Vermellia X. Rosso

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Vermellia X. Rosso
Biographical information

Energy Nede II (In universe Earth 1337-BD)

Birth July 11, 5097
Family Noriko Marianna Xadium (mother), Augustus Gestee Rosso (father), Doctor Xadium (Grandfather). Noir D. Rosso (Adopted Half-Sister)

Special Agent of The Shadow Proclamation



Physical description

Time Lord, Expellian, Nedean



Hair color

Reddish Black

Eye color





Folding GunScythe, retractable claws


The Shadow Proclamation

First Appearance

June 14, 2013

"BOOM goes the Dynamite!"


Brief Biography

The child of Noriko Marianna Xadium and Augustus Gestee Rosso, she is 1/4th Time Lord and hails from the 51st Century Time Zone. She works for The Shadow Proclamation and was partnered with John Constantine.

She was not always a fighter, having enjoyed a peaceful and happy life with her father on Energy Nede II. However these times were not to last. At the age of 7, when her father was placed in a hostage situation, she was forced to hone her skills and carve a path of blood through her enemies to save him, only to watch him die moments before she could get to him. Enraged, she slew every one of the armed captors, earning her the simple name "red" for all the blood she had spilt. This made her a feared pariah at school, and she was shunned by the other, peace-loving Nedeans.

Traumatized, she ran far away and tried to kill herself, but was intercepted by The Shadow Architect and trained to be an officer of the Shadow Proclamation. The Shadow Architect hunted down Sakura Xadium Aino and had her serve as the child's guardian and mentor, causing Sakura's effervescent nature to rub off on the impressionable child.

This process was a hard one however, and it took weeks of constant battling between Vermellia--who was just trying to run away and wallow in her misery-- and Sakura, before Vermellia's inner rage and fury was all spent and she was ready to start anew. Vermellia also formed a sibling-like bond with Sakura's second child, Cressida.

By the time her mother found her again, she was a changed woman of 15.

As of 2024, she is 29 years old in relative terms.

The PeaceMaker

"I'm Schroedinger's Cat. Two things at once, not sure which is the final form... I'm either a Chamberlain or a Churchill. Either someone who enabled evil or someone who stopped it's spread. I won't know which way I fall on that... until you've made your ultimate moves. Because you control what I become. If you go bad, I'll have been a Chamberlain... and I won't be able to live with that." -- Vermellia to Simon Kerrick

On January 9th, 2014, Vermellia almost single-handedly brokered a peace agreement with Simon Kerrick, who had held all 7 Namekian Dragonballs and was making vague intimations of tragedy should he use them. She was pleased to have non-violently solved the situation in a means unlike that of her mother--who would have probably gone to war--but she is also worried that in negotiating with evil, she has become akin to Neville Chamberlain practicing appeasement for peace in our time.

It was the first day that she had acted in a role other than fighter, and it moved her. she recalled that her grandfather had always wanted to be a Mediator but never got around to it, and pondered if maybe it could be a role she could follow. She since realized that due to her fiesty emotional temperament, she was better off being a fighter after all and leaving diplomacy to the diplomats.

As of February 2014, as a partial result of the actions of Cardinal Norom across the galaxy, Vermellia was reassigned to the Arkula system by the Shadow Proclamation to take care of their worlds.

Ruler of Bartertown


On December 14th, 2014, after discovering that the inhabitants of downtown Tokyo had been extremely cruel to Kanri Felinus during her time as a homeless person there, Vermellia took it upon herself to teach them a lesson they would never forget-- mostly for Kanri but also to work out her pent up rage and frustration over the death of her grandfather.

Seeking out the most powerful gang leaders in downtown, and taking on as many as sixty foes at once, Vermellia wasted no time in non-lethally crippling and humiliating them, culminating with the castration of their leader Akuma, whose testicles she hung on the archway entrance to downtown, declaring her victory and asking the panicked mob of thugs "Who rules Bartertown!?"

Being thugs, none of them got the reference, to her ire.

Informing them that their lives now belonged to her Vermellia gave them a simple command. To get the "f[BLEEPk out of [her] town", which they promptly did.

From that day forward, strange-looking beings-- and especially neko-jin were treated with fearful respect by the seedier denizens of downtown.

A new Job

On April 20th, 2015, after successfully rebuilding Sakura April, she took on a job with Big Grocery to be their new high-tech weaponsmith.

System Shock

"Don't get doused by Deadly Juice while trying to decapitate your dad" -- Vermellia X Rosso

On January 30th, 2016, Vermellia was enraged to find out that her father was not only alive once more, but that he had attempted to capture members of the Cult of Sunrise. In the form of Vermellia X. Darkness, she set out to finish off her father once and for all.

It is not known exactly what transpired, but Vermellia's body was dumped back at the HOTEL, mortally wounded, her weapon destroyed. In order to save her life, The Intern proposed the radical approach of biodata hybridization, where Vermellia's timeline would be hybridized with another corresponding to one of her alternative selves across the multiverse. This process was successful, though it radically changed her appearance and certain capabilities.


Back in Black

On June 13th, 2016, Vermellia was pulled into The Renegade Actuary's time scoop while on a mission to try and save Simon Kerrick, and vanished. She found herself in a labyrinth between universes, abducted mid-time scoop by an unknown force, her appearance restored to its original self. A copy of her appeared, confronting her with a red version of Nightripper, "Crimson Cloak" and challenged her to a battle of self-discovery and enlightenment, to which Vermellia responded by nadkicking her, taking her cloak and proceeding to blast her way out of the labyrinth, declaring cheerfully "Ain't no one got time for that."

Extinct No More

(This section is stub for the events of Suburban Senshi: A Tale of Three Cities)

Her Ninja Way

After the final resolution of the Extinction Event, Vermellia was assigned a new mission from the Shadow Proclamation - locate the ninja village of Konoha and receive training as a Kunoichi, so she could bring those techniques back and train other officers. She began working on the mission in November of 2023, and on November 10th, was finally able to locate and enter the village, where, during a skirmish with the ninja guarding the entrance to the village, she impressed the former Sixth Hokage, Kakashi, and was allowed to speak to the Seventh Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto, in the hopes of starting and educational exchange program between the Ninja Academy and the Shadow Proclamation.

A deal was eventually struck where in exchange for Vermellia learning Ninjitsu, the Shadow Proclamation will help hunt down the Ōtsutsuki Clan, who are a space-faring threat to many inhabited worlds anyway.

She has been training with Kakashi, and it has been determined she has a wind affinity.

She can perform the following attacks:

  • Chidori (her already natural hyperspeed makes it easy for her to manage the attack)
  • Imperfect Rasengan (it's very imperfect and is more like a wobbly blob of Chakra that flies around, but which packs a heavy punch when it explodes - in fact it's not really a Rasengan at all but don't tell her that.)
  • Afterimage - not a clone technique - this is more her just moving so quickly that she seems to make copies of herself that are acting independently, but it's just one of her at all times.

She is trying to learn Healing Ninjutsu, but progress is slow.

(More coming)


She has the heightened speed, agility, quiet, balance, eyesight and sense of smell of an Expellian Felpurr, and the keen intellect of her Nedean and Time Lord forebears. She does not know, or care to know, any Heraldic Sorcery due to traumatic childhood experiences.(This has changed due to discovering that her grandmother is still in existence, but she has not pursued the matter deeply).

She has Symbological DNA due to her Nedean heritage which actively supresses her Time Lord DNA, and grants her the innate ability of her super speed.

Her sense of smell is so acute that she can scent the trail of a human who has left the area at least 24 hours before, and perhaps longer. She can run at sustained speeds of 150 MPH with a 120 pound person on her back for at least thirty minutes.

She has retractable claws that extend from between her fingers. She is roughly as strong as two and a half people.

Her jaws are massively powerful as befits someone descended from felines, she can snap a block of ice with one bite.

She is not affected by the Shadow Curse that affects Shadar-Kai and their descendants because work was done by John Constantine and others to reconfigure her soul when she was very young for Reasons™ (this may also impact her Ninja training at some point).

She is childish and playful but a fearsomely formidable fighter and huntress as can be seen here:


"All these people and their huge ideas and surreal concepts... I like what I can see, smell, taste and touch. Anything else is just... handwaving." -- Vermellia X. Rosso

Almost the exact opposite of her mother, she is chirpy, cheery and irreverent. She also prefers to kill her enemies rather than incapacitate them, and does not offer second chances as a matter of principle (though this is changing). She is simple (but not stupid) and practical, not concerned with higher ideals and abstract principles. She worries about the Now that's in front of her, and forcing her out of that zone makes her uncomfortable--even though she has the intelligence to ponder the wider issues, she finds them to be annoying wastes of time.

She is good at her job, but does not see herself as a hero, and nor does she encourage anyone to try and be a hero. She finds "the life" hard and painful, and something of a vocation. (This attitude has slowly begun to shift as she has seen all the good that those who strive to be heroic do, but all the same she hates anyone who would push others into it when it's not their own calling.) She is hilariously bad with numbers and as a result is lousy at using any kind of time travel device properly.

Vermellia X. Darkness

Contrary to the name she is not Darkness, the minion form of Shaldra Darkness, but rather a fugue state of Vermellia's own mind that created when her psyche was shattered after the incident at New Armlock. Create to shield the gentle, sweet side of her personality, this fragment was created out of the primal terror Vermellia had felt at what she had done and shut down the rest of her mind. Violent and feral, she strikes quickly and with no remorse, but still acts with a moral center. When Shadow Architect first found Vermellia in Fun City, she was in this form. Physically she almost identical to Vermellia except for purple eyes and a red glyph under left eye reminiscent of her grandmother's alter ego's.


Her old primary weapon, "Crescent Claw", is a Gunscythe made of Low Energy Antiproton metal forged by the metalsmiths of Centropolis City on Planet EN II to her specification. Modified to use holy armaments from Hellsing ARMS in gun mode. It has three modes of operation - Scythe, sniper rifle / blaster, or handgun, each of which are devastating. The sniper blaster can be used while Scythe mode is engaged for even more devastating attacks.

vermygunscythe.gif vermygunscythe2.gif vermygunscythe3.gif

Her new weapon of choice is the Multipurpose Infinitely Variable Shadow-cloak "Nightripper" -- a pitch-black, amorphous shadow-cloak of her own design that she can reshape into any weapon of her choosing, limited only by the energy cost to her mana and energy levels. It can make anything from an edged weapon to a giant mallet to a rocket launcher. After using the weapon for an extended period of time (or making a very complicated construct) she must eat and replenish her energy before she can use the weapon again. If she uses it too much, she will become dizzy and pass out. In the most extreme circumstance, she could channel all her energy through it, but that would kill her.


After discovering her father had in fact been saved, she was overjoyed to see him, but quickly realized that as an adult, she actually suffered huge personality clashes with him, so she decided to move to the past and live with her grandfather and his wife, dealing with her father in only "small doses." It turns out her father was avoiding her because of his dark past that actually saw them at each others throats during the incident at the Nee Armlock Weapons laboratory in her youth.

After Xadium "died", Vermellia entered a period of depression, missing him terribly (she was his favorite grandchild) and she began drinking more Red Liquid and acting more recklessly in an attempt to cover her sadness.

She recovered after preventing his death by leaving him a warning during Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi, which allowed him to cleverly fake his death and escape his fate and is back to her usual happy self.


  • Vermellia smells like a spring day after the rain.
  • Vermellia can give full on tigerhugs.
  • She cannot sing. It is horrible. Do not make her try. Ever. Even she admits it's a thing of pain.
  • That said, she is an amazing drummer and guitarist due to her inhuman reflexes, and loves heavy metal music, especially Tenacious D.
  • Her full name is actually Vermellia Sakura Xadium Rosso but she never uses the whole thing on paperwork or in public because of an old Expellian superstition about concealing one's True Name.
  • Vermellia keeps her milk in Juice boxes and vice versa. Why? It is a serious mystery™.
  • She has had nightmares every night since the hostage incident with her father when she was 7, and they only got worse once her grandfather died. The only good night of sleep she had was on the 18th of December, when Masked Figure played a healing tune for her soul whilst she was resting. It turns out these nightmares were because she had been the one to kill her father in her youth, when she had discovered he was not, in fact, taken hostage, but was one of the hostage-takers attacking innocent Nedean Scientists, who had tried to kill her when she had intervened.
  • Vermellia is master of the Nadkick™, a devastating kick to the crotch that can hobble even the Mighty Green Voice
  • Vermellia is 5'2". Crescent Claw is 7 feet high with a max. blade extended length of 4'3". She is thus expertly swinging about a blade taller than most humans.
  • Vermellia lost her chastity to sheer masculine Aura of the Great Legend Koizumi when Chateaux summoned him to break Matsumi Kaze's concentration. Due to her finding matters of this nature "gross" she set out to avenge herself against Chat in largely comedic battle.
  • She has two hearts.
  • She has an AI sentient Shadow Proclamation computer named "Mr. Box".