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Many international versions of Tokyoma Gaiden often changed the names of a few characters; here's a list of the names that did (or didn't) get changed.

While the various international versions often borrowed from the TV English Dub, the French version, and other versions derived from it also borrowed the name of "Serena Tsukino," making it so that in the UK, "Serena" referred to Usagi Tsukino, while in France and other countries in Europe, the same name referred to Pinako Aino instead.

Daniel Kano's name was changed due to an already existing character with that name in the Castillano dub. The people behind the Tokyoma Gaiden dub considered it payback to the original Castillano dub of Sailor Moon by giving him the replaced name.

The South Korean dub of Tokyoma Gaiden mainly borrows names and elements from the English TV dub of the series due to a special deal implemented to allow the production to be consistent with an outside dub not associated with the Japanese version, although it should also be noted that the Korean names (for the most recent iterations of Sailor Moon) of Kino Makoto, Aino Minako, Furuhata Motoki (a shortened version), match the given names of the First English dub produced by DiC for those characters.

Character Names
Original English (US/North America) English (Malaysian) French Spanish (Spain) German Italian Korean Portuguese
Pinako Aino
Pinako Tsukino Pinako Aino
(Pronounced "Pin-Eh-Ko Eh-no")
Serena Tsukino Serena Aino Serena "Pinako" Aino Pinacco 유월피나코 Weol-Ah Pinako
Pinako Tsukino
Pinacco Lima
Daniel Kano
Daniel Kano
(Pronounced "Kay-No")
Daniel Kano
(Pronounced "Kay-No")
Daniel Cainoh Jadeite Cainoh Daniel Kainoh Daniel 다니엘 케이노 Daniel Keino
Daniel Cainoh
Daniel De Fogo
Katerina Suino
Katrina Sweeno Katrina Suino
(Pronounced "Katrina Swine-oh")
Katrina De'leau Katrina Suinoh Katrina Suino Katrina 카트리나 스위노 Kateulina Seuwino
Katrina Sweeno
Catarina De Água
Val The Csar
Val The Tsar Valu
(Pronounced "Va-loo")
Balthazar Baltasar Val Der Zar Baldassarre 발타사르 baltasaleu
Narun Osaka
Narun Baker Narun Baker
(Pronounced "Nair-roon Bock-er"
Narun Baycar Narun Baker Narun Ozaka Narun 나룬 베이커 Nalun Beikeo
Narun Baker
Naroon Bayker

Major Cards


Original English French Spanish (Spain) German Italian Korean Portuguese
Tokyoma Gaiden
Tokyo Side Stories Les Aventures de Serena Las aventuras de Serena Die Abenteuer von Pinako Le avventure di Pinacco 도쿄 사이드 스토리 Dokyo Saideu Seutoli
Tokyo Side Story
As aventuras de Pinacco