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Ebonspire, Fort Reave, The Iron City

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Tidespeak is a country located on the Great Wyrm Coast in proximity to a permanent hurricane with a matriarchal system and shows influence from several societies.


Tidespeak being a nation with so much racial diversity, is a mix of many cultures. Most dominantly, Greek, Roman, and Eastern influences can be seen. The Eastern influences can be seen most in their building structures and festivals. Parades and celebrations of some form are almost always taking over the cobbled streets and fireworks are seen in the skies. Music tends to always be present no matter where you look, from elegant eastern music with the koto and shamisen, to deep bass dominated wartime music with drums, to swinger jazz at bars and taverns. There markets also tend to be very open and welcoming to new sellers.

As for the Roman influences, that can be seen most in their forms of entertainment. Shows at the Gladiator’s ring are a major, nation-wide event that attracts thousands upon thousands of citizens. Plays at amphitheaters and non-musical forms of artwork mostly involving textiles, graffiti, sculptures, and paintings are popular among the Tidespeak citizens. Public fountains with clean drinking water can be found in access to any in need of it, and it's not uncommon to find citizens filling up their pitchers with fountain water.

The Greek influence has more to do with the actual citizens themselves rather than anything else. Tidespeak is a nation known for war, and so their citizens are obsessed with physical perfection to better themselves in combat. Unlike what is seen with the Spartans, Tidespeak do not kill their citizens over small deformities, however, if the citizen is no longer able to take care of themselves in a physical sense, then they are put to death as they are a drain on resources. As these citizens have committed no crime, they receive the swiftest and most painless death Tidespeak can offer which is either decapitation, shot point-blank in the head, or by a kill spell.

The royal castle can be seen at the peak of Tidespeak's elevation which points out over the sea and toward the stationary hurricane as if it were an altar. Buildings tend to be dull and colorless on the outside, but the insides are havens in defense against the Hollow's unnatural atmosphere. Usually the insides of buildings are warm, decorated, and filled with the sounds of music and the smells of food. In public buildings such as restaurants and taverns, people are often seen in groups, entertaining each other with card and board games, and even some gambling.


It is easy to see that Tidespeak is a female dominated society. They are about as female dominated as most the rest of the world is male dominated. That being said, anyone is allowed into the military, and in any Military Occupational Specialty(MOS). In fact, it is mandatory for every citizen to serve at least two years in military service. Not all branches of the military are strictly weapon trained. There is the Spellcast corps that strictly focuses on magic of all kinds.

Magic is highly ingrained into the Tidespeak society, and is a major point in their education. Whether the citizens are skilled in magic or not, they are taught magic and magic theory. Most citizens should be able to cast a cantrip, or have a spell-like ability, and all citizens should be able to use magic devices. There are multiple other branches of the military, all but one with their own specialization, such as the Navy with their incredibly difficult training, and the Army. The major reason why Navy training is so difficult is because of the rough waters of the Great Wyrm Coast.

Tidespeak is always looking for something to do, which leads to their love of art, and music in particular. Many of the citizens of Tidespeak often get bored easily, so while they are not faced with battle and harsh training, they look for something new to do. Some take to instruments, some take to crafting, and some take to colorful explosives, or in other words, fireworks.

Significant Figures

  • Queen Locrian

Or otherwise known as "The Rogue Queen," Locrian is a very well self-accomplished ruler who likes to tend to matters herself. She not only built one of the world's most powerful nations by will alone, but she has done it in the most dangerous and unknown part of the world, as well. Her tenacious efforts rise to the level of a fanatic as she will stop at nothing to accomplish her greatest goal. Her behavior tends to range wildly from favorable to not so favorable, but she tends to have more patience and kindness toward her own people and those she sees in a poor and broken down state. Most people who witness her random acts of kindness toward strangers think it's because something about them reminds her of her past, which is not well known to the rest of the world. Locrian has gone to great lengths to cover up her past, but there are a very select few who know nearly everything.

  • General Totschlag

The black beast that is shown on the flag of Tidespeak is as loyal to the queen as he is cold and calculative. He doesn’t interact with other people unless he has a reason to or a use for that person. He is head of wartime strategy, and pulls a great deal of weight in magical development. While he has a tendency of disappearing without a trace, but he seems well in touch with his associates and his duties when he is needed. Even though the large stoic worg seems disconnected with everyone, that changes with the Queen.

  • The Collectors

There is a legendary race called “The Collectors” with no need of a physical form for survival. However, they are in need of a physical form for their line of interest. They form grotesque figures with no need for sustenance, air, or anything else a person would need. These bodies are merely puppets being controlled by a psychic energy. They seek knowledge, searching through ancient tomes and seeking even older artifacts. They are willing to part with some of the information they have collected when presented with something of interest. They decline aid to those seeking it if they have nothing to offer, saying “It is of no consequence.” The presence of a collector has been seen within the libraries of the Queen’s castle.

  • Sombornevihte Aetherius'rex

While there is no hard evidence that the “Living Storm” is associated with Tidespeak at all, many believe she is in alliance with the Rogue Queen. Why and how, many have their different theories. If one asks around, some may hear about them. For now, they just remain theories as observers of the dragon’s behavior note that she doesn’t seem to favor any city and only cares about her territory. These observers reason for their stance by saying that if Locrian did have a hold over the Living Storm, then she could easily have her destroy Fort Reave, Greatstone, and possibly even Ebonspire.

  • Tommy "Green Goggles" Wirelight

Tommy is a well-known mischievous Halfling who is recognized as the “boss” of Tidespeak’s underground network of criminal activity. No, he doesn’t lead any assassin’s club, or strategize to take down castle Wolfe; he’s more considered the boss of something more akin to a thieves’ guild. He knows the underground network of tunnels like the back of his hands, and is ridiculously skilled at making an escape.



Fighting among citizens is allowed only within the following rules. Two citizens with a quarrel and seeking a fight must bring the fight to one of the many brawler's pits. Brawler pits are a place where weapons are banned, and the two combatants may only use their fists and skills. Moderators observe and stop fights when there appears to be a winner, preventing unnecessary deaths.

Should fights ensue outside a brawler's pit, there is no punishment unless the one attacked wishes to press charges. First offenders are met with bearable fines. The more offenders fight outside the brawler's pits, the more the punishment would increase from lower fines to larger fines, to jail time, to mandatory hard labor, to public whippings.


Citizens killing other citizens is allowed only if they abide by these rules. Should a quarrel among two citizens advance beyond common brawling, the two consenting individuals must arrange a time in the Gladiator's ring and fight for all to see. Killing with failure to meet these demands is murder with the exception of self-defense, or in defense of another. Murder is punishable by death only.


This is the act of accidentally killing a citizen, and such crimes are punishable by long amounts of prison time, mandatory hard labor, and public whippings and beatings by the family members of the victim. If the victim had no family members, then an appointed moderator will be assigned the whippings. Eventually, the offender will be set free and no more whippings will be made unless the accidental killing happens again, then repeat punishment, only for a longer term.


Such crimes are punishable by harsh public death. Offenders are either strung upside down by their feet and sawed in half from the crotch down for all to see, or suffer death by impalement or the Spanish Horse for all to see.


Should a citizen be caught torturing another citizen, they are sentenced to death in creative ways.


Offenders of treason are "taken away."

Petty Theft

Theft of items worth 10 gold pieces or below is punishable by prison time, mandatory hard labor, and fines.

Grand Theft

Theft of items worth above 10 gold pieces is punishable by the severance of a hand or other non-vital body part.

Agriculture & Population

Races & Creatures

Races Creatures
Changeling Goh'ul Aranea
Dark folk Golem Barghest Krenshar
Darkkin Half Dragon Black Dragon Lamia
D'ravenese Halfling Ceceala Manticore
Drow Human Chimera Naga
Earth Dwarf Kenku Deinonych Nightmare
Fetchling Kobold Dire Wolf White Dragon
Forlarren Lich Dog Worg
Galka Minotuar Drider Wolf
Genasi (Earth & Water) Necropolitan Gargoyle Worm that Walks
Ghoul Rashaka Goyle Wyvern
Giant Kin Vishkanya Griffon
Gnoll Yuan Ti


---------------------------- Harvested plants and animals ----------------------------
*Potatoes *Rice *Fish
*Peas *Carrots *Piranhas
*Beets *Radishes *Sea-serpants
*Spinach *Kale *Other sea monsters
*Broccoli *Onions *Deceased citizens & animals
*Brussel Sprouts *Various Herbs *Enemies
*Grapes *Sweet Cherries *Chicken and eggs
*Blueberries *Apples *Poached birds and eggs

Being in the Hollows, Tidespeak and other cities within have a hard time growing crops. In order to do so, they need to import foreign soil into their city and block it off into containers with bricks. This means that farming is very small compared to hunting. Given that the majority of Tidespeak's citizens are carnivorous, this isn't too much of a problem. However, there are races that cannot survive off of meat alone, and therefore the need for plants is still present.

Most commonly, private gardens are made in backyards, or in containers inside and next to the windows of an individual's home. Private gardens are very popular and are in almost every home of a non-carnivorous race. Often times, even carnivorous races would have small gardens so they can sell the produce to those who need it.

Other than that, there are larger regions of Tidespeak reserved for rice patties which are harvested by a few companies who also own individual gardens grown within their own establishments. There are also a few greenhouses within Tidespeak to cultivate herbs and spices.

All gardens and farms are either personally owned establishments or strategically placed within the walls of Tidespeak as to take up as little space as possible. Not all public farms are placed within the same area, so as to reduce the devastation of rice production should any incidents occur. These farms are all within Tidespeak for the sole reason that no one wants to be eaten alive by undead while harvesting rice. Also, frost-resistant vegetables were specifically chosen for this climate.

While all these measures are taken to help feed the Tidespeak citizens, it should also be known that rings of sustenance are a very popular commodity. Not everyone has one, but they are not a rare sight to behold. That, and clerics are obligated to create food in addition.