Dr. Algernop Krieger

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Algernop Krieger
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Adolf Hitler (Possible Genetic Source), Edmund Burke (Self-Confirmed Genetic Source)


Head of BlacHaus applied research department


Food Rapist, Pita Predator, Clone Wars

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Mad freaking science


The Black Covenant

First Appearance

December 31st, 2014

Black Covenant

Doctor 'Algernop' Krieger was the head of the ISIS Applied Research Department until 2014, whn one of his duplicates took over. He goes by the title of Doctor and performs many activities that require a medical degree; however, he is neither a medical doctor nor "the other kind" ("technically"). His "father" was a Nazi scientist (possibly Joseph Mengele) who fled with him to Brazil, where they lived until Krieger was 15 when his pet Dobermans killed his father. It was then that Malory Archer brought him to ISIS. He is one of the "Boys from Brazil" and is one of four genetically identical clones thought to be of Adolf Hitler, but he later clarifies that he is actually a clone of Edmund Burke. He was in a relationship with Cheryl Tunt, which he sustained by giving her doses of LSD via his "Magic Breath Strips."

After realizing he had a duplicate living in America working for ISIS, he journeyed to the land of the rising sun looking for a new waifu and found kindred spirits in The Black Covenant.

He speaks fluent English, German, and Portuguese. However, he appears to have little or no exposure to modern street vernacular; for example, he misunderstands the phrase "tight" to mean "confining," rather than "very satisfactory," as intended by the speaker.

Krieger lives in run down, "transitional" neighborhood which allows him to use his salary for "pet projects." His interests include bionics, cloning and recreational drug design.

Science Experiments

Doctor Krieger has conducted many experiments in the ISIS applied research laboratories, and later with BlacHaus:

  • Creating a series of (imperfect) clones of himself.
  • Engineering a half-man, half-pig creature named "Pigley."
  • Engineering (what is assumed to be) a half-man, half-goat creature named "Goatley."
  • Programming his own Virtual girlfriend (who left him for his clone)
  • Creating his own breast milk, which he has drunk at least one occasion.
  • Testing a very ineffective form of body armor with an intern named Chet.
  • Creating a sexbot called "Fister Roboto" that does more than just fist — it a multi-fetish artificial intelligence robot, and the best part is that it learns.
  • Creating a Chokebot to choke Cheryl after she complains that his own hands were weak and childlike.
  • Creating the Formula K compound which supposedly turns subjects gay.
  • Creating Magic Breath Strips that were actually laced with LSD.
  • Tricking Ray Gillette, Pam Poovey, and Cheryl Tunt into drinking "Krieger Kleanse", a tea he said was to evade a drug test, but also served as a hallucinogenic experiment.
  • Designing the world's most advanced Spy Car.
  • Turning Archer's mostly dead fiancée, Katya Kazanova, into a sexually functional Cyborg.
  • Attempting to channel and duplicate the pound-for-pound strength of an ant into himself.
  • Building cyborg legs for Gillette and a bionic arm for Conway Stern. Has bionic hands ready for Lana; all she has to do is: "Say the word." Till that time, they shall suffice as "jazz hands."
  • Working on unspecified but, (presumably) dangerous and unsuccessful projects involving Komodo dragons.
  • Instructing Barry Dylan in how to build a spacecraft capable of surviving reentry.
  • Made an irradiated pig named Pigley III, who eats people, with whom he had sex.
  • Made a mind control chip that is so tiny that it can be placed into the head with a syringe, that is later to be revealed as a tiny sticker from a lego toy.
  • Made a narco submarine that is undetectable by the coast guard, but confined entirely to Cheryl's indoor swimming pool.


  • According to ISIS employment records, his legal first name is "Doctor."
  • He is neither a medical doctor, nor does he have a doctoral degree of any kind.
  • "Krieger" is German for "warrior."
  • Krieger appears to be trilingual as he shouted at Cyril in German, and was making Portuguese language flashcards for Archer.
  • He is very good at improvising devices from scavenged equipment.
  • Krieger has little in the way of scruples, willing to trick his co-workers into unwillingly becoming lab rats for his experiments and staging bum fights using electric shock gloves.
  • Krieger is a certified diver and has a flesh-tone, neoprene diving suit in his apartment.
  • The door to Krieger's lab is apparently from the pocket battleship Graf Spee. Though resistant to handgun fire and protected by electronic locks, it is vulnerable to rocket launchers and C4. Further, his lab is directly connected to the HV/AC duct, into which he has positioned nerve gas canisters.
  • He apparently is a fairly accomplished drummer, although he is unable to play Rush's "YYZ", which he claimed to be "impossible" [as]"Neil Peart stands alone."
  • Krieger says he is not a "serial" killer, although he put emphasis on the word "serial," implying that he is a killer. He is an expert at disposing of bodies and is completely callous both about the death of his colleagues and the act of putting bodies in dumpsters.
  • He has numerous sexual fetishes and is expert in many of them. He has a firm opinion in favor of using Corn Starch as an aid to putting on Gimp suits. . He also likes collecting vibrators.
  • He frequently gets erections at seemingly inappropriate times, such as with his bum fights, while carving up dead bodies, when contemplating cyborg fights, or when he is just happy. Unfortunately, he also sometimes has difficulty achieving erection under more normal circumstances.