Jillian Vessalius

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Jillian grew up looking to her siblings for support until shortly after her 15th birthday when her oldest brother, Martin, ordered Leon to take her into the Abyss so that Alice could send her forward in time to where their parents had been reincarnated, knowing she'd first find her grandparents and great-grandparents. She first appeared in The Hotel in early February.

Jillian Vessalius
Biographical information


Birth August 20
Family Jack Vessalius (great-grandfather), Glen Baskerville (uncle/head of house), Charlotte Baskerville (great-grandmother), Alasdair (grandfather), Lacie Vessalius (grandmother), Parents (deceased), Siblings (deceased)

home school student



Physical description

Human, Baskerville



Hair color


Eye color





whip, dagger, Leon (chain)


healing, resistant to most poisons


Baskerville clan, Vessalius family

First Appearance



Jillian was born nearly 15 years after her oldest brother, Martin, when her parents were already beginning to face the end of their days. Logan, Jillian's father, was the current Glen but another was to become the new Glen. With each chain transferred, Jillian watched her father grow weaker and her mother's illness and heartbreak grow worse. This caused her to be very insecure and to cling to her parents greatly, not wanting to see them leave her so soon when she barely knew them. By the time she was 10, Jillian was facing the imminent deaths of her parents, and was given a special lion plush from her parents as a gift, telling her to remain strong and to grow up to be a strong and wise young lady they wanted her to become. She was promised that Leon would be her best friend and be by her side always while they couldn't be.

Contracting Leon

Unlike most Baskervilles, who go with Glen into the Abyss to contract with their chain, Jillian formed her contract with Leon while asleep. Having been found with Leon in his full form in her bed, the family came to accept that Jillian and Leon would be an inseparable pair. This also allowed Jillian to fully contract with Leon without the need to go to the Abyss, as most Baskervilles do.

Destruction of Family/New Glen

Watching the new Glen tear the family apart by murdering those with families already, Jillian was forced to suffer as well, the new Glen deciding to punish the family and Jillian for being a child of the previous Glen by touching her inappropriately and treating her like his personal doll. She grew fearful and miserable during this time and finally when she was close to having her innocence completely taken, she cried out for help from her siblings, watching in shock as her eldest brother, Martin, beheaded the other man, only to become Glen himself.



Jillian was given a whip for her thirteenth birthday as a sign of her brother's acceptance of her into the Baskervilles and her need for a weapon to protect herself. She trained hard and began to attack those that had betrayed the family by supporting the Glen after her father, wanting the destruction of the Great Dukedoms. Upon assuring each one was sent to the Abyss, she felt lonely, realizing the only friends she had were her family members, and though she loved them dearly, her heart ached still for her parents, wondering if she'd ever be able to meet them again.


It was upon Jillian's fifteenth birthday that it was decided by Martin to send Jillian through the Abyss to find the time where their parents were reincarnated, assuring she'd find their grandparents first, not realizing that their great-grandparents were also in that time. Martin ordered Leon without Jillian's knowledge to take her through a cave that was connected to the Abyss. Upon arriving at the Vessalius estate outside of Paris, Jillian was asleep, only to awake to face the family she thought deceased.