Conqueror-class Carrier (Tanar'ri)

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Conqueror-Class Carrier
Ship specification



heavy carrier


Tanar'ri Syndicacy




Tanar'ri Syndicacy

Warp Capabilities

Up to C-factor 18000 (~3 light-year per hour)


Fully operational


Point-defense only

Previous Campaigns



The Conqueror is the only known class of carrier in the Tanar'ri fleet, but it seems to live up to its namesake. Conquerors are massive vessels designed purely to deliver overwhelming force in a space battle, and might very well embody the Tanar'ri true philosophy of art. They serve no other purpose than to deliver unbelievable numbers of Nightgaunt fighter-drones to battle and assist in ground invasions. They're ill-suited for any other purpose. It's unknown whether the Tanar'ri name their ships. Gellar field equipped with emergency activation sensors. Tanar'ri carriers are covered with several hundred continuous-beam UV-frequency lasers covering all arcs of the ship exclusively for protection against small craft and missiles.

At a Glance

Length: 7000 meters
Width: 1000 meters
Mass: 35 megatons approx
Crew: 11,000 approx
Duration: 6 months of supplies


Conquerors are specialized fighter carriers that are rarely encountered except when the Tanar'ri are serious about engaging in an all-out battle. Like all Tanar'ri starship designs, Conquerors incorporate a full range of stealth and sensor masking technologies to render themselves invisible to sensors of all kinds until the time comes to strike. Just like Seekers, their sub-light engines can be easily modified to duplicate the engine emissions of virtually any other race, and their shields are designed to alter their geometry and make the ship's overall profile resemble another class of ship altogether at ranges beyond visual range. Up close, the hull can alter its color, enabling it to blend in with everything around it. With its primary power systems reduced to 25% output and its emission dampers activated, a Conqueror can emerge from FTL and drift deeper into a target system, then wait until the time is right and launch attacks.

//Agent #188132 to Intern - These stealth systems seem to be standard in ALL Tanar'ri starship designs. Furthermore, the same kind of Navigator-clone Warp Sextant used in the Seeker-class is also present within the Conqueror-class ships. This also seems to be a standardized component used in Tanar'ri starships.//

Another interesting feature of Conquerors are some of the systems used to support and maintain their fighters. A large portion of the ship's volume is taken up by a dedicated asteroid mining facility which is capable of capturing small to medium-sized asteroids, break them down, and harvest all useful minerals from them (particularly metals, deuterium, and radioactives). These harvested minerals are then processed in an onboard refinery to produce hull materials, fuel, and munitions, all of which are used to rearm and even construct new Nightgaunts as needed.

The refinery itself utilizes several high-energy and volatile processes which, if damaged, can cause powerful explosions and fires. As such, Conquerors incorporate extensive automated fire suppression systems over and above what is normally seen on a Tanar'ri starship. To further protect themselves, Conquerors also include a full suite of defensive countermeasures to interfere with enemy targeting systems as well as a full electronic warfare network.

Combat Abilities

When battle comes, Conquerors are capable of launching up to 3000 Nightgaunt fighters which literally spread out and fall upon their targets like a locust swarm. Conquerors may not have any capital-scale weapons built into themselves, but then again they don't need them: their fighter-drones ARE their weapons and can very decisively overwhelm and pulverize enemy capital ships through sheer weight of numbers just as easily as they sweep the sky clear of small craft. One Conqueror can project a significant amount of force, but Conquerors are never sent anywhere individually. They ALWAYS have escorts and sometimes work alongside one or two more Conquerors in order to completely overwhelm a target star system.

For ground support, Conquerors have another weapon they can use in addition to their drones: forty large drop-pod launchers, each one designed to house one of THESE...


//Agent #188132 to Intern - Yes, these are definitely Imperial Knights. The design is clearly based upon the STC template, but the Tanar'ri version differs in that its construction is more streamlined and utilitarian - they obviously have a MUCH better grasp of the technology than the Imperium does. They also do not have a pilot: they're tele-operated from directly onboard the Conqueror itself using trained operators assisted by specialized limited AIs housed within the machines themselves. I've found out that the Tanar'ri have started decorating their Knights with baroque paint schemes and using them on Imperial worlds, masquerading as members of actual existing Knight Houses in order to covertly support the Imperium. The ruse has been overwhelmingly successful as most Imperials have no way to tell the difference between a genuine Knight and a Tanar'ri battlemecha. The only way to really tell is by analyzing the armor composition (the Tanar'ri use simpler plasteel instead of adamantium). The weapons used are identical - simple, reliable, and brutishly efficient.//