The Storm Cauldron

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Also known as Galaxy Cauldron II.

The Storm Cauldron creation by The Lady Mimas, It's name comes from the fact that it is the forces of seven universes being contained within half of a galaxy. While no one is certain how it is being controlled it is determined that the storm itself is a consciousness that includes Lady Mimas. A theory to its control is that the storm is in a dormant state and is dreaming.

Three things have come out of the cauldron: a small drill with a fragment of the Storm's power, and two people.

The Renegade

This is a being who does not fully understand herself yet. The Renegade believes in the trial by fire: a person who is given a challenge must overcome it, be overcome by it, or learn to adapt. For her to become involved the stakes need to be high enough--greater than something as simple as survival. Her soul is linked to a spear that turns into branches with curves and points. When she stabs someone with it the person can either experience evolution or devolution depending on her decision. In order for her to use that weapon the victim needs to prove worthy.

The Renegade has fragments of power from the cauldron's barrier: she has control over the darkness in any area and can make it tangible to her will.

The Benign

Unlike the Renegade, The Benign was born knowing her purpose. She calls herself The Mercy for the Wrong and Wronged. She chooses not to attack but defends herself instead. Her soul's composition includes a scepter with the beating heart of a corrupt Bishop contained in the top sphere. Because of this she passively emits an anti-magic, anti-holy field within a yard radius. The closer one gets to her the less potent the magic is until it is nullified. The one thing she CAN prevent is death of a magical being and considering her name, she is most likely going to let them live. If she chooses to use her weapon she can undo a magical effect from an artifact (i.e: stop a magical artifact's effect so that it is temporarily an ordinary item)

Like the Renegade, The Benign also has fragments of the cauldron's barrier for an active power: she can solidify her emotions into a solid attack. Too bad she's pretty difficult to rile up.