Sabina Aliyev

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Sabina Aliyev
Biographical information


Birth March 25


Physical description




Hair color

light brown but turns kale green when henshined (still debating)

Eye color

olive green




Seaweed and plants (to a lesser extent)


Sailor Jupiter, Satellite Senshi of Jupiter

First Appearance

Sabina Aliyev is the Jupiter Satellite Senshi Kale, the Senshi of the Seaweed, and to a lesser extent plants (as there is already a Senshi who dominates this area) for the Jovians. This gorgeous and tanned Kazakhstani woman is a mixture of Chinese and Persian heritage. She became a model and moved to Tokyo as part of her deal with one of the major modeling companies.

"Poor Vegans, if only they realized that the plants are just as much alive as the animals they refuse."


Before the Sailor Senshi

Sabina Aliyev, born in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan wanted to enjoy what life had to offer, even as a kid. She knew that she wanted to see the world, and wanted to go abroad sooner rather than later. She really hated the movie Borat for a while, but realized it was just a joke and not really meant to disparage her country. Thanks to that movie, however, many didn't realize what Kazakhstani women looked like... until she was competing in gymnastics and her beauty was captured on camera. Then people came flocking just to see her, and not necessarily the team she represented. The distractions pissed her teammates off, and some of that anger was directed toward her. While she was quite good at gymnastics, she eventually walked away due to the negativity she faced.

However, her pictures continued to circulate the scene and she was offered a significant modelling contract from a prominent company during her senior year of high school. She would have to leave her country behind and move to Tokyo, a decision they feared would be a deal breaker. For her, it was quite the opposite, she would have a chance to live out her dream of seeing the world, and this would be the first step. Her beauty, which seemed to have been a curse for her (mostly because of jealousy), had become a beautiful blessing. A few days after graduation, she bid her parents, family, and country goodbye and set off to the Land of the Rising Sun. She would show the world in her own way the beauty of women from Kazakhstan and remove any weird perceptions that movie may have created.