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A super elite private school that was attended by Ten'ou Haruka, Kaioh Michiru, Tomoe Hotaru, and the Witches 5 (all of them in the manga; Tellu and Viluy in the anime only). It covers preschool to post graduate. This school was owned by Souichi Tomoe and run by the Witches 5, and was also used as an outlet to experiment with the insertion of diamon seeds into humans via the students. Much of the end of the Sailor Moon S season takes place at this school, which was destroyed in the fight.

The academy was split into five divisions: philosophy, entertainment, physical, science, and professional. However, after being rebuilt, the school was refocused into giving all students the chance to focus on one or more of these divisions, ultimately creating the birth of a sixth, though unlisted division, sometimes nicknamed the "Diverse" division. A seventh division was recently opened up dedicated to "special" students, originally piloted by Matsumi Kaze before handed over to a new staff.

Subsequently, Mugen Gakuen was rebuilt by Tomoe, and he works there in his spare time. Matsumi Kaze teaches English language and literature at this school as well as being a former student there.

Mugen Students and Female Uniforms


L to R: Date Katame, Masaki O`Cain, Kazue Karatsu, Matsumi Kaze, Saki Suminaka, Ayami Karatsu, Rin Sansho

Basic Uniform

Girls: Maroon blouse with indigo collar and cuffs with plaid print ribbon and coordinating skirt. The color is dependent on your school level (Red for Elementary School, Pink/Blue for Middle School, Green for High School).

Boys: Maroon jacket over white shirt with plaid print tie and coordinating pants. The color is dependent on your school level.

An example is here.

At college level, students no longer wear uniforms. However, they still wear Acadamy IDs at all time during their studies to identify themselves as members of the campus.

Current Classes

Middle School - High School

  • Class D
  • Class E