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The following is a record of the invitation sent to various high-profile charity donors associated with the HOTEL, ostensibly from museums in both London and Tokyo. Transcript is as follows, and should be data-mined and scanned for any covert messages or threats by order of the leader of the Peinforte Foundation--in case a trap is in play.

Invitation in question reads as follows:


In recognition of your kindness and generosity, you are hereby invited to the Special VIP Opening of the Distant Brotherhood Exhibition, which is preparing for its new Grand Opening in the newly partnered Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and their new colleagues in London, the National Gallery, on the night of Sunday, August 25, 2019.

This invitation has been extended to you by the Hearts For Tomorrow Philanthropic Association, where you have been nominated for your largesse and caring actions.

We invite you, along with your selected guests, to attend your choice of the sister museums the special Simultaneous New Grand Opening of the Distant Brotherhood photography exhibit, whose complementary exhibit shall open in the other nation on the same day, for a moving and enjoyable experience meant to celebrate dignity in the face of adversity, and camaraderie in the face of differences.

Please accept this invitation on behalf of the Hearts for Tomorrow Philanthropic Association for being recognized for your consideration and kindness, which this exhibit is meant to celebrate.


The Distant Brotherhood photographic exhibition is based upon the 1940's photography of the young Takeshi Shigemitsu, the nephew of Japan's ambassador to the UK, Mamoru Shigemitsu, and later of his his Londoner friend Gareth Campbell, to whom the young Takeshi gave his prized camera. On display will be among the most poignant and inspiring images captured by both boys during their experience of the war that their homelands waged against one another. Many of these photographic images, exposed by the unlikely boy friends during the dark days of the Second World War, have never seen the light of day, having been discovered by a grandchild. Also on display are the letters the young boys wrote to each other, and the touching story of reconnection after more than 70 years. At the display will be an artistic memorial to all the civilian casualties of WWII, as well as a special announcement of brotherhood from the Shigemitsu and Campbell families, who will speak to one another live between the UK and Japan in a touching reunion 70 years in the making, who hope that the friendship of their ancestors against such staggering odds can bring joy and happiness to all.

We hope you will join in this touching moment celebrating friendship and brotherhood, and regardless of your answer, we thank you for your heartfelt service to the community.

Have a wonderful weekend.

(Numbers for limousine service, table reservations, special arrangements, and all expected accommodations are provided below as well, in the fine print.)

(Numerous tear-jerking and moving photographs of a civilian's experience of the Second World War, adorn the invitation.)