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Kai Moran, nee Sano
Biographical information

Earth, xcheamo

Birth September 14, 1989
Family Fionn Moran (mate), Hoshi (mother), Shigeru (father), Edar (brother), Nana (sister in law)

shopgirl/waitress/kimono wearing and tea ceremony instructor



Physical description




Hair color


Eye color







other Lupa

First Appearance

Kai is 24 and graduated from Juuban High School in April 2008. Her hometown is a village near Morioka, where her extended family runs a ryokan. She is currently based in Ireland when not travelling to counsel alien populations on Earth, and was married to Fionn Moran on February 11, 2012. The pair live at his pack in Donegal.

She has also counseled several people at the Hotel, including extensive work with Kore and Graham Langford.


She has a bright, clear personality, and is quite sociable, but can be a bit naive due to her age and lack of exposure to the outside world. Like Edar, she'd never been away from home before coming to Tokyo. She is a decent student, preferring the arts track, and can be completely carried away in a story at times. She is curious, intelligent, and keeps tabs on people she knows.

Kai has long dark brown hair, and dresses like a teenager. She has a tendency to wear flowered clothing and jewelry. Her favorite flowers are day lilies, crocus, heather, daisies, and ivy. Her instrument is the violin, and she adores Vanessa Mae. Most of her music is modern classical, classical, and soundtracks.


Kai is a professional counselor to the alien population of Earth, traveling to various locations as coordinated by Harriet S. Weinberg, Esq. for Dinsdale Investigations. She also travels to teach for the Astral Seminar.

After attending the Philadelphia Flower Show with the Floral Heaven staff, Kai decided to return to Japan in order to volunteer as a counselor in response to the March 11 earthquake.

Just before Christmas 2010, Kai left for Ireland, where she still spends most of her time with a liberal pack which has 3 other Touched to continue her training while actually having normal Lupa to counsel. She has been in touch with Reginal Maximus' daughter Emmy, and the two have met a few times. They also attended the Philadelphia Flower Show together in March 2011 with the staff from Floral Heaven, and made a trip to Darmstadt in Germany in October of 2011. She is currently in a budding relationship with Fionn, a young member of the Irish pack, but has yet to really tell anyone about it.


She came to Tokyo when their Leader expelled Edar from the pack, and although sometimes homesick, looks forward to a new life here without the restrictions of the Lupa community. She graduated from Juuban High School that April and has previously worked at an overnight diner in Minato-ku and for Brad London. She gave lessons in kimono wearing and tea ceremony to other young women and helped at the shop. She lives in the apartment above Floral Heaven with Eiry, or alternately with her brother and Nana when in Tokyo. She is the resident Speaker for the small group of Lupa there.

A year or two after graduation, Kai found a mentor in Ireland, where she met and married Fionn Moran, and now lives there where not traveling.


She has the sensitivities of a normal Touched, and is now a young Speaker. She still often trains with a mentor when possible, and at the moment can work with a power orb the size of a golf ball. She can do all the normal things a Speaker can do, but needs experience and practice. Her astral specialty is seeing and evaluating bonds.

Other Information

Colors: light blue, white, mauve

Kai means "flower" in Lupa.