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Kawanami Hiromi (川浪ひろみ) (as newscaster), Hiromi Kawanami Dinsdale (married)
Biographical information

Akuma Kai (now Earth)


December 8 (not Wedding Peach canon)


Jack Dinsdale (husband)


Ginga TV personality



Physical description

formerly Akuma, now Human



Hair color

Light purple

Eye color

Dark red




Learning about firearms


Scarlet, Suu

Potamos, or Hiromi Kawanami Dinsdale, is a reporter for GingaTV and the wife of Jack Dinsdale. Although originally a water devil, she is how Human.

Life Before #ss2

Potamos (ポタモス), whose true name is Hiromi Kawanami (川浪ひろみ) is a twenty-something young woman with deep red eyes, curly purple hair described as “sproingy” by many people, and the habit of saying “mitai na!” at the end of many sentences. While she's now biologically human, she was once a Suima (水魔) or water devil of the Aqua clan that lived in the alternate world of Akuma Kai (悪魔界). Potamos doesn’t remember much of her early family life. At a young age she was sent to train in magical and martial arts after her parents discovered great potential in the young girl. Potamos grew up and at a fairly young age was called up by Reine Devilla to be one of her “reserves” in the battle to rid Earth of the power of love. Her first foray into the human world was as backup to Ignis who was currently assigned to wreak havoc in the Hanazono area, and all too quickly she met the magical girls that would be her adversaries, the Ai Tenshi. After Ignis was affected by the Ai Tenshi’s love wave and became confused by the feelings growing in him, Potamos confronted him and stabbed him in the back, leading to his eventual death. It is an act that Potamos has regretted to this very day and she is reluctant to cause injury to anyone without reason for that matter.

Learning from Ignis’ mistake of possessing a human, Potamos took on the human form of a thirteen-year-old girl attending Sei Hanazono Gakuen named Kawanami Hiromi. She became a thorn in the side of Hanasaki Momoko as she found herself inexplicably drawn to the object of Momoko’s desire, Fuuma Yousuke, with the explanation that “my DNA is tingling, mitai na!” Her devotion to him was such that when he informed her that he loved another, she dropped her human disguise, began to suck Sei Hanazono Gakuen into a black hole, and vowed that she would bring “Yokkun” back to Akuma Kai with her to marry him. Unfortunately her power was too strong for even her to control and she very nearly lost her life. The Ai Tenshi saved her with the power of the Saint Something Four, and Potamos lived on as Hiromi by renouncing her past as an Akuma.

Kawanami Hiromi transferred out of Sei Hanazono Gakuen and graduated from public high school (although she did remain in the area, meeting up with the Ai Tenshi one fateful Christmas Eve night). Her lifelong interest in fashion, gossip and relationships led her to try and break into the world of tabloid journalism. She passed the entrance exam to a two-year college and took several part-time jobs to cover the fees, including one that involved a nude photo shoot for a “Girls Gone Wild” style magazine, another act that Potamos regrets. After college, she was hired as a news writer for Weekly Surprise, a tabloid with heavy emphasis on celebrities and scandals.

Current Events

At the beginning of January, Hiromi Kawanami was dispatched to a remote area of Hokkaido to report on a strange occurrence of the Aurora Borealis. When she returned to Tokyo after filing the report, her behavior became erratic, culminating in a burst of violent rage where she destroyed over three hundred million yen worth of video editing equipment before fleeing the building, not to be seen again. It is believed that the aurora was actually The Curtain of Cruelty.

It was revealed that Hiromi, suffering from depression, was courted by a young occult researcher, Naho Saenoki, who was developing the Curtain of Cruelty from the confines of a pocket dimension (more like a "pocket hell") that was home to Heavenly Host Elementary School. Naho decided to take advantage of Hiromi's mental state and invite her to join her at Heavenly Host, while others like her were lured to the school by the Curtain of Cruelty. A rescue mission headed by Suu led to the defeat of Naho and the rescue of Potamos, who rejoined her husband Jack Dinsdale.

Some time later, Hiromi tendered her resignation from Ginga TV, but now works for Minako Aino in a different capacity as a fashion designer, which was always an interest of hers. She is slowly recovering.


Potamos is currently living with her husband, Jack Dinsdale.

She has a tendency to call everyone of her friends "chan" or "kun" regardless of their age, and has given some people nicknames. She gets along with everyone in the chatbox fairly well.


As an Akuma, Potamos had control over water and ice, and could use water as a scrying aid, as well as being able to teleport to and from bodies of water. She could also make copies of herself, change her appearance at will and levitate small objects. She does not have any powers as a human.

She owns an M1911 handgun that she takes with her to dangerous locales. She's never learned to hold it properly, and instead shoots with it upside down, like Death the Kid from Soul Eater.

Potamos has a strange quirk in her cooking: All of the food she makes from scratch looks absolutely wonderful but tastes terrible.

Important Items and Possessions

Vespa Motor Scooter: As a gift to herself for getting the job at Ginga TV, Potamos purchased a Vespa and got it a custom seafoam green paint job.

Cell Phone: Your typical run of the mill cell phone that is pink and has lots of rhinestones on it.

Random Trivia

The name “Hiromi” is just written in hiragana as confirmed by Nao Yazawa, one of the creators of Wedding Peach. Her family name, Kawanami, is written with the character for “river” and the character for “wandering.”

Potamos won the 2006 Budokai.

Potamos’s birthday, December 8, was chosen by Bucket. It is the same birthday as Potamos’s voice actress, Mitsuishi Kotono.

The phrase “mitai na” literally means “like” or “something like that” but is translated by ADV as “you know.”

In her days of fighting the Ai Tenshi, Potamos attended Sei Hanazono Gakuen.

Her beverage of choice is a traditional martini, and her favorite food is cold summer noodles.