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"Amare et castigare.("To Love and Punish")"
—The motto of the Sailor Corps.

Established in the earth year 1997, after Sailor Galaxia's purification at the hands of Sailor Moon, the Sailor Corps is composed of Sailor Senshi whose Sailor Crystals had been taken by Galaxia during the Sailor Wars, and whose home planets have been destroyed. With no populations left to protect, these soldiers, organized at a massive space station orbiting Galaxy Cauldron monitor the goings-on in the galaxy and deploy themselves as needed in order to keep the peace. Their soldiers are given the designation "Sailor Guardians".

Occasionally the Corps will recruit Sailor Senshi from other systems as needed. They once tried to recruit Sailor Saturn as they needed Planet-Killing class soldiers. She declined. They were able to recruit Valeria Victrix, however.

A list of random Sailor Corps members can be found here.