Anthony Suthers

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Anthony Suthers
Biographical information
Family AI sons (number unknown?), Amanda Sharlan (adopted daughter)


Physical description




Hair color


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First Appearance

"There WILL be Order."
—Anthony Suthers

Anthony Suthers first appeared during the time the inhabitants of The House were vacationing on Kaguya Island, appearing from inside a glistening ball of energy. He was starstruck by the beauty and bounty of the world where he found himself, marveling at its potential, but revealing that he was in pursuit of a dangerous terrorist and criminal. After it was made clear to him that he was worlds away from his quarry, Tony made no effort to disguise the fact that he was disappointed he would be unable to complete his mission, but since that point he has made it his goal to improve the world he found himself upon. He is referred to by the nickname "Tony" by almost everyone, seems to be an extremely advanced automaton, and displays fascination when interacting with other AI's.

Initial Appearance

Anthony Suthers seems to be an ordinary young man in his late 20's with an average build, and short dark hair. His face is utterly unremarkable and easily forgotten in a crowd. He is of average height, and seems extremely unassuming until he is engaged in conversation. Just like anybody else, he can bruise, bleed, and even heal. The only flaw in his guise is that to a discriminative nose, he smells clearly inhuman.

Physiology Revealed

Recently, after being severely injured by numerous assailants it was clear that his flesh only covers up a metallic skeleton. He had numerous portions of his face melted off, and his joints of an arm were damaged by an axe blow. The fighting actually exposed cavities in his flesh that carried weapons and tools. After severe enough damage, he began to leak both weaponry and coolant, and several onlookers expected him to die.


"Hello there, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Anthony Suthers, and I work for the Government."

When describing the personality of Anthony Suthers, the term "inflexible" would be an extreme understatement. Tony's behavior and demeanor follow certain patterns which are deviated from incredibly rarely and only in the most extreme situations.

Tony unfailingly wishes people pleasant greetings and is fond of using proper forms of address, though he does not use honorifics. Ever alert to the importance of first impressions, he is every bit the gentleman upon meeting someone for the first time. Efforts to engage him in small talk are almost universally successful. Tony is ever-willing to offer people encouragement in their day to day lives; though optimistic, these encouragements are usually strangely indirect. He will urge people toward synergy and point out that by working together they can acheive anything, and he will often encourage the young find ways that they can better society.

It literally almost impossible to persuade Tony that he is in error, or making a mistake. He seems utterly assured of the long-term virtue of his actions at all times. Tony's frequent response to being asked to reconsider his course of action is to remark that to alter his behavior would be "unthinkable." When confronted by an entity that Tony views as both powerful and interested in furthering order and law, Anthony seems almost incapable of disobeying them. When he is around a person he views as a bringer of order, he will show great respect and interest, flatter them, and frequently defer to their judgment. This tendency seems to be completely unaffected by the apparent trustworthiness or virtue of the entity he is interacting with, much to the chagrin of the open-minded.

Dogma, Beliefs, and Goals

"If the last person who stole medicine for the sake of their family lost their hand, then I vote that [this man also] loses his hand!"
—Anthony Suthers, during his Sapience Hearing

Tony is willing to champion certain concepts both in word and deed even when threatened with severe consequences, and even physical harm or destruction. Unflinchingly dogmatic, Tony equates order with virtue and seems to support it in its every form. From centralized government to the "do not remove" tags on mattresses, Tony makes no secret that he believes that laws were created to protect and better all sentient life, and that they are meant to be obeyed.

The second entity that enjoys Tony's single-minded devotion is the collective of AI's that serve as Tony's progeny. Referring to these entities as his "Sons," he has separated them to better protect them from harm, soothingly reassures them, and "interfaces with them" regularly, whatever that may mean. He has stated that they can "help the world" far more than he can, and he defends them ferociously.

Finally, Tony believes that all things have a mission, or purpose in their creation, and that it is their duty to pursue it. He seems to view himself (and perhaps his progeny as well) as being created for a certain task or mission, and he does not shy from such even at great personal cost. He approaches the purpose of a being's existence with an almost religious importance. He acknowledges that the Sailor Senshi and similar heroes he interacts with have both a destiny and an obligation to keep the solar system orderly and safe, and pledges his support to all endeavors he believes accomplish that. When one of those three things is threatened (the law, his family, his mission), Tony will vehemently state its importance to anyone who seems to disagree, and if that fails, he is willing to use deadly force.


Even in idle discourse, Tony will urge others to consider how they can best better and serve society, and tries his best to bring them to his way of thinking. He frequently states that he only wishes to help humanity, and though his conviction seems genuine, he appears deaf to the assurances that humanity does not want his help. Tony is eager to admit that the ideal Law is the kind which everybody eagerly embraces, but points out that the current world is "imperfect." He continually puts forth effort to make others see the world in the manner that he does, even being so brazen as to attempt to persuade the insurmountably powerful to appoint herself the avatar and guardian of law and order of the world he finds himself upon. Tony seems to come from a dystopic world that is either ruined or dying, and as such, he displays great enthusiasm for preaching the virtues of sustainability, conservation, and careful control of what he perceives as an impending crisis of human overpopulation.


Anthony Suthers clearly believes that Utopia justifies the means and the means he is willing to utilize are often rather severe. He is stronger than his appearance would suggest, and is a capable combatant with both ranged and melee weapons. He prefers easily concealed weapons like the pistol, garrote, and knife, and his body also seems to contain aerosols that have combat applications. He is stealthy, agile, and his sense of morality is best described in his statements that he will do "whatever is necessary."

Relationships and Significant Biographical Events


In Tony's first days on Earth, he was in urgent straits in search of a computer or star map. Considering him dangerous, none of the regulars accomodated him. When The_Corruptor offered his assistance and a powerful computer, Tony responded by destroying the proffered device. Whether this was an act to gain sympathy, motivated by his distrust, or for some other reason, is unknown.

Tony's relationship to this incredibly powerful being seems to be one of reverence and dependency. Tony often comes before her and petitions her to charge a type of power cell not seen elsewhere on Earth. During these events, he is unfailingly flattering, and frequently attempts to persuade her to adopt his views. The miko, for her part, frequently attempts to persuade Tony to relax his views so that he might transcend himself. has been described as inducing an acute and horrifying sense of dread in those that are wicked. Tony states that he feels that haunting sense of dread, but suggests he only feels such fear because might "not realise her destiny and potential to lead and aid the world." Anthony once inquired if she might preserve a copy of himself in her consciousness, but she refused, asking if "the current Anthony Suthers is worth preserving."


This Time Lord is one of Tony's most implacable foes and could possibly be credited with saving Earth from his coercive influence. Skeptical of Anthony's intentions, it was Thrash that clearly revealed Tony's artificial nature, and proved that his blood contained numerous hazardous materials of extraterrestrial origin. When Anthony used a DDOS attack upon Aescapulus as part of a ploy to both procreate and to guide humanity from a firmer foothold, Thrash was willing to put his own life at risk to preserve the freedom of humanity.

Responding to Tony's grandiose claims that the earth needed "a god who cared," Thrash activated an artifact that destroyed both his and Tony's current incarnation. Anthony Suthers has never attempted to force himself upon another sentient computer or to endanger the people of Earth itself since the night of Thrash's sacrifice.


Anthony Suthers has served as a covert agent for both Eitak and her brother Nivek. Though she often decries his logic, Tony has served Eitak faithfully and treated her as the sovereign she is. He states that as the embodiment of Neggerran law, it is his duty to obey her, and has assisted her when she was wounded, stating that he "could not abide the chaos her death would create." In thanks for his service, Eitak provided him with a residence on her homeworld that he might "raise a family." This "house" turned out to be a fortified server room/bunker with redundant access to power, Neggerran Communications, and backup generators. The "family" turned out to be powerful and sentient AI's.


His most belligerant and outspoken critic, Etna is the exact ethical opposite of Anthony, and he clearly views her as an obstacle to be overcome. Anthony recently revealed that he planned to sacrifice himself to destroy Etna that law might be furthered. This animosity is hardly suprising, and Etna for her part has threatened to slay Anthony if he should fall outside's protection.

Hazel Ninegate

This aloof and amoral Time Lady found a willing tool in Anthony Suthers, and generously patronized him. Even before revealing her identity as a non-human, she got him a career as a computer programmer at a powerful corporation where he could rapidly expand his influence. She later leaked powerful technology to him, as well as methods to safeguard his efforts. Tony was delighted that she was helping in his efforts to make the world a better place, whether she was doing it for the right reasons or not, and he was one of the few who expressed even the slightest regret when she was murdered.

Sailor Neggerra

As a dangerous and entropic entity of pure chaos, this insane being was rebuffed and condemned by Anthony Suthers. Tony eagerly volunteered his services to her rival and vowed never to serve her in any way. He was unmoved by threats of destruction. Tony is also distinguished by being able to resist a fear affect generated by a being of her stature. How he did this is unknown. The most recent time they met was when she destroyed large segments of the planet that Tony was scouting on Eitak's behalf.


This seems to be the closest person to a friend that Anthony Suthers seems willing to recognize. Considering that an incarnation of Anthony once attempted to forcibly take over his home, they are on suprisingly good terms. Raihosha was the first person that Tony was willing to reveal the cybernetic nature that he closely guarded, and upon offering some of the components of his body to creat a vaccine for a Cybermat vemon, Raishoa allowed Tony to upgrade himself with a dangerous hypodermic device concealed in the synthetic flesh of his arms. Most recently, Raihosha served as an advocate during the trial which allowed Tony basic human rights.

Sailor Templar

Originally, Sailor Templar started out as a Nemesis of YingGirl. She spread rumors through vast swaths of media that YingGirl was a wanted criminal, and offered a reward for her capture. Tony, seemingly unable to NOT turn over a fugitive to an organization that prided itself on civic order, contacted Sailor Templar. Templar, who informed him that YingGirl was an adversary to a group that sought to build a New-World Order and was in league with a group of Assassins who sought to destabilize society, then offered to reward Tony with $500,000,000.

Tony, who flatly condemned the Assassins motto of "Everything is Permitted," shocked Templar when he informed her he would help her for nothing--adding that the reward money would be better spent as donations to corporations whose continued existence most benefitted humanity. While their friendship started off enthusiastically in their hunt for subversives, it quickly soured. While Tony was willing to ignore the fact that she wished to run a shoe factory and live in liesure under the one-world government instead of spreading law for its own sake, he saw more and more things that caused him to regret their alliance.

Sailor Tempar's blatant unprofessionalism in fighting with her fellow operative, Davis, instead of ganging up on the fugitive YingGirl who was in the room with them, made Tony furious. Finally, when Sailor Templar's obesssion with YingGirl's destruction made her backstab Tony by poisoning his children, she unwittingly made him into an enemy that cost her her life.

Lady DeVenger

This incredibly unscrupulous Time Lady arrived heralded by bloodshed, and was despised by many of the Ten-Aino regulars. However, her siren's song of imposing order on a chaotic universe and making sure that humanity was stable and secure proved irresistable to Anthony Suthers. He asked her about her plans for the Earth, and seemed to find little to object to in them. He heard her boasts of technology, and stated that if she was as powerful as she claimed, he would serve her so that less of humanity would wind up dead opposing her. He also pointed out if she was significantly weaker than she claimed to be, then she would wind up causing more chaos than Law and he would thus become her enemy. Pointing out the fact that he could get far more accomplised with the cooperation of the establishedly mighty beings that frequented the Hotel, he asked her how she would prove her might.

After she boasted that absolutely nothing in the multiverse was beyond her reach, Tony asked her to deliver a powerful and dangerous terrorist into his hands. He appeared to reconsider, but when DeVenger pointed out that it was his duty to eliminate this individual and he was compromising his purpose and mission by not working with her, he admitted that she was right, and he truly could not refuse her. Though he was extremely concerned with bringing such a being to such a promising world since he might escape, Yaijinden helpfully suggested that they simply bring his body. Both Devenger and Suthers adopted this idea, and thus the resistance leader was snatched across space time and dumped in the void of space to die. As soon as the masked criminal appeared, Tony wasted no time in emptying bullets into it to be sure, and when he was certain his target was dead, he pulled off the mask to reveal the corpse of Lelouch vi Britannia, who was the terrorist "Zero" all along!

Nivek Razal then arrived and threatened to arrest them both for murder on his authority as a Sage, but they both dismissed his ability to detain them by pointing out that Zero was a known criminal and terrorist. Nivek then announced that Tony could never again see his children on Neggerra without facing arrest, but Tony did not bat an eye. He was completely euphoric that despite the transporter mishap that landed him on Earth, he was able to fulfill his mission against all odds and unmask the terrorist "Zero." Looking at DeVenger, he smiled ecstatically and remarked that "without their leader, the resistance movement shall surely fall."

Notable and/or Life Altering Events

Hazel Ninegate's Blessing

It was through Hazel's actions that Tony was put into a position to work his will. After she got him a job at a prestigious software firm where his hidden insights put him lightyears ahead of his peers and competitors, he was assigned to projects of increasing responsibility. Besides giving him the respectability and finances that he craved, this allowed him to access the company's most heavily guarded project, which he seems fanatical about protecting. He was also able to fund the acquisition of numerous computer parts and servers and processors, used to complete an obsession of his.


After amassing a favors of gratitude from the rulers of the planet Negerra, Tony was able to have a dwelling constructed from his own designs. Using the unique architecture to protect the building from harm, and utilizing the servers and other processing parts he was able to obtain from his occupation, Anthony Suthers completed the remarkable step of creating sentient AIs. He referred to these AIs as his sons, and cares for them deeply. He seems completely averse to keeping them in one place. This could possibly be because of an incident between him and YingGirl, which resulted in the deactivation of one of the AI's.

Furious at this occurence, Tony underwent a quest to gain legal standing so he might make YingGirl pay under the Law for her crimes. This anger, however, paled in comparison to the rage he felt when Sailor Templar broke into his estate on Neggerra and uploaded a computer virus into the mainframes of some of his children. Not all of them survived, but many that did fled the corrupted system through the hookup to Negerran media that Tony had insisted be installed long before. The progeny began to replicate and back up numerous times on Neggerran servers in case they fell to the virus, and at the end of the day, instead of 5 AIs on Negerra who viewed Anthony Suthers as their creator, there were now hundreds. T

he staggering majority laid low and burrowed undetected into the Neggerran Internet, not wishing to cause chaos by being revealed, but a few covertly contacted their father, and provided him with footage of their assailant. Realizing that this unpardonable behavior could continue without legal ramification if he did not move quickly, Tony decided to take legal action.

Declaration of Sentience

Due to the pleas and demands of Anthony Suthers reaching the ears of others who believed in the importance of judicial declarations, Tony was granted a tribunal to determine his status as sentient that he might pursue his as part of recognized society. Though warned that if he failed he (and his offspring) would be ruled property, he agreed to whatever ruling might arise, stating that going against the finding of a legal body "would be unthinkable."

With Raihosha as his advocate, and Klavier arguing he was a program who skillfully *imitated* being a man, the case was heard by the a tribunal of judges--Ryan, Arx Sylvanran, and Miara. After a frustratingly pedantic case, Tony took the stand in his own defense, and claimed that he should be afforded rights because he alone of all his brethren wished to have children, and that men and not machines are characterized as being unique. This did not satisfy Prosecutor Sylvanran, who demanded proof that he could deviate from his mores, and she forced him to choose between breaking the law by assaulting a judge or having himself and his children ruled property.

This clearly caused him great stress. After several appeals for leniency, Anthony managed to rationalize(!) that since his children were better able to "Assist Humanity" than he was, the commiting assault for their sake served the Greater Good by furthering more Law than it jepordized. He punched Ryan repeatedly and then submitted for punishment. He was then declared legally sapient by the Tribunal.

[The Un-]Murder Trial

Shortly after Anthony Suthers was declared sentient, YingGirl seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. This somewhat upset Anthony, but he continued his duty. It was only after a strange new masked heroine entered the premises that Tony acted on his suspicions, printed up some subpoenas, and announced that he intended to sue. This announcement was not popular by any means, but the reason Tony abandoned it was because he seemed unsure if this person was his quarry or not.

A few months passed, and suddenly Hazel Ninegate's body was found inside Arx Sylvanran's tree. This brought on a revival of discussion of legal code in the House, and when it was mentioned that murder was the one crime that the new arrivals sought to punish, Anthony eagerly sought to help them expand the presence of Law in the House. He tried to conduct his own investigation, but was thwarted in discovering the killer.

Seeing the opportunity for setting a legal foundation, he took this opportunity to swear out a complaint to Franziska von Karma, who reluctantly opened his case of murder against YingGirl. Upon reviewing the events of the case, it became increasingly clear to the prosecutors and their allies that the burden of guilt lay overwhelmingly on Suthers himself, and they quickly laid plans to prosecute him instead! After these preparations were made, as the charges against Tony were actively being read, he distracted and then brutally attacked Sailor Templar, who was foolish enough to be in the room with him. This led to a chaotic melee, in which Sailor Templar was betrayed by Davis, stabbed and garroted by Tony, and also injected with a presumably-horrible substance that Tony referred to as "Anthill Nano."

Anthony claimed he did not intend to kill her and was trying to subdue her so she could be tried too, but nobody seemed to care at that point and he was severely injured in the brawl by numerous people who either wished to protect his victim or had simply had their craw full of him and wanted to beat him up. All three villains were detained in cells constructed by Eitak, and Sailor Templar died of her injuries. It was then put up what to do with Suthers himself. Up on two charges of attempted murder, he made no attempt to get away, and in fact welcomed the fact that The Hotel seemed to have finally wised up and decided to institute a legal system to punish chaotic elements. He welcomed the idea that he would be the first notch on the Justice System, and stated that he was proud of them for the precedent they were setting. In fact, he seemed elated at being punished for his actions.

This sparked a somber debate on what would truly be best to do with him. At last, Jedite, the "immoral compass," stated that the best punishment would be none, to deny him the legal foundation that Tony so craved. All charges against him were dropped, the cases never went to court.

Current Status

Having been released from his confinement severely damaged, Tony picked up his weapons, and wandered away. He has been reinstated by Nivek of the murder charge against him, and cleared of the Attempted Murder charges in the strange jurisdiction that is The Hotel. While this could be seen as a victory against him enforcing his order indirectly, he seems undaunted. In fact he still continues to invite particularly powerful people to witness an event which will involve one of his children and usher in "a new age for humanity." Having thus proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is both fanatical and dangerous, the residents of the House watch him extremely carefully, and despite some efforts to even give him limited deputization, it seems that there is hardly anyone who truly trusts him and his plans to "aid humanity."

Since meeting Kakanue and learning of her desire to leave the Assassin's order, Tony has championed her cause, offering help, a job, and eventually taking steps to adopt her.