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Ogashawara Island, also known as Monster Land or Monster Island, is a small island in the Pacific ocean that is the main home of every one of the world's Kaiju, or giant monsters. It has been in secret operation since 1972.


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Notable Residents

Many well known monsters reside on the island, some in joint areas, and others in separated sections due to special needs.

Godzilla: "King of the Monsters," the most famous (and infamious) Kaiju of Japan
Mothra: Offspring of the diety monster of Infant Island; One of a pair of twins
Rodan: Giant Pterosaur monster
Angirus: Giant species of Ankyosaur
Manda: Sea Serpent God of the undersea Kingdom of Mu
Gorosaurius: Gigantic dinosaur from Mondo Island
Kamacuras: Mutanted Giant Mantis from Sogell Island
Kumonga: Giant Spider of Sogell Island
Baragon: Unknown species of Underground giant dinosaur
Varan: Violent lake diety; mystically mutated Varansaurius
Minilla: Young mutated Godzillasaurius
Gabara: Electric powered monster of unknown origin
Megalon: Ancient monster diety of the underground kingdom of Seatopia
Oodako: Giant species of octopus
Ookondor: Mutated giant condor
Krogia: Man-made chimera, created by the late Dr. Malik
H-Men: Humans exposed to radioactive "death dust" and trasnformed into humanoid radioactive blobs
Dogora-Samples: Samples of space cell life-form
Hedorah-small samples: Samples of pollution feeding space monster
Frankenstein Mutant: Mutated humanoid born from the irradaited heart-cells of the Frankenstein monster
Mechagodzilla 2: UN built Mecha based off both Godzilla and the Black Hole Alien's Mechagodzilla
Matango: Fungal creatures, who when consumed cause rapid mutation in the consumer
MOGURA: UN built mecha based off the Mysterian robot of the same name