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This character has been retired or abandoned.

Nurieanth is a gold Pernese dragon, often referred to as a queen dragon. She is 40 meters from nose to tail tip, and an antique shade of gold. Impressed to Altyira, she is Fort Weyr's 4th Junior Queen. She is about 4 years old and has only had one mating flight so far, although it produced a fairly good clutch of 25 eggs, with a high percentage of browns. Given the current full capacity of queens in nearly all 6 weyrs, it is unlikely she will produce a queen egg within the next several years at least.

Aes, Raihosha, and their family were able to send Altyira and Nurieanth home on February 4, 2014.

Character and Personality

Nurieanth, whom Altyira usually calls Nuri, is often as aloof as one might expect of any queen, although certainly not what one would expect from a senior queen. She can usually be found sunning herself on the higher ledges with the other dragons, as her ledge doesn't get more than a few hours of sun a day. She does not normally speak to anyone besides Altyira, although she will speak to almost any dragon—even if only politely. She will speak to either of the Weyrleaders out of duty, and after a fiasco or two as a weyrling her preference for not speaking to humans is well known and perhaps a bit infamous. As a young queen, only 4, she doesn't have the gravitas of a senior queen yet, but sometimes does enjoy her power and prestige.

While she has little interest so far in Altyira's love life--she is rather neutral about P'ril--she does enjoy his Lorenth's attentions and they can occasionally be seen sunning together. This may or may not last until another bronze flies her.

At the Hotel

The arrival of such a large dragon at The Hotel stirred up mixed reactions, some like Eilean responding with fear and prejudice, while others, like the Langister children, seeing her as a new friend to meet. Most notably, the entire Mongoosetiger "horde" came out to meet her. Otherwise, most of her interaction with others has either been through Altyira or being sure not to crush smaller beings when they are close to her.