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Amanda Page (nee Sharlan)
Biographical information



May 1987


June 29, 2012 (Revived August 18, 2012)


Chaplin Page (Husband), Father, Mother, Two older brothers, older sister, Anthony Suthers (adoptive father), Jameson Atlas (son)


Assassin (former), Head of Security


Kakanue, Maddeline Trallier

Physical description




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Eye color





Japanese Longbow




Brotherhood of Assassins (former), Anthony Suthers

Brief Biography

Kakanue is a former assassin hailing originally from a small, backwater village along a river delta. Her past is little known, but her time at The Hotel has allowed her to create a life of her own. Perhaps one of the most uninteresting inhabitants of the Hotel, she is quickly learning and adjusting to the daily life of a free person in a friendly environment.

Character note: When not under the influence of the TARDIS translation system, Amanda has a heavy bayou accent, speaks French and English intermittently, and definitely shows her Creole roots as a Native of Louisiana.


Born as Amanda Sharlan to two impoverished parents, Kakanue grew up in a small cottage in the middle of a small village near the mouth of the Mississippi in southern Louisiana. Born of pure blooded Creole parents, Amanda grew up Catholic and lived the live of a French descended American girl, even speaking French as a young child. She was the youngest of four children; two older brothers and an older sister. Each summer, she and her siblings would wade into the shallows of the delta and hand-fish, catching a vast amount and variety of marine life which could feed them for weeks at a time. In the winter, they would ice fish or hunt. This is where she learned to use a bow, however, the Japanese Longbow did not appear in her arsenal until she became an assassin. As the baby, it was thought that she would be coddled and spoiled by her parents as any family would do, but this was not the case.

Amanda was determined at a very young age to be unworthy of her parents' care. Whether this was because of a lack of funds to feed the family or whether she was truly unwanted is unknown, but at the age of six, Amanda was sent away by her parents to the Brotherhood of Assassins.

The Brotherhood

When she arrived at the Brotherhood, she was taken in by a young assassin, barely out of his teens, who trained her and taught her the art. She was instructed to forget her family, her friends, and her name. She was given the name Kakanue, an innocent name her mentor thought would deter suspicion from her activities as an assassin.

An assassin has to kill without mercy or regret, and so the first targets she went sent to kill were her family members. As her initiation into the Brotherhood, Kakanue killed her parents and three siblings.

Arrival in the World of SubSen

The Shy Newcomer

Kakanue first appeared in the Hotel in mid March 2012 when she was released from her duty for a day by her mentor following a failed recon which resulted in the death of a close friend and beloved fellow assassin whom she'd known since joining. As a reconnaissance operative for the Brotherhood, she and her partner had been in the process of infiltrating one of the outlying Abstergo companies to determine the status of a rumor spreading through her peers back at headquarters that there was an attack planned on the assassins. It soon became apparent that their location had been leaked (by none other than her beloved mentor) and the pair was attacked.

She's spent several weeks getting to know the other inhabitants, and seems to have learned to relax amongst friends.

The Rogue Assassin

Over time, she has met several friendly occupants who have worked to make her feel welcome in the Hotel. Among them is Anthony Suthers, whom she met and befriended shortly before leaving the Brotherhood.

After meeting Suthers, Kakanue began to break away from the order, revealing to many that she never had any intention of staying for her entire life, despite the fact that it's all she's known for many years. She learned who it was that betrayed her during the recon mission, and she confronted her mentor on it and explained to him that she was leaving the order, resulting in a battle between the two that led to the man's death and her own injury before she escaped. The break was surprisingly clean, with little in the way of retaliation until the lifeless body of her mentor was found in his office. She was treated and recovered in the Hotel, finally managing to make the decision to completely part from the Brotherhood, making her a rogue assassin now targeted by her brethren at home.

Life as New Horizon's Head of Security

After much discussion and time spent debating, Kakanue was offered and accepted the position of Head of Security under Suthers, deciding she wanted to help rid the world of violence properly instead of using it herself. The two of them spent a portion of time approaching Potamos and convincing her to attend a mysterious event of Anthony's, finally succeeding in completing an initial screening on her before releasing her.

Kakanue was then shown to an area filled with equipment, agreeing to Anthony's requests and placing herself completely into his hands. Over the course of several hours, she was contained in a virtual reality containment system where she was shown undisclosed segments. Her reactions were recorded, among which was why she reacted so strongly to the use of her full name by another assassin, and Kakanue was overwhelmed upon her release from the unit.

The Truth

Over the course of several weeks, Amanda began to exhibit signs that the memories she recalled were untrue. It was soon revealed that she'd been abducted from her mentor's side as a child and heavily interrogated by a mysterious group. A large portion of her memories, including the deaths of her family and the reasons behind the deaths of her comrades and mentor, were are revealed to be false, and the interrogations she'd sustained as a child were triggered by a key phrase, which could be activated by anyone who knew it. Her personality seemed to change with this activation, and she botched several recon missions before the Brotherhood realized that she'd been brainwashed.

Working together with Tony and Raihosha, Amanda slowly began to decipher which memories were false, and finally succeeded in time to return to her position as Head of Security. To also help further her induction into a more normal and less stressful lifestyle, Tony adopted Amanda as his daughter.

Amanda was at first ignored by the denizens of the Hotel, as they considered her "father" to be the threat, but after intense questioning by Franziska von Karma, she began to reveal a mindset and attitude regarding the use of violence that was subtly disturbing to many of the others.

After Hazel Ninegate revived, Amanda was angered greatly by her interference with her father's plans, and confronted her in the bar, attacking her. Hazel did not fight back, choosing to be "crippled" in order to present a more sympathetic public image, uploading footage of the fight to Ginga TV in order to paint Suther's company as power-mad and dedicated to violently silencing its competitors.

Tony Suthers was disappointed in Amanda's actions. Vowing to work harder in his service, she began training in earnest.

After their fight, Hazel Ninegate decided to retire from the conflict, determining it was beneath her after discussions with Yaijinden. But she left a parting gift-- forged security camera footage showing Amanda murdering [what turned out to be a clone of ] Ami Mizuno.

When the real Ami saw this footage, she became enraged, and her Mosaic Buster form emerged. The violent, mindless creature savagely attacked Amanda on the beach, severely wounding her. Due to a saving attack from Piccolo on Ami, Amanda was spared. Piccolo took her to Papaya Island hospital, where she is recuperating.

Attack in the hospital

On June 22nd, 2012 at 8:38pm, Amanda's doctor at Papaya Island hospital officially declared her dead, though it was soon revealed that the woman in her bed was in fact not Amanda herself. Investigations are ongoing, and Amanda is the prime suspect in the death of the woman, whose identity is unknown at this time.

As a result of the mixed reactions to both the attack by Ami Mizuno and the attempt on her life by the woman in the hospital, Amanda began to lose her grip on reality, the line between her own personality and that of Amanda Suthers, a brainwashed version of Amanda created by Tony to prevent the denizens of the hotel from killing her if they were ever to be seen as a threat, began to blur.

It was around this time that Amanda wrote a letter to Suu, her best friend in the hotel, reassuring her that she had intended on living a normal life, and asking her to trust that she would never intentionally harm anyone. The letter was delivered to Suu after Amanda's death, giving her the explanation of why she'd done what she did.

"Suu, I hope you never have to read this, but if you do, then something happened to me. Something's gone wrong, and I'm trying to work on figuring out what it is, but I certainly have an idea. I don't want you involved, so please forgive me if you are. I feel like this is the only way I can tell you this where you'll believe me.

I know you'll likely want answers, and I"ll give them to you now. First of all, I want you to know that I've been happy to have a friend as wonderful as you. I wish I'd had that all my life. Growing up as an assassin took a lot away from me that I've only recently come to understand.

Tony did something to me. I don't know what exactly, but I haven't been feeling right since Ami Mizuno attacked me on the beach.

I think I'm slipping...Doctor Raihosha was very kind to help me, and he removed all the false memories that had been implanted into me as a child. I was captured...at a very young age, and my memories were overwritten to make it look like the Brotherhood had been sending me out to kill people I've never even heard of.

I think Tony used that opportunity to REprogram me...to do something to me.

If you're reading this, then that means whatever he did to me has gotten me captured or killed. I wanted you to know that I would never...NEVER want to hurt my friends.

And if I have...if I've even harmed a single person...it's not me.

I hope you can understand that. The only way to find out what happened is for me to confront him. There's only one way I know how to do that.

You were an incredible help to me. Thanks for being such a good friend...and for believing in me when everyone else doubted me.


Amanda "

-Amanda's letter to Suu


On June 29th, Amanda finally lost herself. At the end of a string of murders on both Papaya Island and in Tokyo, Amanda admitted to Tony in a confrontation at the pool in the Hotel that she was the culprit. As an agent of Order, Tony wouldn't have it. Amanda, refusing his help, finally realized what he'd done to her when he activated the entire personality of Amanda Suthers, resulting in her wildly and blindly attacking him. Her actions caused a leak in his nerve agent, and he managed to stab her in the stomach to get her away before Noriko and Thrash could arrive. Before anyone could make a move, Tony shot Amanda with several tranquilizing darts before disappearing into the pool. Amanda passed out from a combination of the darts and blood loss, resulting in having to be retrieved from the pool.

Upon her arrival at the clinic on the 12th floor, Amanda was in critical condition and, while the EMH was able to successfully save her body, she was declared brain dead while those present began to determine how to react and deal with the situation before them. Amanda's medical records contain a DNR order, which prevents the resuscitation necessary to save her life. It was found by Noriko on July 3rd, 2012, and was subsequently delivered to Raihosha, who immediately removed Amanda from life support.

Amanda Suthers

A split personality caused by reprogramming by Tony in the event the Prometheus reveal failed. Amanda Suthers was created to defend Amanda herself from being harmed, but was ultimately her downfall. Her wild persona and complete loss of control led to Amanda's death after attacking Tony during their confrontation in the Hotel.

When Amanda Suthers is brought forward, she manifests in the form of a blank stare with unseeing eyes. She does not think of anything but the training she's had over the years as an assassin and shows no mercy. She is ruthless, and will not hesitate to kill anyone standing in her way.


On Saturday, August 18th, a mysterious text arrived for both Suu and Noriko, giving information that only they and Amanda would know. The first message to Suu asked if she'd like to go out for crepes again, a past time that Amanda had enjoyed with her friend while she'd been under investigation before Prometheus.

The message to Noriko asked how the 'ice block' was doing, referring to when Noriko had encased Suthers in ice after he'd killed Amanda.

Upon investigation by Suu via a series of texts to the source, it was determined that the messages were coming from a remote location on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. Several people accompanied Suu and Noriko to the oil rig and upon arrival, the mysterious messages continued on Suu's phone, welcoming her to the rig and expressing joy in seeing her there.

When they reached the center of the rig for the backup Prometheus source, they found a cyber mounted to the system, which used Amanda's voice when speaking. This was caused by the supercomputer's devotion to its sister, uploading her mind to the core of the computer as she was dying to keep her consciousness from being lost. After fighting the machine, the group managed to free Amanda, bringing her cyber body back to the clinic at the hotel for restore her mind to her body, which had been repaired and healed by Raihosha.

Recent and current events

After returning to the Hotel, it took Amanda several days to regain full function of her limbs, and she spent some time in a wheelchair in the process of recovering. However, she soon was back on her feet and looking for a new job.

SecuriTech, Inc.

After only a week of searching, Amanda was hired off the spot by the HR manager of a security company called SecuriTech, Inc., where she would be in charge of a unit of repair technicians who would breach, analyze, and then rebuild the internal and external security systems in major corporations. Amanda's background as an reconaissance expert was optimal for their needs, and she was allowed piles of paperwork and reading in lieu of an interview provided her first week on the job proved worth their efforts.

Life in the Hotel

Amanda's lIfe In the hotel has Improved drastIcally sInce her revIval, leadIng to new frIendshIps as well as stronger ones as she lIves her normal lIfe. Her new job has taken off amazIngly and her success as a breacher has pleased more than just her bosses.


In October 2012, Amanda was shocked to learn that a young man by the name of Jameson Atlas had arrived in the hotel looking for her. When she came downstairs later on, she was surprised to see him still there. By this time, he'd figured out that she was who he was looking for and thus she inquired of him what he wanted from her. Upon hearing that the 18-year old was her son, Amanda was startled and completely caught off guard, at first rejecting the idea of having a child only 7 years younger than her. Jameson was one of the 400 babies created during Mango's experiment, and grew up on the planet Tylli where he was the only human inhabitant.

Amanda has since accepted the boy as her own, though she acts more like a big sister than his mother. They spend a lot of time getting to know each other, Amanda wanting to be involved in his life as she'd been abandoned by her parents at an early age. She doesn't care, even encourages, the fact that Jameson calls her by her name rather than "mom".

New Life

Upon the attack on Akihabara by Hazel at the end of her trial, Amanda found herself in need of attending 18 funerals as her entire unit was killed in the attack while they were on a job in the city. She nursed Jameson, who was severely injured, back to health. Her own injuries were minor, however, and she quickly began working on rebuilding her life. SecuriTech headquarters were destroyed, and Amanda soon found herself needing to find a new job.

It didn't take her long to decide that she had an opportunity in front of her that she'd never taken, and contacted Eitak to attain citizenship for Jameson, and the necessary paperwork to find residence and employment on Neggerra. They moved there in the beginning of March 2013.

Among the changes to her life, Amanda has also found love in the form of her childhood friend Chaplin Page, whom she met at the tender age of six before she was sent away for her life as an assassin. The couple are together as often as possible, especially since Chaplin is not able to visit or move to Neggerra with them. It's known that Chaplin and Amanda's relationship at current is only a formality, and Jameson expects that they will not be long in engagement.

Amanda and Jameson worked together to find jobs in Neggerra, and Amanda herself eventually landed in a top tier law enforcement position reporting directly to Eitak. Her jurisdiction is international, and she works with Eitak to make sure that the criminals in Neggerra do not go free for long. When she is not working, Amanda enjoys visiting the Hotel just to see everyone, and spends several nights a week in her hotel suite with Chaplin.

Mrs Amanda Page

In mid-September 2013, Amanda shared with Jameson, and later Matsumi, that Chaplin had proposed to her. The two married on December 1st, 2013 in New Orleans among friends and family. Chaplin has a house in New Orleans, and Amanda has hers, and the two go back and forth between the two so that Amanda can return to a normal life with her estranged family. Rather than introducing Jameson to them as her son, he is a former co-worker turned roommate, and is a friend of the family rather than a part of it.