Ryoko Nasino

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Ryoko Nasino
Biographical information


Birth January 17, 1983
Family Megumi Chiyuno (best friend)
Physical description

Human (Japanese)



Hair color

Midnight Black

Eye color

Midnight Black




Throwing knives, shurikens, ninjato


Able to hide within the shadows of anything, with only a special youma nicknamed the "Senshi Finder" able to discover her location. She can actually use the shadows to form weapons and attacks, or to even attack the shadows of her opponents to great effect.


Sol System Sailor Senshi

First Appearance

Ryoko Nasino, the Lady of the Shadows, is Sailor Nemesis the ninja senshi. Finding a needle in a haystack is easy compared to trying to find her. Not even Solid Snake could track her, even with all the tools at his disposal. She is the Crown Princess of Nemesis, but has been forced away from the planet multiple times. Her best friend is Megumi Chiyuno, though sometimes their relationship seems to be that of a pet and master.


Born into the Iga Clan

Ryoko was born in Osaka, Japan into the legendary Iga ninja clan. At a very young age though, it was obvious her abilities far outclassed those who were three times her age. She would quietly sneak into the library to get her hands on more techniques and literature to expand her knowledge. Many scrolls were from the infamous Hanzo Hattori of the Japanese Sengoku period. She was able to get away with this more often than not, but her grand master occasionally interrupted her fun.

While she was trained in the Osaka based compound, she would actually be sent to a local school to not only learn the items taught, but also to mingle with people outside the clan. All the training in the world wouldn’t be as good as being able to blend into plain sight. She developed relationships with kids her age, but she never fully let them in. Her actions would make it difficult for her to call them friends.

From Star Pupil to Senshi

At 14, Ryoko’s skills were more polished than the most seasoned ninja. She had learned a variety of weapons, but preferred the speed and precision of throwing daggers. While not great for blocking, she could reach out and kill silently and quickly. If she needed to get up close, the daggers were an extension of her hands and just as deadly.

Ryoko would put her spying abilities to the test by sneaking into her classmates houses and finding compromising information about them. She learned the political structure of her middle school, who the fake individuals were, and those of strong character. Some made the mistake of trying to bully Ryoko, but with her knowledge, she blackmailed them instead. She was gaining a reputation that made her feared. She would not be challenged again, but the notoriety concerned her. Her senseis reminded her that it wasn’t a bad thing at all. Hanzo and Chiyome Mochizuki were both famous ninjas, and still able to accomplish their goals.

It wasn’t long after that though Ryoko would learn her true destiny. Reports of strange monster like activity had shown up in the area of downtown Osaka. Rei’s grandfather was there and it was the time of the rainbow crystals. Endymion had sent minions to keep an eye on him, and those same minions had garnered the attention of the Iga ninjas. Ryoko’s master led a team that included Ryoko herself and six other master ninjas. As such on their way to the target area they saw the youma, and knew immediately that those creatures were dangerous to the public and needed to be stopped.

The eight person ninja team put up a valiant effort and neutralized two of the youma, but the third laid waste to them. Ryoko struggled to get up, when a black stemmed pen with a grey orb and a black crescent moon with the points going down appeared in front of her. Her master looked up and immediately recognized it from a scroll he read, the legendary item. He told Ryoko to grab it and all would become clear. She nodded and picked it up, with an inner voice telling her what to say... and she yelled the words, “Nemesis planet power, MAKE UP!!!” She was bathed in darkness and when it started to clear up, she was on her feet, adorned in a Sailor Fuku, with black skirt and bows with her main bow sported a Smokey grey orb. She was wearing a gold tiara with a black gem in the center. Sailor Nemesis has awakened.