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Hellespontepiccopy zps1bd52044.jpg
Ship specification



assassin-scale battlecruiser




currently Fleet Captain Bianka Tyrrell (Delmo Corporation)


Van Saar Federation

Warp Capabilities

Up to C-factor 25000 (~4 light-years per hour). Can accelerate at 5.1 G in sub-light conditions.

Status Fully operational

spinal-mount macrobeamer, rapid-fire heavy plasma cannons (equivalent to Ryza-pattern), four forward-firing plasma-accelerated torpedo launchers, fighter bays (up to 72 Starfury Thunderbolt fighters and 10 small craft)

Previous Campaigns

The Unmei Wars (2006), The Zealot War (2008–2011)

The Hellesponte is a space-faring battleship that belongs to Solarchos. It is currently known to have a teleportation system, a well kept park, and is home to many VanSaar marines, as well as his family on occasion. The ship also features an advanced cloaking system that not only masks the vessel's electromagnetic and thermal emissions, but active stealth plating that camouflages the ship against the background of space, hiding it from optical systems as well.

According to the ship's own data archives, it is apparently called a "D'Artagnon-class battle cruiser," originally a single member out of a large fleet of identical "D'Artagnon" ships that numbered in the hundreds.

The Hellesponte at a glance:
Length: 3000 meters from prow to stern
Crew: Effectively none; the Hellesponte is completely automated and run by a single A.I. However, the ship generally maintains a crew of 100 to 200 VanSaar and could easily house upward of 10,000 passengers if the need arose. In recent years, the VanSaar Federation has initiated the policy of maintaining a crew complement of 900, as well as making the Hellesponte the "home" of the Special Circumstances Regiment.

Serving onboard the Hellesponte can be difficult for newly-trained crews. While the ship itself is well-appointed and fairly spacious, anyone traveling onboard the ship, whether as a crew member or a passenger, constantly feel as if they're being watched and observed by something. This is partially because of the thousands of spider-like robots that perform all repairs and maintenance as needed. These "spiders" are rarely ever seen by the crew, traveling throughout the ship via special conduits and tunnels built especially for them. People will frequently hear them scuttling around though.

Another "problem" for people on the Hellesponte is the primary central computer itself. Very few people actually know that the ship has a fully-actualized Artificial Intelligence, or that that same A.I. had gone homicidal millennia ago during the Age of Strife and killed its original crew when it became infected with the hostile scrapcode that initiated the Rise of the Machines that utterly shattered the galactic civilization that existed prior to the Imperium of Man. The code was purged by beings unknown and the A.I. reprogrammed to serve its current masters, but the identity of the person(s) responsible remain unknown. Since then the AI has demonstrated an "adventurous" personality: it's always eager to explore the cosmos, frequently investigating everything around the ship in order to discover anything new. This sometimes means that the ship's sensors will perform random sweeps without the bridge crew actually doing anything, but Captain Bianka and other people that have served for a long time on the Hellesponte just let the ship do as it pleases since, on more than one occasion, the ship's AI has detected and called attention to things that would have otherwise been missed. This also has the side effect of making some crew members think that the AI is also spying on them.

Another contributing factor to the Hellesponte's reputation of being "haunted" is its environmental systems. Despite being highly advanced and very effective, for some reason NOTHING can ever seem to remove the scent of ash, ozone, and old blood from the air. It's worst in certain areas of the ship where the bodies of the original crew had been gathered up and stored away by the maintenance drones. Quite a few people believe that the spirits of the dead continue to linger on the ship. Despite all this, the Hellesponte remains one of the Federation's most important front-line flagships.