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Koharu Honda
Biographical information


Birth February 23
Family Kasagi Junia (Fiancee/Husband?), Kenshin Junia (brother-in-law), Yuri, Ayame, and Yinping Junia sister-in-laws, Kevin Junia father-in-law]], Makoto Junia mother-in-law

Jovian Princess, pianist


Koharu Junia, Princess Koharu

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Carries a rather particularly nasty dagger of Jovian design, and a Kanorian LP-12 modified laser pistol


Thanks to SAO, quite adapt with the dagger, spear, halberd, sword, and other weapons. Her techniques that she acquired throughout the game have carried over into her real life, and continues to hone her skills

First Appearance
Junia Clan

Koharu Honda was one of 10,000 poor souls trapped inside the VR game Sword Art Online when Kayaba Akihiko locked all the players inside via their NerveGear and turned it into a death game. However, this event would slowly transform her from a weak, timid girl into an extraordinarily strong and confident woman.

"I will always be by your side Kasagi, whether physically or in your heart."


Before SAO

Koharu was like many Japanese teenage girls: into shopping, boys, and studious in school. If you meet her, you will find a wonderful person who is honest, with a cheerful personality. Her mom was a piano instructor and Koharu happily learned it as well. She has a love for music, something which if you hang around her enough you would understand. Of course, she had would loved to have been a princess, what girl would not. In this part of her life though, she had no idea what events would conspire to make this a reality. She happily went along with her life, not understanding that at a secret facility in nearby Yokosuka was producing something that would change her life forever.

The three-year venture between the Guardian Republic Star Forces, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force, and the United States Navy finally concluded with the successful creation of Dr. Akihiko’s brainchild: the full-dive VR NerveGear. This wonderous piece of technology would allow the Japanese and Americans to run naval simulations without the fear of losing assets or the potential of someone getting hurt. Imagine being able to run a simulation of one the worst potential scenarios for a naval sailor, the main space fire… and this could put them face-to-face with that situation. The often heavily criticized leadership of the US 7th Fleet could answer one of its most challenging situations for training.

Kayaba saw potential to create a whole new genre of gaming, which would revolutionize the industry forever, and received permission to create a game platform based on the NerveGear. Too bad that they had no idea his true intent, a Vault-Tec wet dream. His master plan would take time but selling NerveGears to the general public for various things including education and try on various clothes. This last part is what interested Koharu, and she made up her mind to buy one of these expensive devices. Her family was well to do, so that was not a problem, and she was able to acquire one quite easily.

She would get comfortable and input her stats into the devices, as it did a scan of her face (and possibly body as well). She could now check out the latest fashions and see how she looked in various outfits without having to leave the comfort of her home until she was ready to make the purchase. This would suit her quite well for a while, but she soon started reading about the full potential of the NerveGear and she decided to look up this information.


Beta Tester

She was curious about something she read in a blog called VRMMOs, and that they were looking for Beta testers for a new game called Sword Art Online. While not much of a gamer, she had played a Pokémon game or two, she was nevertheless curious to see what such a fantasy world would look like and decided to apply. Luckily (or unluckily) she was one of 1000 candidates chosen to link in test this world out. When she joined in, it was like nothing she had ever seen before. The sensations around her felt like the real thing, as if she were living, breathing in the alien world.

She would not get far though until the last day when she was trapped in a dungeon. At this point a stranger came to her rescue. He would introduce himself as Kasey, playing homage to a certain hockey player in a flick involving a reporter, turtles, and ninja. She giggled at his candidness and cool demeanor, and gladly took up his offer to teach her. It really was too bad that she only met him on the last day of the Beta test, because she got a good vibe from him and overall friendly. However, his knowledge of the game was not strong, and this is where another stranger stepped in.

Dressed in all black, with a cool tall disposition to him, the young man called himself Kirito. Kirito offered to show them more advanced techniques he had learned from the month-long beta test, and the two gladly accepted. After Kirito had finished his lesson, and satisfied the two were good to go, he wished them luck and hoped that they would meet again in the real game. Kasey and Koharu nodded in agreement before turning back to each other.

Their time was growing short before the beta ended, but the two agreed to meet up on the game’s launch and work together. The two forgot to say whether their avatars would be different however, but Koharu thought for sure she would recognize Kasey if she saw him. Kasey was extremely excited (though secretly hoping that Koharu was truly a girl and not some dude pretending to be one as was often the case). For Koharu, as she powered down her NerveGear, her heart had a slight flutter to it, which made the month long wait to the actual game’s launch seem all the longer.

The Game of Death

Finally, the day had come, Koharu could hardly wait to get out of school and meet up with the wonderful boy that she seen in the last day of beta. She did not understand why she felt this way, as they were just friends… right? Would she recognize him? Would he look so much different then when they met before? Oh, she should have asked more questions before hand, and now she had to hope that fate would lend a hand again.

There were so many people in the Town of Beginnings, the place was where everyone gathered at the beginning of the game. Friends chatting, guys hitting on girls, people looking to form war parties, and the like. Koharu was distraught, as she could not find Kasey and wondered if she would ever see him again. However, it would not take long before the two were reunited. They would go to one of the fields outside of town to work on their fighting technique and level up. This is where they ran into a tall brown-haired individual.

Klein, the good-natured self-proclaimed samurai was getting owned by a boar. He technique was worse than Koharu and Kasey, but fortunately for all three a familiar face showed up. Kirito helped the three understand sword and weapon techniques and practiced on the surrounding boars to gain experience. It was getting a bit late and Klein wanted to logout to get his pizza. He would be back on later and rejoin the group, but then the four came to a very horrific realization… none of them could logout. The command was completely missing. They were trapped, but they figured it was a bug issue.

Unfortunately, something much more nefarious was afoot, and they would be forced teleported back to the main plaza in the Town of Beginnings. About 10,000 people were here now raising a bunch of questions, until the sky turned red. A red robed character with no face addressed the group and claimed to be Kayaba. He informed them that they were now trapped inside the game by design, and that it was now a game of life or death. Their avatar dies, they die. In fact, over 200 had already learned this fact the awfully hard way in the first few hours of the game, and the media was going nuts.

Their real bodies would be transported to hospitals and long-term care facilities, including many being transported to the GRS Clara Barton and GRS Healer under the watchful eye of Kanorian physicians. This would include Kasey, using shuttles as it was feared that transporters could kill the individual, such as those unfortunate enough to have their NerveGear helms pulled. Fortunately, the number of people killed was lower than it could have been because of the quick response from the Japanese and Kanorian governments. This was little consolation for those who lost family so early in the game.

As if this was not enough, Kayaba gave everyone a mirror… that revealed everyone’s real selves. Girls transformed back into guys, muscular individuals turned into rotund individuals, and Klein and Kirito turned into a scruffy looking “bandit” and a skinny, smaller teenager, respectively. Koharu was unchanged, but she explained that was not a surprise since she used the NerveGear to try on clothes. Kasey himself turned into a somewhat well built, longer haired individual… a remarkably familiar individual that Kirito could not quite remember.

Though Kirito offered to take the three with him and help them level up, Klein politely turned down the invitation, worried about his own friends. Klein would join them and help them out, while Koharu and Kasey also politely turned down the offer at the time. Koharu was still in shock, and Kasey would stay with her to help her work through it. Kirito understood, but realized hanging around the hunting grounds of the Town of Beginnings would not help him in the long run and so he left the pair.

Kasey calmed poor Koharu down and promised to be by her side and protect her. He honestly had not thought about how to really do that until that moment. Staying inside the town was and option, but Kasey was not one to hide. The fastest way to safety was to beat the game and break free of the virtual shackles and hiding in the city would not do that. Koharu gathered her own courage and the two went off into the fields to slowly grind the experience necessary to help push towards that goal.

From Kobold Lords to Evil Samurai Daimyo

A month later, Koharu and Kasey were sufficiently powered up to join the raiding party gathering to tackle the 1st floor boss. Sadly, about 2000 people had perished, and morale was at a breaking point for everyone. A man named Diavel, a self-proclaimed knight, was the leader of this raiding party. This is where the two met up with Kirito and his new partner Asuna. After some chatting, the four would separate for the night and rejoin in the morning with the rest of the group. After a few hours, the raiding group was in front of the 1st floor boss room. It was time to take the first step towards freedom.

Illfang the Kobold Lord was the enemy with kobolds as its minions to challenge the raiders. However, the plans put in place proved phenomenally successful, until the very end when Diavel decided to go for the final hit against Illfang, based on faulty knowledge. His life was about to be extinguished where all everyone could do was stare in disbelief, when Kasagi charged and blocked Illfang’s attack. Diavel was saved and Kirito finished off Illfang. Diavel’s foolishness proved to be the undoing for the group’s cohesion however, now that the battle was over, the group started accusing each other.

Accusations against the Beta testers started flying wildly and Kibaou was the one causing the problems. Koharu was very scared, and the tall dark skinned Agil narrowed his eyes at Kibaou. Before Kasey could say anything, Kirito smiled and laughed at Kibaou. He said the betas were nobodies and he was the person that was top dog. He happily took the title of Beater a combo of Beta tester and Cheater, but many understood what he did including Diavel and Agil. Diavel left to reflect upon himself, and Asuna decided to stay with Kirito.

Koharu and Kasey were incredibly grateful for Kirito’s sacrifice as though Kasey was ready to fight, poor Koharu was not prepared for such battle. Kirito was happy to do so and the four moved to second floor and unto the plains. They were successful in moving up the floors, and ran into Lisbeth the blacksmith, Silica the Dragon Tamer (with Pina), Leefa (who was Kirito’s brother), and the legendary bow sniper Sinon (the last two were never a part of the normal SAO anime during the SAO arc). They also helped the dark elves win their war with the light elves and broker a peace between the two groups.


Evolution of Orange Guilds to Red Guilds


Deepening Feelings


The End to the Death Game



Stuck in the Nightmare

Yes, for many the game had come to an end, but for Koharu, Asuna, and a few hundred others, they had not regained consciousness. Koharu had been one of the few thousand that had been placed on the GRS Clara Barton alongside others including Kasey aka Prince Kasagi Junia. Asuna’s family declined such a move, thinking the Kanorians up to something nefarious. Koharu’s family had been incredibly grateful for the offer and accepted it willingly. While people were waking up throughout the ship, freed from the cyber bondage, the peaceful visage of Koharu remained. Her family was there, waiting for her to greet them, but alas she still had not.

Kasagi learned quickly that Koharu was onboard the vessel, and with assistance moved to her room. He would not be denied his real reunion… but he was. Tears streamed from his eyes, as she stayed there asleep, while her consciousness was elsewhere. Kasagi was being flanked by his aunt Aliana and his sister Ayame. His twin siblings Kenshin and Yuri, and his parents Kevin and Makoto stayed outside the room but could hear everything. Even his sister-in-law Yinping was there with her father.

Kasagi introduced himself to Koharu’s parents when they asked who he was. He told them how the two of them were together from the beginning and he survived because of the deep bond they had developed. She looked so thin, but he recognized her vibrance and he could do nothing for her. The woman he had fallen in love with and married in game was but a mere few feet from him and they could not share an embrace. She was not dead, he had made sure of that, but she was not here with them either. He turned to Koharu’s mom and vowed to find a way to get her back, not matter the personal cost to him.

While she was grateful to him for that, and realized they had developed a deep bond in game, how deep was that bond? For all his known intelligence, he decided to go against conventional wisdom and tell Koharu’s mom how special Koharu was to Kasagi. He intended to marry her in real life if Koharu wished it to be so, and he would be by her side to share all the good and bad. He wished nothing more than to hear Koharu’s sweet voice and listen to her on the piano, which made her mom smile gratefully.

Koharu’s father was not so convinced and thought Kasagi beneath his daughter. Aliana was incensed by this pretentious prick, but Kasagi turned to him before Aliana snapped, and said perhaps he was right, but was it not Koharu’s decision to make whom she chose to love and be with. Koharu’s father was about to get belligerent when Ayame stepped in (she seems to get involved with these things quite often) and chastise the father. When he asked who she was in a condescending manner, she told him straight up “Princess of Jupiter, daughter to the Kanorian Shogun, sister to a strong SAO survivor, that is who I am.” At this point, the father realized who he just insulted and immediately started kowtowing in apology, but Kasagi gently bade him to stop. He was a father trying to protect his vulnerable daughter. Kasagi reiterated his earlier stance, to find a way to save Koharu no matter the personal cost.

It would not be until a month or two later when Kazuto Kirigaya aka Kirito would get a picture from Agil showing what looked to be Asuna and a sliver that looked awfully familiar to Koharu in a bird cage in the sky. It was a race against time as Sugou was the planning on marrying Asuna, and who knows what his plans for Koharu were as well. The nightmare was still ongoing…

Fairies in the Cage

Asuna and Koharu had been stuck in their prison for over a month or two, prisoner to the fairy king Oberon aka Sugou. He would taunt the two daily, saying how Asuna would be his lovely wife, but Koharu would become his concubine. If Asuna hated Sugou before, she really loathed him now. Koharu was understandably frightened of the situation as well. She hoped her dear sweet hero Kasagi would come for her, just as she suspected Kirito would come for Asuna. Those two together would destroy anything in their path, or so she had hoped.

Koharu knew that as soon as Sugou had perfected his manipulation of the “human soul” via VR, she would be the person he would test it on before Asuna. She was disposable, just a bonus to him, while Asuna was the true prize. Luckily, Asuna and Koharu had each other to keep up their spirits, but they understood that time was running out for them. Fortuitously, the pair was quite cunning as their time in SAO forced them to become more so to survive. It was time to put that cunning to the test and escape their prison since Sugou would be gone for quite a while.

This is when Asuna and Koharu both saw the truth of Sugou’s plans. The other victims of the SAO incident were still in statis, and their brains were being manipulated by slug looking monsters. This horrific scene caused revulsion in both Asuna and Koharu. On the other side of the room was an admin consule, complete with a keycard left in there. For Asuna and Koharu, there one chance to escape their hell had finally come. The two snuck across the room while the slug scientists were preoccupied.

Unfortunately, as Asuna was about to log them out, Koharu was captured letting out a yelp. Asuna turned around and she herself was upended by a tentacle and she too had been captured. The two teenage girls were now helpless to their weird captors, and their revulsion and disgust kept amplifying. One of the scientists recognized them as Sugou’s “guests” and immediately left to inform their boss what had happened.

The other scientist decided to have some fun with the two young ladies in a very creepy way, but they both bit their respective tentacle, causing pain. However, he managed to maintain his grip and was ready to have more fun when his compatriot returned. He questioned his colleague’s antics before continuing about how livid Sugou was and that he was coming back immediately. In the meantime, the two were to be locked back up and the passcode changed. They would also be monitored to ensure no more escape attempts.

Asuna was able to use her foot to steal the keycard and hide it on her person before the two prisoners were put back into the birdcage. When Sugou returned, there would be a reckoning which meant they probably had less then 24 hours until Sugou’s return. They felt that Kirito and Kasey/Kasagi were here and on their way, but how much time did they have? Just then, Asuna thought she heard Yui’s voice, and felt that their heroes were below them. She dropped the key card through the bars and to the area below. She hoped Kirito or Kasey were able to get it and understand its meaning.

The Hero of Aincrad and the Scholarly Dragon vs the King of Thieves

Below Kirito and Kasey went to attack the World Tree “boss” to achieve their goal. They were unsuccessful and their avatars were turned into remain lights as a result. Fortunately, Leefa was there with Yuuki to rescue the two determined, yet foolish fighters and revived them. Recon would join them, and their party would make another attempt to scale the tree and reach the top. Their initial plan was quite good, but started to fall apart when Leefa was attacked, and Recon after saving her, would self-destruct to try an open a path. Kirito and Kasey were so close but could not break through. Yuuki moved to assist but to no avail. Leefa was being targeted again, and it seemed their efforts were for naught.

A war cry came from below as three distinct groups came, the Sylph Knights led by the busty samurai leader Sakuya and her new commander Bolt, the Cait Sith Dragoons led by their own head leader Alicia Rue, and General Eugene led the Salamander Elites true to his word. Reinforcements had come to free the final SAO victims. The three groups were more than a match for the minions that kept respawning, giving Kirito and Kasey the opening they needed. With the defensive line broke through by the two warriors, the three major groups left taking no losses in the process. Yuuki and Leefa gave a silent prayer to the two.

This whole action took place without Koharu and Asuna knowing it had happened. About ten minutes after the action was over, Kirito, Kasey, and Yui all burst into the area and opened the cage. Koharu and Asuna turned to see the loves of their lives had come to their rescue. Their tearful reunion would not last long nor would their escape attempt as Yui disappeared and the cage turned into a dark room. Sugou was back with what everyone assumed was a “heavy” or bodyguard. Sugou talked a lot and said that their actions had forced him to change tactics. Koharu would become his “friend’s” woman, while Asuna was his.

Before any of the four realized, they were hit by an extremely powerful gravity spell. Koharu and Asuna had their arms locked and a chain was raised, causing the two to be lifted against their will. The effect of the gravity spell still affected them. Kasey and Kirito were neutralized with their own swords in their backs. They were powerless to do anything as they watched their women get felt up, something that angered the two knights to no end. Koharu and Asuna tried to keep them calm, but then Sugou gave them the truth. The two would be women would have their purity destroyed, even if Koharu was on the starship.

Kirito was about to give up when a familiar voice chided him for being not using the same strength he used to defy the game in the past. Kayaba had come and gave him a way to win… both a way. This is when Aliana entered Kasey’s head and helped him recover. Kirito activated the ID Heathcliff, and became the true master of the game, removing Sugou’s and his heavy’s privileges in the process. The battle was quite even now, and the two punished the two kidnappers to the very end with the pain receptor absorbers moved to 0. The two had won, and all but Kirito finally logged out.

Kasagi had awoken from his bed on the GRS Clara Barton and quickly ran to Koharu’s side. Before he got there, he ran into the disheveled figure of a Kanorian officer who looked like he had been in a war. The man attacked Kasagi, but the son of the Shogun was able to recover and though the two traded blows for a bit, he was able to finally stop the onslaught. Security came running over and arrested the officer, where a very unfun conversation would take place very shortly. After checking out Kasagi, and realizing his wounds were superficial, he was allowed to continue.

Koharu was regaining consciousness at that point when Kasagi came in a went quickly to her side. Within minutes his and her family was also there, to watch the reunion of the two. Koharu’s hearing was quite weak but she was able to understand Kasagi, as he finally was able to truly introduce himself, the man she knew as Kasey for over two years. She smiled and slowly put her hand on his face and brought him in closer, reintroducing herself to him. She then kissed him on the lips, with tears streaming down both their faces. The nightmare was finally over and two reunited.

The SEED, the Proposal, and Beyond


The Union of the Scholarly Dragon and the Pure-Hearted Hibiscus



  • Koharu was not in the SAO anime, but introduced in an alternate timeline called Integral Factor. Some speculate she’s in the SAO GGO series, but that has been mostly debunked.
  • Her character in SAO:IF is generally genki, and a bit naïve at times. As the game is currently at floor 25, it is unsure what will actually happen once things play out.