Aphrodite of Venus

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Aphrodite of Venus is quite atypical compared to the other Queens/Goddesses of the Silver Millennium. Unlike them, she actually dates back to the era prior to the Silver Millennium.


In the year 19,600 BC, the planet Venus, a blown off fragment of the doomed planet where the Ginzuishou was formed, slammed into Earth's solar system at high speed.

When it finally stabilized relative to the other planets, explorers from the court of Selenos made planetfall, only to find seas of molten kinamantine gold, out of which an ethereally beautiful being emerged - Aphrodite.

Such was her raw emotional charisma that everyone who gazed upon her fell instantly under her sway, with the exception of Selenity I, who was immune to her charms.

Selenity instinctively knew this being was somehow kin to her and yet something more. She brought her into the court of Selenos, treating her as a fellow royal and close confidant--and indeed, a secret "backup" for the royal line if something went wrong.

Unlike the other Queens of the court, Aphrodite did not seem to age, and remained a constant presence in the court across generations, eventually being joined by another "timeless" face in the form of Sailor Pluto.

It was only until Aphrodite's daughter, Venus, was discovered on the planet Venus, having formed from the molten Venus Droplet in the Kinamantine Sea, that things changed.


  • Extreme emotional control
  • The ability to cure the infertile
  • The ability to "bless" barren lands to suddenly bear life
  • Control over metal and light


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