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Noisette Hoshino
Biographical information


Birth Unknown
Family Gallica, Centi, Damask, Moss, and Alba

Senshi of the Windy Planet, Grimm


Royal Guardian, Grimmsei Soldier

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Sacred Ventumilo (Sacred Fan of the Royal Family of Grimm)


Windy Planet Power, Flight


Hoshino Family, Sailor Senshi

First Appearance


Many years ago, the planet Grimm was attacked by the Death Busters and Pharaoh 90. (For reference, please see: Mugen Gakeun - Mistress Labyrinth, one of the Sailor Moon Musicals) The planet was destroyed and most of civilization was killed off. However, although the Queen was killed, the rest of the Royal Family managed to escape. They fled to Earth and sought the help of Sailor Moon's ginzuishou to help restore civilization back on Grimm. Although their wish was granted they have yet to make it back to Grimm, due to unforeseen...problems...

Sailor Grimm awoke from a very long coma, badly battle damaged and surrounded by the ruin of her home. After bandaging herself up, she searched and found evidence that the Royal Family was Off World. She swore to avenge her fallen homeworld while also promising to locate the Royal Family once more. After many years of searching and asking, Sailor Grimm found her way to Earth.

Even though it's been several years since Sailor Moon defeated Pharoah 90, seemingly, the Hoshinos have yet to arrive to their restored planet Grimm after leaving Earth.

The power structure of Grimm royalty and the Hoshino family is an interesting one. Moss, a young girl, was actually the younger sister of the Queen that was killed on the attack on Grimm. Gallica Hoshino, the father of Damask, Centi, and Alba, knew that Moss was the last surviving princess of Grimm and adopted her into his family and took her with them to planet Earth to escape the destruction of their planet. Sailor Grimm, who was a younger, distant cousin to Gallica, was told of the plan as soon as it was clear that the ruling Queen had perished in the fighting that had begun. (Sailor Grimm had done her best to protect the Queen but she was overwhelmed and the Queen was struck down right in front of her, with her powerless to stop them.) Sailor Grimm and Gallica were supposed to meet up again before they left their planet for Earth, but Sailor Grimm was unavoidably distanced from the group and was caught in the final, destructive attack. As the Hoshino's traveled to Earth, Gallica began to disguise himself as his children's mother, going under the name of Barako Hoshino. Eventually, the children grew to accept him as their mother, forgetting their father.

Since Noisette is not related to the royal blood line, she isn't a princess. The role of the senshi of Grimm is randomly born into a person once the previous soldier dies. The royal family would hold a procession to find all the babies that had been born the same day that the previous senshi had died, and would use their magic to find out who the new senshi was. It was a predestined fate that the Senshi of Grimm could never avoid and always had to accept. Generally, being Sailor Grimm is a good thing!


First Name: Noisette

Last Name: Hoshino

Gender: Female

Race/Species: (Humanoid) Grimmian

Info/Description: Grimmians, from the planet Grimm, are endowed with the gift/abilities of flight. Everyone on that planet flies. The body of a Grimmian is light weight and they're generally very well toned and agile.

Age: 28 (looks 23)

Birthday: Jensh 35th, 3047

Alignment: Good

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Tone/Shade: Average peach

Height: 5'11"

Personality: Kind, curious, easy going, loyal, dedicated

Likes: Flying, the royal family of Grimm, speed-related sports, being outside

Dislikes: Confined, enclosed spaces, being in windowless rooms/buildings, snails, turtles, slow moving things, mud, quicksand

Hobby/Hobbies: Racing (via flight), lounging around in the air, letting the rays of the sun soak into her skin

Other Information: Even in Civilian Form, Noisette is generally seen hovering above the ground. ("Why walk when you can fly?") However, realizing that the citizens of Earth don't fly, she had to make due with walking.


Alignment: Good

Home Planet: the village of Hamelyn, the planet Grimm

Racial Advantages: Power of flight! (She happens to be the BEST flyer on her homeplanet)

Transformation Item: The "belt buckle" gem stone thingie that turns into a spiked and pretty broach

Transformation Phrase: "The Legendary power of flight, Grimm Transformation!" Transformation Sequence Description: Noisette unclips the broach from her belt buckle and as she shouts her phrase, she raises it into the air and is bathed in a brilliant flash of light yellow. She floats into the air, and in several flashes of light yellow, gold, and purples, her fuku appears on her and she ends the transformation with a pose, floating a foot off the ground.

Alter Egos: Royal Guardian (that's her title when she's dressed in her formal attire, but she's still a sailor senshi)

Guardian Of: Flight

Abilities: The fastest flyer around, she can turn on a dime while traveling 100 mph. She has a telescopic vision where she's able to change her vision to zoom in on things from miles away. She is also able to amplify her voice, being able to be heard over the loudest of storms, and from miles away.


Attacking Indicator: Her hands (or feet/legs) will glow to indicate that she's going to be attacking. For the most part, her hands will be glowing, so it'll be difficult to figure out which attack she'll be using.

Paralyzing Rings: (Attacking Indicator) Sailor Grimm puts her hands together at the wrist, palms faced outward at her opponent. A long series of glowing rings are speedily shot out at her opponent, homing in on them. As the ring hits the opponent, they're bathed in a flash of purple light and are completely immobilized for about 5 seconds. However, this immobilization will stop the effects of gravity. So even if the opponent is being tossed in an arc into the air, if they're hit with a ring, they'll instantly stop. (Sailor Grimm will generally follow this up various Accelerated Punches or Kicks.)

Accelerated Punches and/or Kicks: (Attacking Indicator) Sailor Grimm will utilize her abilities over flight to accelerate her punches and kicks to break the sound barrier. The speed is so intense that a hit can cause quite a bit of damage. Even if she misses her opponent, the boom from the small sound barrier breaking can disorient them if they're close to it (if it's next to their ears, they might even have their ear drums blown).

Breaking the Sound Barrier: Sailor Grimm will fly up about 6 or 7 feet into the air and fly horizontally towards her opponent. The boom as she breaks the sound barrier would knock her opponent back into the air some distance away, the force of the blow being quite painful. (It's a rather chancey attack. If she doesn't time it right, the boom might be too far away to have any effect on her opponent.)

Capture & Launch: (Attacking Indicator) Sailor Grimm could be moving or stationary, or even using Accelerated Kicks and/or Punches while setting this up. There are two different versions for this, a stationary opponent and a moving opponent. In the 1st second of the attack, two rings appear beneath the opponent, an inner circle with a circumference of 5 feet, and an outer circle with a circumference of 15 feet. The circles fill with a very faint, purpleish hue, so if one isn't looking down at the ground, it might be hard to notice it. The 2nd second of the attack, a thin, stringy glow appears around the perimeter of the circle that's being used (the smaller one for the stationary opponent, and the larger one for the moving opponent). During the 3rd second of the attack, a bright flash of light and energy will blast upwards from the circle (either stationary or moving), which will launch the opponent ~50 feet into the air. In the 4th second of this attack, the opponent will have reached the highest point of the launch into the air (and will start to fall back down during the 5th second). Sailor Grimm will fly up and meet her opponent at the apex/maximum height. There she might use Accelerated Punches and/or Kicks to slam her opponent back down to Earth with a resounding crash. (This is also a chancey attack because Sailor Grimm could guess incorrectly. She might use the Moving circle when the opponent remains stationary (or use the stationary and the opponent moves out of the range of the circle), leaving her open and unguarded for the 3 to 4 seconds it takes to do the attack.)

Dive Bomber: Sailor Grimm will fly up very high in to the air. (If the sun is out she'll use it to her advantage to fly into the sun, so if her opponent was looking at her they'd probably be blinded for a moment.) She'll rush downwards at incredible speeds, breaking the sound barrier high above her opponent and going even faster than terminal velocity. A light yellow and purpleish glow will surround her so much that her bodily form because unable to be seen due to all the energy glowing. She crashes into her opponent, creating a huge explosion due to the speed of the air and the energies she was traveling at. Due to Magical Reasons, Sailor Grimm will be unmaimed or harmed from the attack while her opponent will be very heavily damaged.

Sacred Ventumilo!: Sailor Grimm calls this out as she reaches upwards with one hand, summoning the sacred, holy,magical fan of the Royal Family. She uses this fan to manipulate the air, and air currents, around her as she flies. It's used for more precise attacks and control. Attacking Indicators are not present when she uses this fan. This is the only time she calls out a phrase to assist with an attack.


Anything that can change the viscosity of the air. Things like a really heavy fog or humidity. She's weak against things that bogs her down, like really heavy rains or encasing muds, things like that.


As of Saturday, May 21, 2016 Noisette became the newest member of the world-wide superhero group known as SUPERS Inc. With agreeing to joining, she was given a special communicator that was absorbed into her transformation brooch.

There seems to be an increase in her power level but she has yet to find out how strong she's become.

She now goes by the name of Grimmsei Soldier.


  • Grimmians are immune to poisons and toxins.
  • Grimmians enjoy singing. They would have magnificent concerts among the clouds.
  • Grimmians had bi-annual World Wide Racing Competitions.

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