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There are a great many species appear in The Hotel and the surrounding areas, as well as many variations of Human and Human+. The various species, as well as how often they may be encountered are to be listed here. For sentient species only, no pets please. Many have their own pages with more detailed information.

Also check out Types of Beings in the Sub Sen universe for a more generalized list of beings, ordered via power structure.


A superior, technologically advanced race of telepathic creatures similar to a mixture of a deer, centaur, human, and scorpion. Their fur ranges from blue to purple, the have a deer-like body with the upper body on top similar to that of a human's. They have seven fingers on each weak hand, no mouth, three vertical slits in their face for a nose, and two sets of eyes, one pair of almond-shaped eyes on their face like a human, and the other pair on top of two stalks on top of their head. At the end of their deer-like body is a long, muscular and agile curve tail, the end of which sits a deadly, glaive-like blade.


Warriors of peace, justice and many things good, they're a rare sight. Masters of holy power, to receive a blessing from one is a sure sign of greatness. Be warned--they can come in various forms, several of which can be frightening to behold, and not all of them have your best interest at heart.



Horrifying wolfen fiends and shape-shifters who wander the worlds to feed upon souls.


This species evolved from men who wanted to "upgrade" themselves into immortality, and require others to "upgrade" as well. Run before you're deleted!

Demon Species

To say that "there are more species of demons than you can shake a stick at" is putting it lightly. There are tons of species, generally deriving from their place of origin. Start hoping you don't piss them off, lest you get eaten, killed, or what-have-you.


A collective name for Succubi and Incubi, these demons are largely known for having sexual relations with Humans and feeding from the energy produced during such activity.

Fallen Angel

As the name plainly states, these are former angels who, for one reason or another, are now a type of demon. Most are still capable of utilizing holy power, albeit not to the extent that they once held as angels.


A warrior race protected with uber-tech and engineered to be emotion and happiness-free, they are one of the most feared species in the universe. Run for the hills if you haven't been exterminated yet.


There is 1 Denobulan (Tamili) currently living on Earth, and she currently resides in The Hotel.



The chromatic dragons are black, blue, green, red, and white; they are all evil and extremely fierce.


The metallic dragons are brass, bronze, copper, gold, and silver; they are all good, usually noble, and highly respected by the wise.


The Hotel was host to a Pernese dragon for the better part of a year before she and her rider returned home. This canon is not open to new characters.

Dragon Incarnation

Exceptionally powerful beings/concepts that have been around the duration of multiple universes, and often are immune to certain categories of attack.


Former Race that once inhabited The World of Ea. Eanites were pale skinned humanoids with long pointed ears, eyes with the various red and yellow colors of fire, and hair colors reflecting various greens and blues of Earth's oceans. The race was destroyed along with their planet. Tohtah Rhea is the only known survivor.


There are many types of elves which visit The Hotel. Hopefully their players will add information here.

Azerothian Elves

None of these kinds of elves have visited the hotel... yet. Their inclusion is purely for encyclopedic purposes. It should be noted all Azerothian elves have long eyebrows that extend past either side of their head.

Night Elves

Known as "kaldorei" (Children of the stars) in their own language. They are the original elves though they actually evolved from Trolls and have similar, sideways pointing, long ears. They have purple or blue skin and hair of shades of green, blue, purple or white. They tend to be taller and more muscular then your standard elf, while the men often have large beards. They are Nocturnal and have a druidic culture that reveres nature and their Moon Goddess Elune, and until recently had a ban on arcane magics. This was caused by the fall out of a civil war 10,000 years ago, brought about by their magic using noble cast, the Highborne, lead by the Night Elvin Queen Azjara, summoned the Burning Legion to Azeroth. The Highborne were defeated but the fallout from the war led to the Super-continent of Kalimdor being sundered into 4 major landmasses and many islands. A handful of Highborne managed to survive in exile until present day, whereupon shortly after the cataclsym, they rejoined the Night Elvin society due to changing view on magic brought about by the Night Elves' allies. Until recently, they were immortal, in the sense they did not age, which was lost in the finale of the Third War when their World Tree, Nordrassil It is unknown their current lifespan though formerly immortal elves can be thousands of years old. (Many elves including their leaders were born 10,000 years ago.) Currently, they are a race of refugees, as their home, the world tree Teldrassil, was destroyed during the early stages of the Fourth War. They speak Darnassian.

Nightborne, Nightfallen, Withered, Faldorai, Felborne

When the world was sundered 10,000 years ago, a group of Highborne choose to hide themselves away in a magical shield in the city of Suramar, instead of joining with their resistance allies. This shield stood for 10,000 years. During this time, food in the city inevitably ran low, causing the elves to turn to their source of magic, the Nightwell, for sustenance. This slowly changed them into the Shal'dori, or Nightborne and became physically dependent on Arcwine produced by the Nightwell. Compared to night elves they are are much thinner and have exclusively dark purple skin with white hair. Sadly their current leadership has agreed to side with the same Burning Legion they opposed before the shield and those that disagree are cast from the city, and cut off from the Arcwine, turning them into Nightfallen. Nightfallen look like haggard Nightborne and are characterized an unending hunger for Mana. While this state is reversible, a continued lack of mana will turn them into withered, mindless husks that act on instinct, hunting down mana and flesh animals or people to try and sate their hunger. During the Nightfallen stage, a Nightborne's skin will start turning grey and their features become ragged. Consuming the fruit of the Arcendor, combining ancient druidic magics with the raw arcane lay-line energies, will permanently remove the dependence on arcwine from a Nightborne, return a Nightfallen to normal and prevent further withering. A withered however cannot be saved as far as is known. Faldorai are a race of half-spider, Half-Nightborne creatures created from the energies of a failed Arcendor. Conversely, Fel magic can be used instead, transforming the Nightborne into a felborne, giving them a green tint to their skin, and glowing green eyes. All known felborne are members of the Burning Legion and are largely presumed dead with the legion's defeat. Following said the defeat, the Nightborne have opted to join Horde, due to their similar history with the Blood Elves, and general mistrust from their Night Elf cousins. Unlike their Blood Elvin cousins who desperately sought to restore the Sunwell after it's destruction by the Scourge, the Nightborne opted to destroy the Nightwell and ween their people off the need for magic using Arcendor fruit.

High Elves

AKA The Quel'Dori in their own (High elf in their language, Thalassian, Children of Noble Birth in Darnassian ). An offshoot of the Night Elves. They came about when the magic using noble class, the Highborne, was banished after losing a civil war. They went across the sea and founded a new Kingdom, Quel'thelas and created the Sunwell, a source of magical energy that had the side effect of changing them into high elves. They can have a variety of eye colors but blue is most common. They pretty much resemble your normal elf. Sadly 90% of the species was killed by the undead scourge about a decade or so ago, and of the remaining 10%, only 10% of that number (IE 1% of the original amount) are still High Elves, the rest becoming Blood Elves.

Blood Elves

An offshoot of the High Elves (noticing a trend here?). Called the Sin'dori (literally "Blood Elves"). Originally just the High Elf people with a new name to remember the fallen in the war with the scourge, they became a different race after being tainted by fel magic. They resemble High elves but with darker skin tones, almost always green (due to the fel taint) or gold (Due to Light energies from the Sunwell), and possibly Black or red hair. They inherited the kingdom of Quel'thalas. They have a known magic addiction they must keep in check and disagree with remaining high elves on philosophical grounds. Originally they turned to draining arcane and fel magic to sate this addiction, after the war in Outland, their beloved Sunwell was reignited, allowing them to passively absorb it's new mix of Arcane and Light based magic from anywhere on Azeroth. Blood Elves make up 9% of the original high Elven population (before their near extermination).

Wretched And Felblood Elves

Wreched are Blood or High elves that have fallen to their addiction to magic. Their bodies are withered and gaunt, and look much like the elf version of a drug addict (and act like it). Felblood Elves are Blood Elves that have drunk deep of fel magics and become demons themselves, with red or black skin, small bat wings, tiny horns and red or green eyes.

Void Elves

Also known as Ren'Dori, Void elves are an offshoot of the Blood Elves. Tainted by the corruptive energies of Void Magic, these former Blood Elves have banded together under the leadership of the prodigal Alleira Windrunner and returned to the Alliance. Much like the change from High to Blood, the change in race is marked by a physical change; their skin becomeing a shade of grey, their hair becomeing black or purple, and sprouting tendrils from within their hair.

Satyrs, Naga, Harpies, Keepers of the Grove and Dryads

Off shoots of the Night Elves under various conditions. Nagas a race of snake people that no longer resemble elves. They are followers of former night elf queen Azjara, who along with her court, were lost under the sea when the supercontinant exploded thousands of years ago during the night elf civil war. The origins of Harpies are disputed, be it followers of a night elven bird god, women cursed by the former queen, or not actually being related to night elves, despite looking like a mix of a female night elf and a bird. Satyr are Night elves that have become demons via pacts with the Burning Legion. They resemble traditional Satyrs with the upper body of a night elf. All known satyr appear male, complete with male chests and beards even though in one recorded case the original elf was a woman. Keepers of the Grove, and their female counterparts, Dryads, are not actually elves, though at a glance they appear to be night elves with the body of a deer or stag from the waist down (giving them a frame akin to the well known Centaur. keepers also have antlers, and on occasion root like arms). They're actually descended from the Night Elven demi-god Cenarius who takes a similar form. He is said to be the child of Elune and a stag, Malone. Crystalline Dryads and Frost Dryads, suited for colder climates but less resembling elves, are also known to exist.

Banshees, Spectres, Undead Elves, Elvish Ghosts, and Darkfallen

Various types of undead Elf Not actually a sub-species but listed for completeness. Banshees are the ghosts of Night Elven women. Their wails are periceing and they can possess the living. A species of similar but male elven ghosts have been found in the Broken Isles called Spectres. Undead elves are just that, elves that are undead, They tend to look like the rotting corpses of an elf. The Banshee Queen, Slyvanas Windrunner, is a undead high elf with the ablties of a banshee due to being raised as the latter before recovering her body. Undead Elves are the only race to become Dark Rangers, as members of the Forsaken (with a single undead human exception). Night and Void Elf Death Knights can be found in the Alliance while Blood Elf and Nightborne Death Knights can be found in the Horde. Elf ghosts are just that, elf ghosts. Darkfallen are a unique type of Undead Blood elf that feed on blood, akin to vampire. Aside from two, all known members were male, and had black skin and white hair, due to decay. Their ears resembled the wings of bats and they had white eyes. Their Queen and her daughter had blue skin and large wings. They are also known as vampyr.

Demon Hunters

Not actually a sub-race, they are Night or Blood Elves that have become tainted with demonic energies to "Fight fire with fire" and as such growing horns and having spiked or rocky skin, in addition to ritually removing their eyes in favor of demonic vision and inscribing their bodies with fel tattoos.

Dark Elves

Also known as the Drow, these malevolent beings have jet-black skin, white hair, and are total social Darwinists who are unapologetically wicked (however, exceptions exist).



Fae and Fairies

Old Fae

While a few of these powerful creatures have appeared in The Hotel, only one (Amia) could be considered a regular. See Courts of the Old Fae for more species info. Apply to the canon keeper if you'd like to play one.


Mythological creatures of Japanese folklore, though considered a type of demon, they're far more analogous to the Fae. Some of the visitors from Gensokyo are Youkai.


Very large, humanoid, reptilian-like creatures. Though they appear deadly, seeing as there are blades on their elbows, knees, ankles, wrists, and even on their head, in actuality, they are a very peaceful and herbivorous species.


Your basic, everyday Human. Plenty of them around on Earth, and spread out in space in the future.


Any type of Human base variant with strange powers, such as Human Sailor Senshi, Humans with magic (Wizarding world), etc. Also quite plentiful.

Ice Warriors

This Martian species is an ancient one, and has now become a wandering species since having to leave their home. Sskt is a member of this species.


Native to the planet Xcheamo in the Delta Quadrant, some have nevertheless settled on Earth for the time being, and 1 lives in Tokyo (Sano Edar), while 9 live in in The Hotel (Uffago, Nima, Eiry, Alta, Vilya, Miroslav, Tien, Miara, and Tally). There are also Lupa who visit on occasion. They have two forms. Please see their extensive species pages for more information. Anyone may bring in a new Lupa character, but do contact the canon keeper to see if your character should/would know any of the existing Lupa Characters.


Kanorians were the predominate race on the planet Guardia Prime. They formed a galactic republic within the vicinity of their star, similar to that of the United Federation of Planets.


Fox-people with magical powers. The more fox-tails they have, they more powerful they are. Several of them, or their half children, are Hotel regulars.


Creatures of two forms, one humanoid, one feline.


This species was created by Raihosha and Aescapulus of mongoose, tiger, and human DNA, and there are now a few dozen of this large, fuzzy, cuddly species around. Be prepared for hugs and cuddles. Please apply with the canon keeper it you'd like to play one.


A cat-like species, they eat metal to reinforce their skeletal structure. Driven by trade opportunities.




Former species that once inhabited Quinox. While there are a number of reborn Quinoxians living in the Hotel, there are only three known full blooded Quinoxians in existence: Freya, Matsuo Shin, and Tika Obake.


An species from India with incredibly large ears, white or black fur, and eight fingers or toes on each hand or foot. More information is available here. Mist prevents most mortals from seeing them as they are except in the Alien districts, so if your character is more of a Mundie, do keep that in mind.


Former Race that once inhabited Saturn and her many satellites. There are several reborn Saturnians that frequent the Hotel, but on record, only Sean Collins and Orion Felinus are pure blooded Saturnians.


The species of people who lived on the Moon before its destruction. The O`Cain family is a known group of survivors.


A race of humanoid beings with bat-like wings, the Tanar'ri are renowned for their lewd, lustful behavior and strong magical powers. They're also the creators of a powerful galaxy-spanning information network comprised of both willing and unknowing observers, agents, cats-paws, and AI programs that collect and compile data of all kinds, sometimes for sale to the highest bidder, sometimes to gain a strategic advantage. Tanar'ri are devious and cunning, driven to maintain an upper hand in a universe that has largely sought to keep them at the brink of extinction. Currently, the Tanar'ri are universally infected with a bio-engineered disease called "Isha's Eternal Lament" that prevents the vast majority of them from successfully procreating, keeping their overall population low.

Morrigan Aensland is a member of the Tanar'ri species.

Time Lords

From Gallifrey, several of these masters of time are involved in life and politics at The Hotel. Chat, the resident concierge, is an AI they set up to run it. They are the top tier of time people around the Hotel, no matter where else your time person is from.

Tiny Sand People

These tiny people are sometimes seen navigating around in a small floating ship, and measure about 1" tall. Please visit their embassy on the 12th floor.

Tree Spirits


A Hamadryad inhabits the Androzani bonsai tree in the main lobby of The Hotel, and fits into the New Greek Paradigm.


A Japanese species rather like a dryad.


An extremely advanced species from M78 who take it upon themselves to protect the Earth from Kaiju and other massive monsters. A few of them have been known to visit or hang out at the Hotel. In addition to their natural Ultraman form, most who come to Earth take a Human disguise. They also have the ability to change their size from microscopic to skyscraper.


Mercenary fur-covered scorpion-men from outer space who often fight on behalf of more technologically advanced races. Being the size of a Volvo, they are fearsome in combat.


A parasitic species that looks like a large grey slug one would find on Earth. In their normal state, they are blind, deaf, and mute, though they are able to use a type of sonar as they swim in Yeerk pools. They are capable of enslaving and taking over a host body through its ear canal.


The original species of Earth, many were uplifted by the Moon Kingdom into the species of Humanity as we know them today. However, many did not undergo the uplifting, sticking to their roots. A majority were under the thumb of Queen Beryl during her assault on the Moon Kingdom. Legend has it that 12 Youma that underwent the Uplift got their Taint of Chaos erased from them.