Charlotte Baskerville

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Charlotte Baskerville
Biographical information


Birth 1700s
Family Jack Vessalius (husband), Glen Baskerville (Head of House), Lacie (daughter), Lily and Vincent, other children (deceased)



Lottie, Pink Lion

Physical description

Human, Baskerville



Hair color


Eye color





Throwing Knives


Healing capabilities, Chain (Leon)


Vessalius and Baskerville families

First Appearance

April 2012

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Brief Description

Charlotte is a young woman, usually inundated with pink, who has been time displaced along with her husband Jack to the current Hotel locale. Her unusual family story is well known to many now, and her two young twins are the highlight of her life.


Pre-War Life

Lottie became a Baskerville around the same time that Glen gained his title, and did not recognize him as her master at first, as she was rather flamboyant and blatantly ran into him in the hallway of the family's mansion, promptly chastising him for not watching where he was going. Upon realizing who she was talking to, she quickly apologized and was on her way.

The first time she met Jack, she was wandering through the Baskerville manor and noticed her beloved master outside. Knowing she would be unable to approach him due to his rather uncaring attitude, Lottie observed from a short distance away before being startled by something behind her. She drew a knife from the sleeve of her dress and turned to attack, finding Jack in his cloak having been approaching from one of the secret entrances he'd been shown in the past.

Over time, Lottie grew irritated that Jack was able to sneak into the house, and caught him off guard one day by shoving him over and sitting on his back, pulling his hair rather roughly and questioning him. It was at this point that Jack revealed that he was Glen's best friend, and that he had been sneaking into the house to visit.

Lottie was present at the infamous Tragedy of Sablier, during which the entire capitol city of their home country, Sablier, was sent to the Abyss as part of Jack's attempts at reviving and restoring his beloved close friend Lacie to life, claiming that since it was impossible for her to come back, he would take the world to her. The Tragedy consisted of two events: the slaughter of everyone present in the capitol building at the time of Glen's discovery of Jack's plans, and the opening of the gate to the Abyss which pulled the city in.

This was their first trip to the Abyss, and Lottie, along with all the inhabitants still unfortunate enough to be alive, spent the better part of the next hundred years wandering the void looking for a way out.

War Between Pandora and the Baskervilles

Pandora Hearts Canon

Lottie emerged ninety-four years later, eventually meeting up with not only her fellow Baskervilles, but Jack (in the form of Oz). The two were enemies during this time, fighting each other (along with their respective allies) over finding Glen and recreating or preventing the Tragedy.

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Post-War Life

Following the events of the canon, Lottie settled back into life as a noblewoman in her now restored house. Things returned to normal, especially for the Baskervilles, who were still, however, slightly ridiculed and shunned. It was then that Jack began to rekindle an old relationship with his best friend, one that only Lottie and a select few others knew about. She began to grow closer to Jack, though spent a lot of time either arguing with him or trying to kill him. Despite this, she harbored unrenounced feelings for him, and sat idly by as he lived his happy life being trained to become the head of his house.

It was soon realized that Jack was going to need a family to continue this house, and it was suggested by Glen that he marry Lottie as she knew of and supported their relationship. Believing her feelings would finally be returned, she agreed, and a public courtship, betrothal, and finally wedding were announced.

To keep the true purpose of Jack's constant visits to her family's estate secret, Lottie, Jack, and Glen came up with the excuse that Jack had been sneaking over to see Lottie. Their relationship was labeled as private until it was publicly announced after rumors and whispers following several public dates that the two were engaged and planning to marry in only two weeks.


In order to keep up appearances, Lottie was trained and practiced in the changes that would follow when she gained the title of Duchess. As she was already from a noble house, it didn't take long for her to catch on, and she was adjusted by the time their wedding fell. The two were married at his estate in early spring.


Though it does not seem to be an issue now, Lottie's Baskerville body always responded strongly and negatively to becoming pregnant. Until now, she lost her ability to heal and use her Chain, something which would have cost her her life on more than one occasion since her arrival in the Hotel. A Baskerville is an ageless human bound to the Abyss, and as such, Lottie's body was not originally meant to bear children. As a result, she would have terrible fainting spells, the first of which would signal the pregnancy to others. She would become feverish and sleep for many hours upon fainting, causing mass hysteria for her family and servants when she carried Lacie. At first, Jack thought she'd fallen deathly ill, something which also was impossible for Baskervilles. After an inspection by Glen, it was finally determined she was pregnant, and Lottie happily announced it with Jack to the high nobles of their country soon after she woke.

In November of that year, Lacie was born and named after Jack's first love, Glen's sister and the reasoning behind all the events which had transpired before his life as a peaceful husband and father began. Little Lacie was a terror, often throwing her toys on the floor, waiting for someone to return them, then waiting for them to leave the room before repeating the process. When someone caught onto her game and ignored her, Lacie would scream at the top of her lungs until she was allowed to continue. She greatly disliked being in quiet areas as well. Though she stayed in the duchess' chambers connected to the ducal chambers (where both her parents slept together instead of separated by tradition), Lacie knew when her parents were settling in for the night and would scream just as the room grew too quiet for her comfort. She quickly grew out of this phase, however, and soon Jack and Lottie were trying for another.

During the winter after Lacie was born, Jack and Lottie often times found themselves stuck in the manor for long periods of time during a terrible bout of winter weather. This led to a second pregnancy, though short lived and tragic for both. After these storms had passed and it appeared spring was finally in the air, Lottie decided she wanted to take advantage to the warmth to go out riding with Jack. She raced ahead in her excitement and, as her body began to recognize and adjust to the new life, she fainted at full gallop, falling from her horse. Her Baskerville blood had not yet been completely halted, however, and in the process of healing her body from the accident, Lottie miscarried the pregnancy as another injury, causing her trauma and depression for several months afterwards.

Once she began to recover, she finally gave in and allowed herself to sleep in the same bed as Jack, feeling lonely after her months of solitude and wanting to be with him again. Toward the end of the summer after her accident, Lottie unknowingly conceived her third child, and didn't find out until she was nearly four months pregnant.

Birthdays and the Fight for Peace

Only half a month before Lacie's first birthday, Lottie grew incredibly sick. Though they hadn't given a thought to the possibility that the night they'd shared together after she started feeling better had resulted in anything after four months, Jack made sure that Lottie discontinued the use of her corsets, since they were heavily restricting to the growth of a child. Sure enough, by the time Lacie's birthday party fell, Lottie was showing, and the happy young family made sure to show her off along with their little girl so that the entirety of the country would understand that, though Lottie was a Baskerville, she cared just as much for her family as any other woman would. She was happily playing with her toddler, and was carrying the child everyone began to hope would be the heir to the Vessalius name and fortune.

Horseback attack

Lottie spent time alone in their home several times a month when Jack would go horseback riding with family friend Gilbert, who was a fellow Baskerville and former servant of the Vessalius household. Soon before Lottie was due to give birth to their son (identified as a boy by Lacie, who was old enough to use her abilities and explain to her parents that the new child would look like Jack), Jack indulged on one of his routine rides while Lottie herself rested.

The young mother received the shock of her life when Jack returned home wounded, shot by an unknown attacker while on his ride along the open countryside. Gilbert carried him home on his own horse, Jack's gone after throwing him and running away spooked. Lottie's terror and subsequent lack of thought to her own health while she cared for Jack soon led to a premature, dangerous labor.


Following a labor during which Lottie was unconscious for health reasons, Glen delivered her son, a tiny boy they named Elliot after an old family friend killed many years prior. The heir to the Vessalius house had been born, and Lottie soon fell into yet another depression in fear that the birth of a son would lead her to become useless in her husband's eyes.

The Twins and the Tragedy

Lacie's training

With her young daughter's energy manipulation capabilities emerging, Lacie asked that Glen teach her to use them, sending the small girl off with him for several hours a day when her studies were complete so she could learn. After a few months of training, Lacie had already mastered all of her lessons but one, which would be the one lesson she needed to master to change her life. The small girl would be required to use her training to save her own life when she fell from the second floor balcony in their home.

Rachel and Leo

Once Lacie was recovered from her devastating injuries, Lottie soon learned she was pregnant again, and Lacie's energy reading abilities identified the pregnancy as a double, twin children.

Loss of a child

Return to Normal Life

Levi and Raymond

Fast forward

Letting go of the children

Nana Lottie and the New Baby


Thea and Leo




What the family knew

what really happened

more to come

Arrival in The Hotel

Lottie's clothing was tattered and worn by the time she emerged from the Abyss, and when she arrived at The Hotel, she was given a set of clothes by an unknown person. These clothes were a more modern version of her usual outfit: a fitted white dress shirt and a short, mid thigh red skirt. Her original Baskerville cloak is still intact, and she can be seen wearing it from time to time, meaning she wishes to be left alone or that she's in search of someone she believes might be worthy of a trip to the Abyss.

Jack spoils her just as much as he did before their time in the Abyss, and Lottie usually spends her days with him or waiting for him in their room. After just over a month since her arrival, Lottie and Jack became aware that, since their ages had been reversed to what they'd been when they originally married, they were expecting a child (later to be revealed as twins).

Lottie meanders about the Hotel from time to time, finding people to talk to while Jack spends the afternoons running errands. She has several friends with whom she frequently gossips , though she does her best to be inclusive to everyone when she's in the Lobby.

She was incredibly excited at the appearance of her daughter Lacie, and spends a lot of time helping her adjust to modern life. The two of them were given cell phones by Matsumi and Sarah, thought Lottie managed to destroy hers and is awaiting a new one.

Second Wedding

Once she was back with her beloved Jack, the couple were so happy that they decided to remarry. As the first marriage was ended by their deaths over a hundred years ago and was an arranged marriage out of interest of continuing Jack's line, they decided that this time, they would marry for love, just as they'd taught their children and grandchildren to do. On Tuesday, July 10th, 2012, they renewed their vows to each other out of love at their family's estate near Paris, France.


Lottie's Wedding Dress

Lottie was recently contacted by Isabella Penoit, the head of Les Chattes Noir theater in Paris, where she currently lives part time with her family while the twins adjust to their new life. As a current citizen of Paris, she was approached to help protect the city from mysterious attacks on Parisians. Lottie accepted her role, and became the benefactor of both the theater and Project D'Artagnan, the Defense Team for France.

New Life and New Family

On October 30th, 2012, Lottie went into labor in the lobby while having a snack with Melanie. After being rushed to Paris by Lacie, Jack, Glen, Melanie, and Matsumi, Lottie delivered her twins Lily and Vincent on October 31st at 12:05 and 12:12 AM respectively.


Through the Pandora Hearts canon and afterwards, Lottie has developed many relationships both friendly and romantically.

Jack Vessalius

Lottie's husband, best friend, love of her life, and the father of her children. Her relationship with him has definitely evolved over time, but despite their differences in the past and the rocky start to their marriage, Jack and Lottie are more in love than ever before and have shown their friends with the birth of twins.

Glen Baskerville

Lottie's master and the head of her house, her Baskerville blood perpetually bends her will to his desire, and she cannot disobey an order from Glen on pain of death. Despite this, they get along well, and it was Glen's thoughtless stammering that led to Jack and Lottie's original marriage.

Matsumi Kaze

One of the first people Lottie encountered upon her arrival at the hotel, Matsumi greatly helped her adjust to life in the hotel by providing her with a cell phone, which she soon destroyed much to Lacie's dismay.

Sarah Christensson

Lottie's closest friend, Sarah is very similar to her as she returned to a time not her own. Sarah helped her figure out how to use her phone, and introduced her to modern 'toys' to help her get used to her new life in the 21st century. Sarah was the maid of honor (matron after her marriage to Carlos) at the wedding. Sarah and Carlos are also the godparents to Lily and Vincent.

more to come


The following is a brief description of each of Jack and Lottie's children

Lacie Vessalius

Elliot Vessalius

Elliot was Jack and Lottie's oldest son, and thus was the heir to the house. At only a year and a half younger than Lacie, Elliot was very close to his sister and the two were best friends through most of their lives.

During his coming of age ceremony, Elliot met Melody Baskerville, a shy new addition to Glen's family who had no idea how a noble was supposed to act. The two fell in love and in their final year of school, Elliot and Melody were engaged and Melody became pregnant with their oldest son Arthur.

Elliot took over the house upon Jack and Lottie's "deaths", raising his own children with Melody as they worked to run the house as well as his parents had. The couple lived happily in the house until they died in the attack on the family, during with Melody was killed by the new Glen and Elliot committed suicide to avoid living without her.

Children: Arthur Vessalius, Daniel Vessalius, Renee Debenheim-Lachlan, Addison and Ellie Vessalius, Vincent Vessalius

Wife: Melody Baskerville

Leo Vessalius

The older of Jack and Lottie's twins, Leo was a vibrant young boy who was best friends with his twin sister Rachel. However, Leo was the family's first tragedy, as the child was brutally murdered by a member of Alasdair's family at the age of three.

Rachel Rainsworth

Leo's twin sister, Rachel grew up close to the son of the Vessalius family's friends, Sharon and Break Rainsworth, named Kevin. The two children were close in age, and, while Kevin had a lot of work to do to win over Rachel's heart when they were old enough to understand the emotions that went along with it, he eventually succeeded, and the two married, making Rachel Kevin's duchess as the head of the Rainsworth family.

Children: Isabel Rainsworth, Arianna Baskerville, Lucien and Marcus Rainsworth, Megan Barma

Husband: Kevin Rainsworth

Levi Vessalius

The trouble maker child, Levi was the rebellious type who would roam around the capitol and wreak havoc. However, he soon found love with a young woman he'd met at school and pursued her, marrying miss Marie Valois and assuming her father's estate when he passed away. Marie decided to take his name, though as heirs to the Valois estate, their children kept the Valois name to allow the line to continue. Levi and Marie escaped with Jacob and his family when the five noble houses were decimated by the new Glen.

Children: Jacob Valois, Elizabeth Valois (married name unknown), Amanda Valois (married name unknown)

Wife: Marie Valois

Raymond Vessalius

Not much is known about Raymond except for his close proximity in age to his brother Levi kept the two in close contact and friendship throughout their lives. Like all the Vessalius children, Raymond was taught sorcery by his sister Lacie, who had actually come to find of her first pregnancy during one of their lessons when her basic healing spell backfired on Alasdair.

Children: Unknown

Wife: Unknown


Jack and Lottie's youngest child from their time, Caterina was born while their daughter Rachel was pregnant with her first child, making Caterina nearly 25 years younger than Lacie, who helped her parents raise her. She was an unplanned child, surprising the family when Lottie realized her body would never stop being able to bear children. Caterina was 18 when Jack and Lottie died, and named the child she was pregnant with at the time Charlotte after her mother.

Children: Charlotte, Risa, Cameron

Husband: Kieran

Note: Family name currently unknown

Lily Vessalius

One of Jack and Lottie's two youngest children. Born on October 31st, 2012, Lily looks just like her mother.

Vincent Vessalius

One of Jack and Lottie's two youngest children. He was born October 31st, 2012, and looks just like Jack.