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Biographical information


Birth December 21, 1712
Family Lonnien (father), Serenula (mother)

The Winter Queen


The Winter Queen

Physical description

Old Fae



Hair color


Eye color





magic over cold, ice, snow, etc., levitation, other Faerie powers

First Appearance

October 2015

Amia usually appears to be a young woman with a punk rock style who originally appeared at The Hotel seeking Miara Mitsuki. Since then, however, she has stuck around, exploring the place and observing the hotel regulars. On November 2, 2015, due to the Necromantress' plot to to kidnap and keep Eilean's infant daughter, however, she revealed herself to be The Winter Queen, Queen of the Winter Court of Old Fae and therefore extremely powerful.

Character and Personality

More of a quiet personality, Amia seems to have a mix of both very old and very modern viewpoints. She has a great liking for children, and can be a very fun person, while at other times much more dignified and regal in her mannerisms. However, sometimes she finds herself bored and restless, and thus goes out into the Human Realm to find interesting places and people. She enjoys interesting people who are out of the ordinary. She has a great liking for children and loves being around them.


Born to a couple of the Third Tier of the Winter Court, Amia quickly displayed a higher level of magic than they, and was brought up with peers of the First Tier. Although she was always of note to the Queen, she did not know this until she was about a century old, when she was tested for suitability as the next Queen. Although still very young, she results were quite favorable, and her rank again changed. Now Heir and aid to the Queen herself, Amia became in her own right a powerful Lady of the Court and over the next fifty years was groomed for Queenship. She was unexpectedly elevated to Queen far earlier than planned when the Queen died, and did much more of her learning on the job. Since then, she and the King were able to hold the Court together, and were able to advance some new Laws during that time.

Hotel History

Having met the Langister children early on, she has especially taken a liking to Natalia, often singling her out and giving her gifts. This liking seems to have cooled a bit as Natalia has grown.

On November 2, 2015, due to the Necromantress' plot to to kidnap and keep Eilean's infant daughter, however, she revealed herself to be The Winter Queen, Queen of the Winter Court of Old Fae and therefore extremely powerful.

In January of 2017, Amia met Paisley's servant, Wodehouse and unexpectedly took a liking to him. They met again on 5 February, 2017, and ended up going to the Rock of Gibralter, which he had expressed interest in revisiting. On 24 March, they went on a second mystical adventure in China, this one decidedly more action-packed as they met and dealt with small pack of monsters which they defeated in large part due to Amia's powerful magic. This liaison concluded shortly after that adventure.


Amia's usual glamour appears to be a young woman with blue hair and pale blue eyes. Her face is very high fashion, but she also has several ear and lip piercings. Her attire is generally of punk/rock style, but does change on occasion depending on what she feels like projecting. For instance, her haircut/style and piercings often change.

Her true form, however, is as an exquisite faere with ombre blue hair and light blue eyes. She wears beautiful gowns, usually in winter colors like white, gray, and blues. She carries a long, delicate looking staff intricately made of ice and snowflakes. Usually somewhere on her person is a delicate and beautifully wrought jeweled broach. She rarely reveals this form to Humans, especially fully, as it causes nearly instant adoration and obsession.


As The Winter Queen, Amia is responsible, along with The Winter King, for the changing of seasons from the first day of autumn to the last day of winter in both the northern and southern hemispheres of Earth. Amia, while still a young queen, is well respected by her court despite changing some of their traditional laws to further avoid detection in the modern world.


Isfahan and Erianna

Friends since childhood and born members of the First Tier, these two are Amia's best friends. Around the same age, they were brought up and educated together, and also spent much time practicing and building their magical skills together. In place of an Heir, Isfahan is currently Amia's personal Aid and Secretary to the Queen, while Erianna is an ambassador often assigned to The Summer Court. While they all three of them don't often have time to hang out together, they do try.


Knowing they would have a life long association before they even met made Amia initially quite nervous about Adal and in their first few meetings. However, after some beginning awkward moments, she was pleased to find that he, also, planned to get along and develop some kind of relationship with her. Both, though, were surprised to find they did actually like each other and could be friends. They thus started their relationship rather slowly.

While initially someone she wouldn't find more than a passing romantic interest in, their close proximity and constantly being in each other's company have made them companions and they do have a certain amount of fondness for each other. While being the two most powerful Fae of the Winter Court isn't a guarantee of compatibility, they are rather compatible in their positions, and in regard to the interaction of their power, as well, an aspect of their relationship they occasionally enjoy.


A most senior and trusted adviser to both the current and previous King and Queen, Amia has known Eliphaz and had much interaction with him for a long time, and certainly knew who he was while still very young. He sometimes advised her while she was the Queen's Heir, and then very closely when she became Queen. Like nearly everyone else, she finds him both impeccable and powerful, and therefore beautiful, although she's not as likely to be moved by it. Their close working quarters have made them comfortable to each other, and she trusts his advice and work for the Court. Their private relationship is quite separate from their working one.


Amia met Feriol on her very first day as the Queen's Heir, and the two had instant chemistry. Being a Court scribe and scholar, he was able to both find texts regarding her new position and Court etiquette, or on any other subject. Thus, the two were also able to exchange notes as they were unable to openly pursue each other at that time. Once the furor over Amia's new position ceased, they were able to pursue things more normally, although very discretely. Over time, their relationship has developed more into one of close friendship, with occasional periods of intense sexual interest.

Powers and Abilities


She plays the piano enchantingly, but must be careful around Humans as Fae magic is enchanting and people will follow it into the Fae realm if given the chance.


Amia has displayed powers over cold, frost, and ice, such as freezing attacking items or explosions. Great power seems to involve a staff, which is usually quite short until she uses it. She carries it concealed somewhere on her person, hidden behind her glamour. Anywhere she sits or anything she touches for a while also tends to become cold, and surfaces which already do not carry much heat, such as counters or glasses can become frosted. She herself is cold to the touch, although this usually doesn't permeate a blanket or other thick materials until high winter. She has also been seen to levitate a jack-o-lantern.

As an Old Fae, she has all the traditional Fae abilities, but she is also extremely powerful and any spell, blessing, or magic wrought by her, is powerful and lasting.