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The Fae Realm


Lord Eliphaz

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Old Fae



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Winter Magic, Fae Powers


The Winter Court

First Appearance

October 2015?

Eliphaz is a tall, graceful man of fashion and taste. In actuality, he is Lord Eliphaz, an extremely high-ranking, elder member of The Winter Court working closely with the Winter King and Queen.

Character and Personality

Eliphaz has a very serious personality, and most often a chilly demeanor. In many aspects, he is the epitome of coldness, sometimes running to cruelty. He has not only an eye for detail, but instinctively knows how to handle many types of crisis or situations, and has a wide knowledge of the doctrines and protocol of the Courts.

While he at least respects his own kind and things within the realm of Fae according to their station, he does not like Humans or most other types of Mortals. Although he follows all Fae codes and rules when he must deal with beings outside of the Fae realm, he will do nothing beyond that, even if it means great calamity or death for those beings.


Born into the First Tier, Eliphaz was named for the bright golden sheen of his hair, which has hardly diminished over time. While he grew up in luxurious wealth and privilege, the early and clear indications of his high level of power set him above most of his contemporaries. When it came time to choose his Court before joining the ranks of adult Fae, he almost went to the Unseelie, but chose to remain in the Winter Court. He was, in turn, tested with the King's Staff, but was not chosen as the Heir. Nevertheless he rose quickly to become a valuable and highly influential member of the Winter Court. Today, he is one of the highest members and most trusted adviser under the King and Queen, a role which he also enjoyed with the previous King and Queen, and is known to all higher members of Fae Courts.

Hotel History

Eliphaz first appeared in the Hotel in 2015.



Eliphaz usually appears as a beautiful androgynous man with gray eyes and long golden hair, in a suit of white and gold. The style depends on how he's feeling, whether modern, vintage, or from some historical time period further back.

True Form

As his glamour is usually just a toned down, human version of himself, his true form is simply just better, adding the great allure that all Fae have to mortals. In fact, he rather shines with an icy light most find hard to resist. However, his normal dress consists of long white and gold robes in the style of modern Elvish fashion.

Powers and Abilities


As an Old Fae, he has all the traditional Fae abilities, but he is also extremely powerful by both gifting and age. He is capable of some of the most finely wrought Fae magic.


While over his long life he has leaned many instruments and much music, he favors instruments of the huqin family, especially the ehru.