The Eightfold Empire: Death of A Dream

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The EightFold Empire. The apparent successor state to the Silver Millennium. What had no doubt been a dream in the making for those who had survived the Fall so long ago and in many ways the true evolution of the former states which had existed long ago within the Moon Kingdom. If this was the case, though, then why did it fall? How could such a shining example of true potential be left as nothing more then so much dust and broken ruins once more?

Dreams of Glory and Wonder

There are always those who may have some manner of foresight in terms of disaster and there were those within the Silver Millennium who were the same. This group, for whom we shall call The Survivalists, prepared for themselves a plan in case the worse was to happen. Relying on arcane magics and technology, this group was able to survive the Silence, hidden away in pocket reality cloaked from all forms of detection. Thus protected, these populations, masked across several planets was able to survive and thrive and as time passed on, they transformed like all beings, ascending to new forms and structures, leaving behind only a single way to awaken themselves. Thus they waited until they were ready to awaken, ready to one more join with the common universe.

In time, when this occasion occurred, they released to themselves a few of their people, taking possession of the reborn bodies of the princess of the Silver Millennium and through them were able to communicate with those in the rest of the universe. In this way did the EightFold Empire make itself known and began it's short glorious existence within the Solar System.

Due to the passing of time and perhaps some manner of their own making, each planet evolved in a manner which fit their original elements and talents. Venus became a world of beings of pure light, their golden cities becoming a rich source of income for the empire. The Martians became beings of flame and war and so on and so forth. In many ways, the Eight-Fold Empire was simply a natural continuation of the roles which the planets became during the Silver Millennium.

In many ways, the EightFold Empire was a truly glorious thing, perhaps one of the most glorious empires to ever exist in the history of The Sol System. Perhaps, thus, it was due to this that it was doomed to failure in the end.

The Human Factor

It is telling that even at it's most "divine", the Silver Millennium's kingdoms still had very much a human side to them. Though distant and sometimes not fully knowable, the rulers of these worlds were still recognizable as something that their subjects could see themselves within.

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