Eitak Razal

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Enirhtak Esor Razal
Biographical information


Birth December 16, 1991
Family Nivek (brother), The Magistra (future daughter), Mormeril (Adoptive Brother), Thrash (Future Husband)

Queen of Neggerra



Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Chronosblade (Save The Queen)


Magic, Gift of Tongues


Neggerra, Neggerran Time Sages, Truth Seekers, Warriors of Dawn.

First Appearance

"Enirhtak Esor Razal, Queen of Neggerra. Please call me Eitak. It's a pleasure to meet you"

Eitak Razal is the (self proclaimed) Queen of Neggerra.

Basic Data

  • IRC Handle: None (Eitak_Razal)
  • Alternate Identities: None
  • Star Sign: Sagittarius
  • Blood Type: CLASSIFIED
  • Function: Leader of Neggerra.
  • Domicile: Razal Castle. Normally located in the USA on Neggerra
  • Education: CLASSIFIED
  • Favorites
    • Food: Tea
    • Color: Green, Black, Red
    • Flower: Red Rose

Pre-SS History

While Eitak often refers to her past, she often keeps the details out as many of the memories are full of regret for her. What has been revealed is listed below.

Reluctant Murderer

Mormeril revealed that years ago, Eitak, her brother Nivek, and Wendy Kwon, Nivek's love and Eitak's best friend, went on a mission to repair the seal on a statue housing the body and mind of a fallen angel. The seal shattered with Eitak holding the statue, sealing the angel inside her, and allowing it to take control. The angel used Eitak's body and struck down Wendy, killing her, and wounded Nivek. Further details are unknown, though Mormeril has stated that angel left Eitak on its own at some point. He also stated Eitak feels guilt about striking down her best friend.

Rise to Power

How exactly Eitak rose to power is unclear. Some claim she united the various governments, others claim she took over by force using an army of magi, while others claim she simply brain-washed world leaders. What is known is that she is in charge and anyone that attempts to dethrone her is never seen again.

Under her rule, the magi of Neggerra have come out of hiding and magic has become common knowledge.

With the Seekers

At some point, Eitak left her world and went to the World of Caelestia. While much of her travels there remain unchronicled for the sake of sanity a few have been revealed. One of the earliest events she's mentioned is where she had a being forcibly bonded to her soul and unknowingly acted as a spy. She has stated she died 4 times and was erased from reality once. During one of these times she was cast into an un-reality and recruited by her enemy during a time of insanity on her part, turning on her friends in exchange for the powers of a Dhe Ehm and then lost her life at her brother's hands. It is believed she still feels guilt over this. Another later event is her watching reality itself, in the form of a tree, catch fire and burn.

Weapons, Equipment, and Spells


Eitak's sword is special type of weapon used only by Time Sages and other members of the time civilization. Normally used as a channel and focus for the sage's power, Eitak is unable to draw out its full strength due to not being a sage. It cannot be wielded by anyone but Eitak or her brother. Another Chronosian can hold it, however, it will lash out and shock anyone else. When not in use, it seems to rest outside of time, or perhaps in hammer space, until it is summoned. It has two forms:

  • Its base, but lesser used, form is that of a sword with 2 blades entwined in double helix style ending in a point. Most swords of this type have this as their base form. The "blade" itself glows a dull blue and has "Chonosblade" etched into it in both English and Chronosian. The cross-guard is a simple golden crossbar with a rose at the center, the grip is wrapped in leather, and a red gem adorns the pommel.
  • Its secondary, but more used form, is that of a Rapier. The blade glows a pale blue aside from a red line running down its length. The curved guard is gold and once again has a rose adorned on it. The words "Save The Queen" are etched around the rose in both English and Chrononsian.

Time Senses

Eitak has limited senses about the flow of time. She is able to innately sense time magics and time travelers, as well as tell if the timeline has been altered. Larger effects will make her physically ill. She is unable to age outside her own normal timeline, though she rarely spends enough time outside of her own for this to be noticeable.

Spell List

Below is a list of eitak's known named spells.

  • Fire Ball
  • Ice Spear
  • Rock Riot
  • Avocado
  • Polymorph: Penguin
  • Omega Murder Blast


"[23:29] * Eitak_Razal raises her hand and a fireball appears. Then goes out. "Fire is not some wild creature that spreads out of control. It is more like a pet. Those who know how to care for it, can control it. Those who do not, let it spiral out of control""
—Eitak on her use of fire spells


  • Eitak once resided in the home of a God of Evil, and likely owes him many favors that have yet to be collected.
  • Eitak's alignment has been described as "chaos."
  • Eitak is a mage and requires mana to use her magical abilities.
  • Eitak's gift of tongues allows her to speak any language, provided she's heard it.
  • Eitak, when forced to recite spell, casts in either English or Latin.
  • Eitak was the one who "taught" Harriet the "proper" way to shout objection.
  • She entered the 39th Budokai but lost in the first round.