Great Fear! Akumania's Evil Approach

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Episode Data

Gousuke has Piemon control the Knights with Keychain Dolls
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 大恐怖! アクマニアの魔手
Name (Romaji): Dai Kyoufu! Akumania no Mashu
Name (Translated): Great Fear! Akumania's Evil Approach
Name (Ginga TV Dub):
Episode Number: 35 in season
Director: Zenigame Aosuke
Writer: Zenigame Aosuke
Animation Director:
Air Date:
Air Date (Ginga TV Dub):
Previous Episode:
Next Episode:
Hoenn Region English Dub Episode
Name: Arch-Mania's Approach
Company: Super Pokémon Television
Air Date:
Previous Episode:
Next Episode:

Intent on escaping his Hell's Gate, Akumania causes an eclipse to fall over Earth, casting it into darkness.


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Episode Trivia

  • The song that played in the background during the fight between the Demon Children and the Pokémon Knights was "Butter-Fly", The Opening Theme for "Digimon Adventure" and "Poképals Adventure", In the English dub the song was replaced with a translated version referred to as "Because We Are The Wildwood Warriors" by fans. The German dub also replaced it with a German-language version of the song. In the Spanish dub it was replaced with an instrumental version of "Moon Revenge" and a piece of Background Music, while the Sinnoh Dub replaced it with a translated version of "She's Got the Power". The Kalos dub replaced the song with "Mezase Pokémon Master". The Cantonese dub replaced the song with "Brave Heart". In All other dubs, the song was removed completely without a replacement.