Alternate Versions of Sailor Quinox

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This is a list of all the alternate versions of Sailor Quinox scattered across the multiverse. All of them took part in the final attack against the Necros-possessed Matsumi.

Earth 1337

Matsumi Kaze is currently Sailor Quinox, though not much is known of her status other then a few mentions here and there by others.

Earth 1337-A

The current "Main" version of Matsumi Kaze. She has ascended to almost god like powers and lives in The Hotel with her family. She is no longer the main Sailor Quinox, but acts as a tutor to the current Quinoxian senshi.

Earth 1337-B

Matsumi Kaze is still a active as Sailor Quinox and teaches at Mugen Academy. She is less powerful then her A counterpart and lives in the house next to Tenou-Aino House. She is recognizable by her shorter hair compared to her B counterpart.

Earth 1337-AB

This Matsumi is unknown as the universe was destroyed. What is known was she did not like ginger ale.

Earth 1337-C

Matsumi Shin lives in Tokyo with her fiancee Hideki and is a good, if not all that active, friend to the other senshi. This version of Matsumi went to Juuban rather then Mugan academy.

Earth 1337-D

Matsumi Kaze lives in the bombed out remains of Yokohama, having lost her husband as well as her left eye and right leg. She is the leader of a small band of "freedom fighters" dedicated to saving those heroes who remain.

Earth 1337-DIC

Mattie Smith is the mysterious Sailor Q, who fought against the wicked Queen Dark and her Negaverse survivor followers, though oddly enough she seems to have not had as many adventures as her A and B counterparts.

Earth 1337-EE

Matsama is the Queen of the combined Unity of Quinox and European Empire and married to Yukimi of Europa.

Earth 1337-EN

Mattie Peinfort is a university student at Cambridge who is secretly the superhero Captain Q, making her not just her world's version of Sailor Quinox but also that world's Captain Britain.

Earth 1337-G

This version of Sailor Quinox is a particularly zealous Matsumi Kaze, who has a slight fatalistic side to her. She is considered one of the more dangerous versions of Quinox.

Earth 1337-GO

Toru Himada is a young girl who's parents were killed by the forces of the evil Empire of Necros. She now fights against these villains using her late father's final invention: the super robot Sora-Q!

Earth 1337-GXP

Matsumi Shin is Sailor Quinox and twin sister to Joanna Smithson. Nothing more is known about her.

Earth 1337-JP

Lady Matsumi Shin is the daughter of Lord Toshiro Shin and his deceased wife, the daughter of a Portuguese trader. An expert in the use of the spear, she is part of a secret resistance against the Lady Beryl, the wicked wife of the Shogun of Japan.

Earth 1337-K

Matsumi Shin is a senshi who first appeared in the battle against an enemy who targeted Kevin and his companions, becoming fast friends with the other senshi and knights. She is currently a leader of the Quinoxian Unity.

Earth 1337-M

The only thing known about Sailor Quinox in this universe is that she is dead.

Earth 1337-MCU

More to be revealed about this version of Sailor Q, though it is known she has been active since the 90s.

Earth 1337-Netherworld

Matsumi Shin is the vampire Sailor Blood Q and is married to Dimitri. She is a member of the Senshi of Damned.

Earth 1337-NX

Matsumi of the Quinox Clan came from this world and became the only survivor of her people after they were slaughtered by the combined forces of the Saturn Clan and the Youma Hordes. To learn more about her, see Matsumi Shin (Earth-1337-NX).

Earth 1337-Q

The home of Sentinel Q, Matsumi Shin, who is the living embodiment of her world's Gaia theory. She is the leader of the Universal Sentinels and helped by the three hero aspects, who have taken the forms of cats.

Earth 1337-RG-A

Matsu Shin is one of the Sailor Senshi, an all male team of heroes who protect their world from danger.

Earth 1337-RG-B

Himeko Kaze serves as Sailor Quinox on this version of Earth, protected by the brave Quinox Knight, Matsu Shin.

Earth 1337-RS

Freya Turner is the brave but stubborn girl who fights against monsters in Tokyo as Sailor Quinox. She is assisted by her pet cat, Matsumi.

Earth 1337-S

Lani Solano is a descendant of the kingdom of Quinox and though still in school, she hopes to be worthy of the title her ancestors once held.

Earth 1337-T

Mattie Smithson fought a handful of battles against various enemies before graduating from school and retiring. She has never met the other senshi.

Earth 1337-VQ

Young Matsumi Arashi is Salior Q, the lone hero in a world of normal people, fighting for justice against a growing evil.

Earth 1337-X

A universe which reflects the world which will arise after the third big bang, Mattie Shin is a teenager who's life is turned upside down when she discovers she has somehow gained superpowers. The goddess Ma-Shi also exists in this world, a surviving version of Matsumi Shin from the previous universe.

Earth 1337-YO

Matsui aka Sailor Q is the daughter of the Youma Spectrix and a Quinoxian noble and is the half sister to the DD-Girls.

Earth 1337-ZOO

A world of humanoid animals, Matsumi Shin is a Canadian lynx who works as a drama teacher at Moogan Acadamy. At night she is secretly the vigilante, Sailor Q!

Earth 1337-ZN

Matsumi Shin runs a troubleshooting business with her friends Masaki Minamata and Saki Suminaka out of the spaceship Queen of Quinox.

Earth 1337-60s

Teenager Megan Smithson is the magical girl Peridot Q and fights against the wicked Witch Charorite with her new friends in Tokyo.

Earth 3400

Mati Mistral is a Wind Sage, with a kind heart and a love of ginger tea. She has never met Eitak Razal.

Earth -3400/Neggerra

Mati Mistral also exists in this world but runs a school for students to learn magic.

Earth 1337 (dead timeline)

The former timeline of Matsumi Kido aka Kamen Rider Saber, who sacrificed herself to end her collapsing timeline. She now lives in the main timeline.


Matsumi Kaze is the vicious and cruel Sailor Anzu who in her past life was the sadistic Princess Matsama.

Unknown Earth 1

Matsumi is Sailor Q and lives in a large starship somewhere in the depths of space.

Unknown Earth 2

A universe where Vilya is Sailor Quinox and is part of a team of Lupa Sailor Senshi.

Unknown Earth 3

A pro-wrestling version of Matsumi, who is part of the Union of Sailor Wrestlers and try to save the world from the evil Ring of Shadows, while defending the Silver Crystal Belt from all takers.

Unknown Earth 4

The Matsumi of this earth is bonded with an Ultra-Being, creating Ultrawoman Q.

Unknown Earth 5

An absolutely powerless version of Mattie. She is normal in every way.

Unknown Earth 6

Mattie Shin is a teenage girl who has the ability to transform into Sailor Q and is assisted by Freya, a brown plush cat. She fights against the evil Black Moon Clan.

Unknown Earth 7

Lady Q, the markswoman from Minnesota, is a wanderer across this wild west like world.

Unknown Earth 8

Matsumi Shin is an elementary school student newly moved to Japan, who teams up with 9 other kids to fight evil in their neighborhood.

Unknown Earth 9

Nekros Shin is a teenager who transforms into Sailor Quinox to defeat the forces of the monstrous Queen Matsama.

Unknown Earth 10

Matsumi Shin from a world where for some reason people randomly break into song before, during and after major battles.

Unknown Earth 11

Mattie on this Earth is a Gym Leader in the Minor Pokemon League, specializing in Water Pokemon.