Ten'ou House, which is something of a nexus for extraterrestrial misfits.

Soon after her arrival, Rouge developed a fondness for Furu Ikari. It's not clear to what extent Furu returned these feelings, but he was kinder to her than most, and she initiated a determined pursuit of him. This was complicated by her initial inability to tell the different Furus apart. This culminated in the accidental use of a love potion, which saw Rouge and Furu depart for a night of X-rated activities soon to be immortalised in graphic novel format. Furu has no memory of these events, however. Soon after, Rouge departed on a lengthy assignment, and during her time away, Furu rekindled his love for starcat, and the two eventually married.

After her return, Rouge was shocked to learn of the marriage, but has since accepted it and formed something of a friendship with starcat (who she calls Wendy). Furu attempted to smooth things over by plucking a Random Furu out of his natural environment as a replacement. Rouge is currently romancing said Random Furu, and aims to be in his pants within a fortnight.

Rouge and Butts

Rouge maintains a ranking of the most attractive butts she encounters. The list is currently as follows: