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This character is Deceased.

The Traitor, formerly a Japanese man known as Ichigo, was a mad sorcerer of the Mythos and both an adopted son and sworn enemy of Raihosha.


Ichigo and his twin sister Junko were born in the year 1910. Their parents were both killed in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, which led to their eventual adoption by the Magelord Raihosha along with several other orphans.

Raihosha speculates that something that happened to Ichiro during the quake subtly unhinged him. As a young man, Ichigo was undeniably brilliant, and looked likely to surpass even his adoptive father in terms of power and ability, given time. However, Ichigo's yearning for power would overshadow his patience with tragic results.

His studies in magic came to a delicate point in the 1930's, when Ichigo began to suspect his father of deliberately holding him back in his training. In reality, Raihosha was only preparing his son for the next, greater steps in his studies-- lessons that would require nothing short of an unshakeable moral compass-- but without any sign or semblance of progress, and with a teacher who he knew was not teaching him, Ichigo chose to seek instruction elsewhere.

Leaving his father's post in Panama, Ichigo sought out the darkest parts of nearby Ecuador, and there struck a pact with dark, blasphemous powers. There, Ichigo would found a cult called The Young of Shub-Niggurath, and with his loyal followers, he began studying the strength in the darkness.

As Ichigo's teacher, Raihosha took it upon himself to correct the terrible mistakes of his pupil. The Magelord spent several years trekking through jungles in his pursuit of the cult, playing a long and silent game of move and countermove with his errant son. In the end, Raihosha was only able to stop the spread of the dark forces by killing Ichiro in 1939, and suffering Ichiro's Death Curse.

Ichigo died in the heart of the jungles. The Traitor, though, would live on, carrying Ichigo's memories, power, and dark designs in his very essence.

Power and Personality

When quizzed upon his use of an epithet for a name, The Traitor simply responded that he has "left behind" his mortal name, as it was holding him back.

The Traitor was a servant of the Mythos, and one well-versed in its power. His appearances in #suburbansenshi2 have shown him to have distinct sadomasochistic tendancies, and a distinct delight in causing other people psychological trauma-- the younger the subject, the better (see Suu for his favorite target). He has been able to get away with a great deal of this due to his apparent relative immortality; much like a khadi, he simply regenerates or rearranges his physical form to accomodate and mitigate injury or similar damage.

The Traitor was also a powerful sorcerer, backed (albeit unconsciously on their part) by gods and Powers foreign to Earth.


The Traitor had two objectives. The first was to revisit his father, Raihosha, with a slow, agonizing death, along with anyone else whose death would happen to amuse him. The second was to further his power, by spreading his cult and by bringing the Outside closer to the world we know. How he meant to do either of these is yet to be seen--though it may be that The Traitor was simply waiting for the stars to be right.

The Defeat of The Traitor

The Traitor later returned and began building forces again, this time from a base on the moon in the dream world. He and Raihosha spied on each other for some time, and after a direct attack on his mind, Raihosha lead a group into the dream world to the moon and destroyed The Traitor in a battle of Mages.