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NB: Please read the Chatbox New User Guide first before reading this. Thanks!

Revised February 10, 2016

By the ops and users of the #suburbansenshi channels

[08:03] * C'est_la_V notes idly this channel is now EXACTLY like IRC.
[08:04] <C'est_la_V> What with the backbiting, the personal attacks, the yelling and screaming and punishing...
[08:05] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> So it's like Zed's basement from Pulp Fiction.
[08:05] <C'est_la_V> Hai...
[08:05] <Shinji Ikari> Without the gimp and anal rape?
[08:05] <Furu> ....What IRC channels do YOU guys hang out in?

The Rule
of Funny

This site is called Suburban Senshi for a reason. No matter what canon you have, you are playing it as a subset of Suburban Senshi canon, where any and all threats can be nullified at whim, usually comedically. We aim for laughs, and play for laughs. While we'll do our best to respect the gravity of your plot, we reserve the right to inject levity in the proceedings when things get too grimdark. If we wanted to play the grim, hopeless future of mankind, we'd be playing Warhammer 40k. Understand what you're getting into, and if it's not for you, that's okay! There's lots of other RP outlets on the internet that you can try. We know what we have here is not for everyone, and it may be a little teahouse happy fun pretendy time, but we believe in an optimistic world of heroes and hope and fun, and that's the vision we're going to hew to.

With that being said, please note: We're all just here to goof off. Chatting and roleplaying isn't a job, and shouldn't be treated as one.


A. No Rape. This is not a hardcore roleplay. Bill Cosby's bullshit is not allowed here. Rape is a serious thing and has no place here. It is forbidden. Even if it's consensual between characters. If it has to be in your backstory it's in your backstory but it will not be played out in box or even referred to as happening BTS (e.g. no " * Bill Cosby is away: Spiking her drink and taking her back to her room for the ride of her life".) What you CAN do if you need your character to undergo this for narrative purposes is to basically come back later and indicate something happened to them. But that thing must not take place in any of the boxes here.

B. No Hardcore realistic Drug Dealing - Cheech-and-Chong style light humour about toking up or cracks about snorting blow off the backs of hookers Archer style are fine; drugging kids to watch them get addicted and die is not. Playing cops who are BUSTING drug dealers and maybe talking about the horrors they've seen is okay, but bear in mind we are in a light environment, this isn't a D.A.R.E. Special.

C. No Godmoding - Godmoding means performing an action against another character not your own and assuming the outcome without giving that character a chance to defend, e.g. "* Mr. Jackass breaks Paisley's arm." Give the character a chance to avoid the harm by phrasing things as "tries to" or "attempts to." For instance, "* Mr. Jackass tries to break Paisley's arm" at least gives her a chance to worm out of it or otherwise say no. Godmoding moves are reserved for admins or OPs ACTING IN THEIR CAPACITY as OPs to maintain order / protect other characters / protect the setting from unreasonable destruction (i.e. not destruction that is the consequence of a sanctioned event.) If you are godmoded by another character and object to it, you have the right to "no sell" the action, i.e. to ignore it and just do what you were doing, and brush it off as you see fit.

Godmoding also includes making decisions involving other characters that aren't yours, for example just deciding to field a character who is the surprise child of Xadium and Queen Beryl without consulting their players.

D. No Excessive No-Selling in Box - If someone is Godmoding you and you've tried to brush them off once or twice with a no-sell, stop the in-box interaction altogether and tell the player in OOC to ((take it out of the box)) and get it settled, either in sidebar, chatango, the forums, or elsewhere. Trying to clear it up in box just creates more anger and ruins play for everyone else.

E. No Metagaming - If two characters are playing a private action (i.e. a scene by themselves that other characters logically should not be able to see) and information is imparted there that can tip the balance of a game or plot in play, you cannot just use that information to give yourself an edge in the game, since it was never imparted to your char in the game itself. Doing that is cheating. That being said, players should do their best to label private actions as such in order to forestall objections that someone else's scryer character or spybot could have seen it.

In universe it's explained that between Chateaux and Torchwood everything gets logged. So in theory a private action could be caught on a log, but at the same time we don't want to break a game by just saying "hey I searched the logs". In this case you want to wait till the plot runner is around to do a log searching action or ask them OOC if it would be okay for your char to find this information and run with their answer.

F. No Blatantly Unfair Scenarios - If you're setting up a challenge for characters, (such as a sick NPC who has a mysterious disease that needs curing) you MUST provide a path to the solution that is discoverable with reasonable effort, either by clues in the context of the scene, narrative help or via a helper character. If your character's disease is rooted in some obscure DnD rule that no one knows or could reasonably guess, then it's an unfair scenario.

That being said, obviously there are times, for plot reasons, when players cannot be allowed to win, or should not win at a certain juncture because it breaks the game. At these times, the plot-runner has to remember they have a duty to entertain. If you must lead the players on a wild goose chase, at least do your best to make them feel empowered, like they have a *chance* of solving the issue, by giving them some small victory (like another piece of info useful later) or leading them on a fun quest that nets an item. If players feel good about playing, they won't mind not winning. If it has to be an absolute "Squash", where the baddie wins unequivocally, squash quickly and exit the scene. Don't linger and taunt and taunt until people get frustrated.

G. No Forcing people into your plot - No one is required to participate in anyone else's plot, and may ignore them as they like. Don't force anyone into something. For example, Gemini is watching the TV and you change it to a report about flesh-eating termites to further your plot. She changes it back to Mr. Ed and then you change it back to the report and state the channel can't be changed.

H. "Don't Start none, there won't be None" - No Being personally abusive to other players /OPs - Just because you don't break a gameplay rule doesn't mean you have free reign to be insulting or rude to OPs or your fellow players on a personal level. (And we reserve the right to give it right back to you if you start something).

(It puts the lotion on its skin)

If you break one of the rules, you will be /warned by an OP. Each warning lasts six months. Three warnings and we will remove one of your characters from play for keeps or until we feel you've earned it back, our choice. If you run out of characters due to not bloody well learning your lesson, you will be OOC only and forbidden from RPing utterly.


If you disagree with a punishment handed down you can appeal a vote will be taken amongst the OPs -- the one who handed down the punishment will be forbidden from voting-- and the majority decision shall stand.

"People on internet forums always seem to be labouring under the misconception that there are rules for them to find loopholes in. There aren't. If you annoy the people who run the forum, they deal with you, and your cries of "noooo, oppression!" are like music to their ears. Funky music, on a porn soundtrack, with women panting "yes, yes!" in the background."

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