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"Roughly 60% of the population are Samurai. The remaining 40% are Ninja. All Japanese civilians have some experience in Kendo or Judo, and many have mystical powers or overpowered intellects, and half of them are tsundere. 2 out of 10 people you meet on the street will be an alien or demigod." --An exaggerated description of the world of Suburban Senshi... but not by much.

So what is all this, really?

Suburban Senshi started as a parody of Sailor Moon focusing on the foibles of "side" characters like the Outer Senshi, Jedite, and Professor Tomoe, focusing on the sillier aspects of their behavior and taking character quirks up to 11.

If you want to see how crazy it can get, you can read some of the original Suburban Senshi fics here. Over the years there have been twists and turns, and more friends from more series, and original characters made by players have come in, and it's become a rich, complicated--and sometimes intimidating for new visitors--universe.

The long and short of it is this:

This is primarily a slice of life RP with various plot arcs at times, most created by users themselves. Slice of life generally happens in the #suburhansenshi2 chat, and plot-related activity happens in #suburbansenshi3 and #suburbansenshi4 chats, though there can be overlap. The goal is not to "win" anything, but to tell good stories, play games and have fun / relax / get some wish fulfillment with friends in a fictional setting.

The primary setting is the Sailor Moon universe, a inside a structure called The HOTEL which sits inside a house owned (ostensibly) by Ten'ou Haruka. It's been enhanced with alien technology so it's bigger on the inside than the outside. It gets visitors from all kinds of other series, like Disgea and Dragonball, and Star Wars. etc. There are kaiju, and Ultramen, Marvel and DC heroes, lots of other Species and explosions and drama! The world differs from our own in that with all these antics going on, things are more out in the open and various good-guy organizations are helping to rebuild damage really quickly with advanced superpowers and tech.

From an RP perspective, to help keep everything straight, we have Canon Keepers--players who are very well-versed in certain series and "set the rules" for how those series interact with the other series in the Box (the RP Chatbox) so that there's some kind of order. (So for example, if Superman and Goku fight, who wins? The DC and Dragonball canon-keepers would work that out if it came to an argument--with the caveat the Suburban Senshi canon can ultimately override. We try to just go by the rule of "funny" or "what's best for the story" but they keep things straight.)

Generally, we try to be super flexible, but there are some guidelines.

Players will first want to lurk on the RP site for a bit to see how play goes, see if their cup of tea, and maybe talk to the players out of character in our sidebar chat. They should also read up on our Chatbox New User Guide, Community Conduct Standards, Chatbox Rules, and browse this wiki and timeline to get a sense of how the world is set up.

Then when they feel comfortable, they can register a character. If their character comes from a series that is already managed by someone, they should know there may be a certain "take" on that series that they need to know about. Once they register their character, they can join the box (basic operation commands are in our Chatbox Help guide.

As time goes on, they may want to ask for post permissions to the Wiki, where they can put in a detailed character biography and other information if they want.

The forums, sidebar, and Discord are good places to ask for advice and help as well.