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This character has been retired or abandoned.

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New Year's Day


Nurieanth (weyrmate), Brally (uncle), Sorella (aunt), and Tomar (nephew)


4th Jr. Weyrwoman of Fort Weyr, manages the herdbeasts for the Weyr

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First Appearance

February 2013

Altyira is a dragonrider from a planet called Pern, and Nurieanth is the most important thing in her life, as dragon and rider share a life-long mental bond. The 4th Jr. Weyrwoman of Fort Weyr, she oversees the herdbeasts kept at the lower end of the Weyr bowl. She's from early 7th Pass.

For information on Pern, please consult the Pern wiki at

Aes, Raihosha, and their family were able to send Altyira and Nurieanth home on February 4, 2014, and hope never to return.

Character and Personality

Altyira was quite shy as a youngster, when she lived with her bachelor uncle, Brally, after her mother died. He worked in animal husbandry for the Holder of Goren’s Hold, and she became quite adept with animals herself. This upbringing led her to be rather gentle with creatures, and initially shy of other people, as she did not know the reason that others often looked at her strangely.

After moving to the Weyr, she grew out of her shyness, and took a liking to one of the riders who found her on search—brownrider H’mar. He has become a mentor to her over the years, and they get along well. He is 41, over 20 years her senior, and is placed just under a wingsecond in his wing. She also has friendships with several of the weyrfolk, but mostly other riders, and especially the other queen riders. Nalaya, the senior Weyrwoman and one of the two Weyrleaders of Fort Weyr, is someone she admires, and if given the chance would enjoy the prestige and position of Weyrwoman (although she’s not the sort who would connive for it, and maybe doesn't even know she’d want it yet).

Since impressing, she’s much more self assured, in the way that most dragonriders are. She sees it as her duty to do whatever she can to assist in fighting Thread, whether it’s in the Queen’s Wing, joining the yearlings providing firestone for the wings, or doing her part to see that the Weyr runs smoothly. She enjoys a good physical game with other riders from time to time, and tries to be approachable.

Among the dragonriders and weyrfolk, she will talk to most people, including all the young bronzeriders who vie for her attention, but so far she is not particularly close to most of them, and doesn't respond to offers of romance or of a sexual nature. She’s rather known for playing—talk, hanging out, sport, dancing, but not taking anyone home.

Arrival on Earth and The Hotel

While flying in the Queen's Wing during Threadfall, a young weryling pair in training, who usually carry firestone for the fighting dragons, came out of Between nearly on top of Altyira and Nurieanth, and the queen ducked Between, intending to come out a few meters below. Instead, they came out in the dark over unknown water, somewhere near Papaya Island. Initially thinking there were somewhere near Ista, they where completely surprised to find that they were on another planet entirely.

Since arriving, however, Altyira has found that almost everything on Earth is completely different from Pern, and is having a very hard time finding anything familiar. The lack of respect people have for dragons and their riders, while understandable, is very different than she's used to, and she finds that, as she has no money and no training for any hired jobs, she must live at the mercy of others for what she can't get at The Hotel. As a dragonrider's primary concerns are caring for their dragons and fighting Thread, they have time for little else and are supported by the weyrfolk, holders, and crafters of Pern.

At the moment, Thrash has made a weyr for them out of one of the rooms of The Hotel, and John Constantine graciously gave her some money for clothes, as she only had her flying hides and the simple, warm clothing she wears under them. Yumiko has arranged to provide cattle for Nurieanth's meals for the time being.

The pair have tried several times to go home, but Between just dumps them back out above The Hotel, rather than Fort Weyr, as they clearly picture. What this means, or how they'll get home, they don't know. As they stay longer at the hotel, however, they are increasingly worried about getting home and back to their Weyr, as they are likely thought dead when their fellow dragonriders need them. Altyira has no idea what to do if they don't get home before Nurieanth's flies to mate next year.

It has been revealed that she has a friend in Tokyo, Jeremy Fioli, who she dances with and seems to have bought her some nice things, and that her birthday is on the first day of Pern's year.


Born Fort Hold, her mother, Nisian, had been a mistress of someone important. However, she died when Altyira was very young, and her uncle, Brally, a herdcrafter, raised her in a tiny subhold (Goren's Hold) until she was Searched at about 10 or 11 when Fort Weyr was looking for dragonrider candidates. Since finding queen candidates is rare, she was then sent to the Weyr and spent her adolescence there. She worked in the caverns under a foster mother, Brelin, and was also given more responsibility in the event that she did become a queen rider. She has never known who her father is.

Finally put in front of an egg at 13, she didn't impress the first time, but stood for the next one at 15, when she impressed Nurieanth and became a Jr. Weyrwoman, after which her predecessor was placed in another weyr to maintain balance among the queens. After spending a year only attending to Nurieanth, she was given management duties over the lower end of the bowl with the livestock, where she quickly rose to report directly to the steward and Weyrwoman.

Nurieanth has only had one mating flight so far, and paired with Loreth. It was certainly an experience, and she did alright for the first time out. Altyira was not enamored much with Loreth’s rider, P’ril, but they seem to have settled into an only somewhat grudging friendship. The clutch hatched not long ago, and had a healthy amount of browns, a few bronzes, and no queen.

Current Station

Although born the daughter of a mistress, as a Jr. Weyrwoman (queen rider), Altyira holds a high rank in the Weyr, and on Pern. She will hold the respect of the Pernese people for the rest of her life, and will most likely have the chance to be Weyrwoman in the future, in charge of the running of Fort Weyr, or possibly one of the other Weyrs. While ordinary dragonriders are accorded respect and honor in public, queenriders receive even more, and she has not paid or bartered for much in the 4 years she's been one.