The Netherworld

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The Netherworld
General Information



At least one


Various Demons including Prinnies

Places of Interest

Overlord's Castle


Ruled by Overlord Laharal

Sailor Senshi



Neatherworldish, Common (English/Japanese)

A world where everything fell into ruin.... That's the Netherworld. Or that's what it seems like to humans or angels, but it's actually a very interesting place where many fun things happen. It is Etna's homeworld. It is home to a large number of demons. The Netherworld is mostly volcanic or frozen, although it does have a few forests and towns. Barren areas also exist.

Overview of Netherworlds

Netherworlds are planets ruled by demons, with the most powerful demon being the Overlord. Netherworlds are known for being dark places where evil deeds such as murder, excessive violence, wanton destruction, theft, and other things that are considered crimes by humans and angels are considered daily activities. Demons run amuck throughout these worlds, basically doing whatever the heck they want. Just as there are many different planets, there are many different netherworlds, as well. Powerful demons are also known for conquering human worlds and turning them into netherworlds.

Sea of Gehenna

The Sea of Gehnna is known for it's pudding and crab brain from The Flamin' Crab. Below is an expert from Netherworld Travel.

Summer? Winter?
Who care?!
Always Scorchin'!
Sea of Gehenna Special!

  • Bubbling Lava
  • Treacherous Lands
  • Diabolical Monsters

These features alone attract thousands!
That's the Sea of Gehenna!
This tourist spot found only in the Netherworld attracts many ignorant travelers from all over the world.

Ms. F (Age 1509) , who recently moved to the Netherworld is quoted as saying "This is THE PLACE TO GO. I highly Recommend it <3"

But Wait, there's more!
You'll find local specialty foods, too!

Like pudding even Demon Lords would die for, and Lava Mabo Tofu even a fiery chef approves of...

It's all worth trying out when you visit the sea of Gehenna!

Sea of Gehenna Pudding

Tasty treat made with milk and sugar. There's a layer of caramel sauce at its base. Nice touch,
if you're into presentation.

The Limited Pudding from The Sea of Gehenna is very popular in the Netherworld.
About 10,000 units are sold each day.

It's Etna's favorite as well, naturally

A special version of the pudding is being produced, limited to 100 units per day. Etna visited the shopping channel every morning to purchase that pudding, but she always slept in a little too late.
However, she was finally able to order one one day after setting her alarm.
She also offered one HL to the Prinny that managed to wake her up.
Every Prinny failed.

The story of what happened after it arrived is heavily debated.

Crab Brain

If you remove the shell from a steam crab, you'll find this pasty, miso-like thing.

The Flamin' Crab from the sea of Gehenna is known for it's crab brain, like the pudding.
The red, pasty thing is supposed to go very well with rice and Fish Cakes.
Flonne Yells out this dish's name quite often.

It's a crab's innards!

The Red Moon

Sometimes The Netherworld's moon will turn red. During this time, Prinnies are able to re-incarnate into something better.

Noteable Residents

  • Overlord Laharal
  • Fallen Angel Flonne
  • Beauty Queen Etna
  • Vyers, The Dark Adonis Mid Boss


  • While there are multiple netherworld, this one has only been referred to as The Netherworld.
  • It was previously ruled by Laharal's father, King Krichevskoy, until he choked on a Black Pretzel (Or was it a dark manju?) and died. Weakling.
  • Some believe that there was originally only one netherworld, possibly The Netherworld, at the beginning and other worlds were turned into ones later.
  • Other netherworlds include Veldime, Nether Institute Evil Academy, and other currently unnamed ones.
  • Most netherworlds share the same currency called Hell (Or HL). They are worth one US cent. A few Idioms about HL are as follows:
    • Everything is Hell
    • 1 HL saved is 1 HL stolen
    • 1 HL causes Prinny to laugh or cry.
    • 1 HL is just a projectile to Overlord Laharal.