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Suburban Senshi is the impromptu team name for the inhabitants of Ten'ou House and Aino House residences located within Azabu-Juuban. Initially comprised of the outer senshi after the inners were drawn into the future (see suburban senshi episode 6) plus Jedite and Professor Tomoe. Their numbers have veritably exploded in the years since their unofficial beginnings in 2002, and now number most of the surviving characters from Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon. Over many years, the locale has evolved from two houses (Ten'ou and Aino) to a joined house, through many locations, and is currently on the original lot with the interior of a grand hotel.

Suburban Senshi (the fics and the front page of the site) occurs on Earth 1337.

The Suburban Senshi Chatbox exists in Earth 1337-A and is closely related to Earth 1337.

Sakura Xadium Aino hails from Earth 1337-B.

(for example the Marvel Universe is Earth 616)


How newcomers perceive Ten'ou House (just think "Ten'ou House" Every time they say "Cromartie").

Suburban Senshi Phenomena

This is where we talk in general about the group dynamics.

Cast of Characters

cast of characters goes here in some semblance of a table format