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General Information



4,168.7 km


57% Nitrogen, 36% Oxygen, 6% Bandergen, 1% Other






32 Hours/405 Days


Mu-Alpha II





Places of Interest

City of Bastion, Howling Gorge


The Order of the Flame

Sailor Senshi

Silver, Sailor Bandersnatch



The eyes that dart, the mouth that flames.

The origins of Bandersnatch are not entirely unknown, though history has only recorded the planet's existence after Sakura Xadium Aino presented the planet to Haak and Euri, as a typically extraordinary wedding gift.

Since then, Haak and those he commands have set about researching the world and what it can offer them, and what (if any) history lies within its expansive deserts and deep canyons.

The Neighborhood

Bandersnatch is orbited only by a single moon, dubbed Leviathan due to its size and, it's claimed, you can trace the outline of a rendition of the mythical creature from which it inherits the name among the craters and mountains on its rugged surface. A similar phenomenon to "The Man on the Moon."

Also usually found in orbit are Haak's fleet of ships: Sternenförmig, The Hand of Vengeance and The Infernus. The ships have been stationed here since the fleet commander gained sovereignty over the planet some years ago.

Bandersnatch orbits the star referred to as Mu-Alpha by Earth space agencies. One other (as yet unnamed) planet orbits the same star, at a much closer distance and is almost uninhabitable due to its proximity to its sun.


An as-yet unexplained find and one of the earliest discoveries on the planet, was a strange isotope in the atmosphere, making natural Bandersnatch air unbreathable and quite toxic. Dubbed "Bandergen" much research has gone into the make-up of the substance but so far nothing solid is known beyond its toxic nature.


Through mining of the planet, the ore known as Dernium was discovered. After traditionally smelting techniques didn't work, the newcomers of Bandersnatch figured out a new smelting process. The metal created from Dernium is considered to be one of the strongest metals known in existence and has the strange ability to absorb magical energy. Perfect metal-worked items have yet to be crafted, though the only known example of a perfect Dernium-based weapon is Sailor Bandersnatch's Vorpal Blade sword (though that may be because of the unusual crystal embedded at the base of the sword).

Places of Interest

Over the years his ships have been stationed there, Haak and his crew have been running operations on the planet's surface to further explore and research what exactly Bandersnatch may hold.

The City of Bastion

The first and largest base of operations has grown considerably since its creation. Now known as Bastion, it remains the only safe spot from the planet's incredible storms that has a breathable atmosphere. Recent scans have also shown the first signs that something had once existed on the planet, and Bastion is surrounded by these faint traces.

Howling Gorge

Bandersnatch's answer to the Grand Canyon on Earth. There are many deep and wide canyons across the planet's surface, but none can match the Howling Gorge. Estimated to be about ten times the scale of the famous spectacle in the USA, it covers so much distance that it has its own wind patterns, which combined with the formation, led to its name.

The Eye

Not unlike Jupiter in the Sol system, Bandersnatch, too, has a massively destructive storm that is easily spotted from space. The difference here lies in how it is seen. In orbit, the storm resembles the iris of the human eye, hence the name. On the surface however, only towering pillar of soft light can be seen. The details of the phenomenon are sketchy at best, as most readings have been inaccurate due to damage incurred by equipment that got anywhere near it. It is believed (by some, at least) that the storm itself is far underground, and doesn't follow any of the conventional storm patterns modern science can explain.

Indigenous Creatures

As stated by Sailor Bandersnatch and confirmed by the information gathered by researchers, the surface of Bandersnatch is filled with a large variety of creatures. Several have been mentioned by name, though there are still many for researches to officially locate before putting in their databases.