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Academy City is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the Tokyo Metropolitan Employment Area.


Located just west of Tokyo, it is apparently located in a region where there is a constant wind that flows within the city, allowing its wind turbines to generate power. Climate in Academy City is probably the same in Tokyo and other surrounding areas, though through its technological advances they are able to predict the weather much more accurately and can actually give schedules on when the weather might change. Academy City is roughly 1/3 the size of Tokyo.<

As stated, Academy City is composed of 23 districts, which are simply called School Districts and are numbered from one to twenty-three. Each of these districts has a specific purpose; below lists all 23 School Districts of Academy City, including their functions and purposes:

District Number Functions/Specializations/Noted Locations
1 Where most of the city's administration is located
2 Training areas for Judgment and Anti-Skill, military-related facilities
3 Accommodations for authorized outsiders (which also includes hotels, private pools, etc.)
4 Food-related facilities, including experimental crop growing
5 Mostly filled with universities and junior colleges
6 Recreational facilities, which also includes an amusement park
7 Middle and high schools, school dormitories, boarding houses, hospitals, the "Windowless Building."
8 Mainly for the various teaching staff of the city. Euri Hakinochi resides here.
9 Industrial arts and fine arts schools
10 Reformatories, nuclear energy research facilities, the city's only cemetery
11 Goods transfer
12 Theology system schools
13 Kindergartens and primary schools. This is where Hachi Hakinochi resides here.
14 Accomodations and various other facilities for overseas students
15 A large district consisting of the city's major shopping district and mass communications facilities
16 Focuses on commerce
17 Railway cargo storage and organization. Location of a special prison for high profile criminals.
18 Kirigaoka Girls' Academy and Nagatenjouki Academy
19 Uncertain; has been in a decline recently
20 Schools focused on raising athletic students along with their esper abilities
21 Dams for water storage; observatory in the mountains.
22 The smallest district in terms of surface area; this district is mainly for developing technology for an underground town in the face of land shortages in major cities
23 Airline companies and aeronautics and space development


As the name implies, Academy City boasts the largest collection of primary, secondary, tertiary educational facilities in a single city. It can be aptly be described as a City of Schools.

Like most Japanese schools, Academy City follows a similar setup, with lessons on English, history, maths, etc. However, some schools such as Tokiwadai Middle School may have somewhat different setup than regular schools.

Similarly, the city follows a similar academic term to that outside of the city. With summer break beginning on the 20th of July up until the 1st of September. Additionally, the city boasts their own sports and cultural festivals similar to the outside, the Daihaseisai and Ichihanaransai respectively with its own unique touch that differentiates it from the outside.

Unique to Academy City is the Power Curriculum Program, a program which through the used of drugs, training and tests allow students to gain Esper powers.

Hard Science

One of the things that makes Academy City special technologically wise is their ability to make ground breaking technology that completely sweeps away "all mystical darkness" with the power of science, in other words, they create machines possessing specs that were completely thought of as impossible before and thus are basically a "myth buster", this speciality of Academy City is known with the term is known as Hard Science.

Academy City mainly uses this as a serial number to their most advanced machinery regardless of "what it is for", which translate in equipment having an Hs within it's serial, such as the HsSSV-01 "motorcycle" power suit or the HsAFH-11 helicopter or the HsF-00 super sonic plane, it should be noted that most of the technology produced by the "Hard Science" has been put into practice for the sake of creating new weapons.

Foreign Relations

Although Academy City is stated as the dominant faction on the Science side, there are still internal conflicts with the science side, not unlike what's happening in the magic side between the various churches. Because of their stance as the most advanced city in the world and having the capability of producing supernatural powers, they are both envied and feared by the factions on both sides. Academy City has remained neutral towards Magic side affairs in the city, allowing magicians to enter the city and not intervene with their business even at the cost of lives, and having other magicians deal with magicians without reporting to the magicians if there are third parties involved.

Academy City is stated to follow international laws against cloning, though with the existence of the Sister Clones it is obvious they are secretly delving into illegal activity banned by international law not just cloning.

Where the city's funds comes from is probably from different countries, even the military, that have high interest in psychic research. Also, the city has other bases of operations outside of Japan such as in Russia and the United States of America, demonstrated when all of the Sister clones left except for 10 and are sent outside Academy City for adjustments.

Security and Military

Domestic concerns


Academy City's technology is thirty years ahead of its time and thus, has accessibility to a more sophisticated array of measures to ensure security across the city. The city limits leading outside are lined with walls, accessible only through entry points which require persons to have permission to enter or leave the premises. For vehicles, infrared seekers and MRI scanners a used to check vehicles. Inside the city, hidden cameras are dotted along many roads and alleyways. The image of safety and trustworthiness is the forefront of Academy City's concerns, but information was strictly monitored and controlled below the surface. Many systems were laid out throughout the city in the name of preventing the approach of any terrorists or spies, be they industrial or working for a nation’s government.

In addition to the ground-level security protocols in Academy City, the satellite Orihime 1 (where the Tree Diagram supercomputer is located) and Hikoboshi II (a camera satellite and also a satellite laser-cannon) gathers detailed pictures of the area and relays it back to Earth.

Human factor

People who want to register to be a denizen of the city, requires information regarding their fingerprints, voiceprints, and retinal patterns. Furthermore, a denizen of the city requires a pass if they wish to leave the city, these are countermeasures against the abduction of the students, by industrial spies and agents. To leave, a student must first write and turn in three written applications, after signing all of them, their blood has to be checked for authenticity of identity using a micro machine, and lastly, students need to have a guarantor to obtain a complete pass, such as parents or guardians. Students going out are later injected with a nanodevice that is a transmitter before allowed out of the city using a Mosquito Needle. People who wants to simply enter the City requires a permit.

The primary peacekeeping forces in Academy City are Judgment (esper based) and Anti-Skill (non-espers); these two groups are composed of trained students and faculty respectively which deal with crimes and conflicts with security. They are authorized to retrieve Information from surveillance equipment within Academy City, to check if there are any crimes occurring, in addition to their constant patrol duties. Academy City also has a fire department as well as MAR (emergency response organization).

Security flaws

Unfortunately, security in Academy City is revealed to have severe flaws in it. Because of the destruction of Orihime 1, live feeds of satellite images are greatly reduced. Magicians can easily enter Academy City and can cause damage despite the presence of Judgment and Anti-Skill units. It has also been revealed that parts of District 10 of Academy City have been completely overrun by its inhabitants, unreachable by technology due to the Skill-Out members destroying the hidden cameras and Security robots throughout the area.

Network Terminal Security Rank

Furthermore, the network terminals of Academy City are ranked, to which only a device or a person with the same rank with the terminal can access information therein. These networks are connected to each other, however, for example, a Rank D terminal cannot access Rank C information.

  • Rank D - Cellphones
  • Rank C - Library and homes
  • Rank B - Teachers
  • Rank A - Research Laboratories
  • Rank S - General Board of Directors

Automatic Alert System

Academy City has an automatic alert system that triggers colored codes depending on the situation.

  • Code Red - Academy City's highest alert status, which indicates that a terrorist have been confirmed to have invaded Academy City. Here, the city blocks traffic flow between the inside and the outside, as well as traffic between the districts are restricted. Checkpoints are also set up on the roads, and Judgment members can request leave to help locate the terrorist and help crowd control and evacuate civilians while Anti-Skill handle the situation.
  • Code Orange - Academy City's second highest alert status, indicating the potential of an incoming terrorist threat on the city. All traffic between the inside and outside of the city is blocked.
  • Code Yellow - Unknown. Presumably, the code is up when the city is under the presumption that attacks can still be possible.

Foreign concerns

Anti-Skill is used as the formal military forces of Academy City. With their advanced technology, Academy City boasts technological superiority over most military of the world, with their several Powered Suits such as the HsPS-15.


(Information has been gathered from the Academy City wikia.)