Gaetano Rejane

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Gaetano Réjane
Biographical information

xcheamo, Earth

Birth February 9, 1899
Family Gretta (wife), Pierre (son), Inura (daughter), grandchildren, great granddaughter Hannah

retired Speaker

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color








First Appearance

March 2012

Gaetano is an old man with wavy gray hair, appearing to be in his 80s. He is a tad slow, but does not yet have the usual types of health problems associated with old age. In fur, his fur is white with dark brown undertones.

Gaetano is quite aware of the Lupa in Tokyo, and spoke with Miara Mitsuki during the Japanese crisis in April 2011. When she made the global invitation for the astral seminar, he figured he has nothing much else to do that will be as interesting, and is curious to see what will happen. Given his age, experience, and self knowledge, Miara okay'd his participation rather quickly. He stays in the rustic room.

Character and Personality

Gaetano has achieved a calm, solid presence in his old age, but his mate has put up with a lot of hot-headed crap waiting for this to happen. Nowadays, he is much more laid back, and still enjoys interacting with other people. He’s not that scared of death, and his hobbies include making very crappy finger paintings. He is becoming somewhat infirm, although his mind and astral are sharp as ever, and he now has experience and age to be very good with what he can do. Getting up early to watch the sunrise is a habit of his, and one that he enjoys very much. In his retirement, he has gotten into various hobbies, and philosophizing over the future of the Lupa species on Terra. He has the look of an old-world older man.

Gaetano has a base dominance of 6. He started out less, but is older and has been a Speaker for a long time. His quiet and calm old age have lent themselves to this. Has the quiet type of dominance.

Personal History

Born in 1899 in a small pack in the open lands of Camargue in Provence, France, he has stayed there his whole life. He participated in both world wars (French Army, Free French Army Operative), and the pack was part of the underground railroad of the holocaust. He met his mate and wife, Gretta, during WWI, when her pack moved from Germany and broke up over several other packs. They became mates and had a small wedding right after the war ended, and the two have children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren now in various parts of the world.

Since the wars, his life has been much more quiet, and he rather enjoyed his life on the herb farm run by the pack. They produce primarily high quality lavender and Herbs de Provence which is shipped all over the world and used in many starred restaurants. He has worked closely with two or three different pack leaders, and is now retired as the pack Speaker. He has trained the two other astral people in the pack.

His mate, Gretta, and he have a long history, and she is not quite a decade older than him. They had one boy (Pierre) and one girl (Inura), who in turn had one of each, and they now have great grandchildren, the youngest of whom is Hannah.

Astral Abilities

Gaetano is ralgi, slightly above moderate as far as his level of power usage, as he has had a lifetime to learn. He is especially good at calming rage in others, which was a great gift during WWII, during which his pack hosted illegal refugees.


Usually wears farm-ready, comfortable clothing, although his shirts usually have buttons and a collar.

Doesn’t mind much about colors, tends to wear browns as that’s what his wife buys for him. Likes neutrals a lot, will probably stay in the rustic room.

Favs: fish, radish, pears
Least: pigeon, cauliflower, artichokes
He has a taste for naturally peppery vegetables, but in many other things favors light flavors. Naturally, will generally eat anything with lavender or herbs de provence, and is quite used to it, finding it common place. He himself doesn’t really cook much, though could pull off a passable and simple meal without too much trouble.

Since retirement, he’s been able to break out of the normal “Human” sleep cycle, and now sleeps more in long naps, in early evening. Has dinner after. Sleeps again from 2 AM though 5 AM, and maybe again in late morning, before lunch.

Lupa, French, English, some German