Sailor Amalthea

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Malaea "Lea" Cavaliero
Biographical information

Earth, Naples, Italy


June 5, 1989


Andre Cavaliero (father), Sylvia Mitelli (mother), Marco Mitelli (step-father), Tatiana Mitelli (half-sister)


Desk Clerk Manager


Sailor Amalthea

Physical description




Hair color

Deep red/rusty brown

Eye color





Manipulation of dirt, all variations thereof, and mud


Sailor Jupiter, Satellite Senshi of Jupiter


Malaea is a young Italian woman with dark red/brown hair and brown eyes. Her physical appearance is very much Italian...and she seems to be quite unaccustomed to anything unusual in her life. She likes to wear tanktop shirts over camisoles and blue jeans. Her boots are designer and end at her knees. Her favorite ones are a black pair which she water proofed. Her work clothes are business casual, and she wears flats with those when the weather allows.



Born to upper middle-class parents in Naples, Italy, Malaea was always well loved as the only child of Andre and Sylvia Cavaliero. However, though the couple loved their beloved daughter they soon grew to stop loving each other, and the pair split up. Malaea's mother found new love and remarried when she was five, and Sylvia Mitelli (her mother's new name upon remarrying) gave birth to another daughter. Malaea herself was incredibly happy, her mother being truly happy for the first time since the bitter divorce from Andre. The baby girl, Malaea's half-sister Tatiana, was coddled and fiercely protected by her big sister. The pair are inseperable....even as Tatiana's 18th birthday approaches.

Malaea's mother and step-father Marco remain in the upper-middle class sector in society. Sylvia is a college professor in Astronomical Studies and Marco is an archaeologist working with the city of Naples to uncover the ancient cities nearby (Pompeii and Herculaneum included) which were decimated during the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD. Tatiana aspires to study psychology when she starts university, and will attend the school their mother teaches at for free tuition. Malaea herself graduated with a degree in Business Management and currently works as a Desk Clerk Manager (Secretary/Accountant overseer) at a large business firm in Naples.

Her father, Andre, was quite a successful man, and is still in her life. He even gets along with Marco and Tatiana despite having lost his family to them. Malaea loves her father dearly and spends as much time speaking with him as she can. They go out to eat lunch every week, sometimes twice, and discuss the events of the week over a hearty meal and coffee. He works as an architect for the city, and built the house both he and his fiancee live in.

Senshi Status

Malaea is the sub-leader of the Amalthean Satellite Senshi, the leader of the small asteroid-like moon orbiting Jupiter. She awakened as a Senshi during a battle in Tokyo in which she was nearly killed. Along with Sailor Metis, who she met soon before, they fought and lost to a beast in the city called Digger.

Sailor Amalthea led a small group of four of the moons of Jupiter. She led her group into battle in the Satellie Senshi Wars, helping to protect her superiors and ultimately losing her life in the process. She was incredibly dedicated to Sailor Jupiter and was always willing to do what was expected of her. During the War, she had to fight off many fellow Jupiter Satellite Senshi. She had just tragically killed off Sailor Thebe before being struck down by Sailor Callisto from behind.

Despite her lack of strength, many of her abilities were revealed during this battle. She holds powers over dirt, and can use it to her advantage in many ways in a fight.

Offensive Maneuvers

Earthen Razor : A handful of dirt becomes tiny razor blades when thrown at an enemy

Clay Burst : An attack using dirt and mud; infiltrating the body of the enemy and exploding outwards upon activation

Defensive Maneuvers

Soil Barrier : A dirt barrier which encases Malaea's body and hardens the ground beneath her