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Fezi TV is a Japanese Broadcasting Company Founded in 1947 and started broadcasting in 1949, It has recently Aquired Tokyo Broadcasting Company (TBC), LouPant Television Network and Dumont Television Network, and has started to broadcast in all of Japan and the US.

Catering to foreigners who visit Japan, it has set up 3 television networks,

  • DuMont Anime Channel
  • TBC Classics
  • LouPant News Channel

Licensed programs (Dumont Anime Channel)

Licensed programs (TBC Classics)

  • American Ninja Warrior
  • SASUKE (Known as Ninja Warrior)
  • The Chaser's WAR on Everything (Uncut Version)
  • Downtown Gaki no Tsukai Ya Arahende! (First 20 seasons for Japan, All seasons for North America)
    • No Kids Land (Proposed North American Equivalent)

Licensed programs (LouPant News Channel)

None Yet

Original Programmes

  • Pink (Airs in Japan, North America and South Korea, coming September 19)